10 exercises for the house and gym to pump up bottom
How to pump up muscles?

10 exercises for the house and gym to pump up bottom

Dear girls and women! The elastic, beefy and beautiful bottom is interesting to you? That is it is interesting that your bottom was such? Then allow to tell you about what exercises need to be done to pump up bottom. I welcome all. Also let me long not tighten greeting, and I will pass to material statement. Let’s roll.


best exercises for bottom and thighs


When it comes about bottom rating, what first exercises come to your mind? Give, do not hesitate, tell couple offhand. For certain it squats or lunges. And I cannot tell that you are mistaken – you absolutely are right though for a long time there is set of exercise machines in various variations for pumping of bottom. And how to be in that case?

By the way, generally the fifth point strains at knee stretching in hip joints, and at their bending – stretches.

I will try to mention both cases – how to pump over bottom of the house and as to pump over it in gym. Yes, all house exercises with the same efficiency can be applied also in gym, and here on the contrary it will turn out not at all, very few people can get and place exercise machines owing to cost or the limited area at home. And can you want to yourself the Brazilian bottom?


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Exercises for home

As I said above, we will start from basically two basic exercises, different variations of which can be easily done at home, without taking up much space at the same time. But the effectiveness can be increased if these exercises are supplemented with other developmental (grinding, if you like) exercises.

In advance I will tell that at the initial stages you will have enough weight of own body (or its separate parts), but further it is required to increase loading. Therefore I advise in advance to get rubber expander and couple of burdenings. It can be both dumbbells, and self-made devices like the 5 liter container with sand or water. Further you will understand why all this is necessary.


You can carry out squats differently constantly to stimulate buttocks to growth: new exercise means stress for muscles, and it is prerequisite for growth. You can squat classically, with broad statement of legs, with narrow, with burdening, with expander and as you want – the benefit of various squats much. It is possible even at wall with statement of legs forward.




Besides, constantly change ways of lunges – it will help you to work more qualitatively not only gluteuses, but also set of muscles of legs. For example, you can do lunges on the place, in the movement, skating lunges, diagonal lunges, lunges back, here and there, lunges with statement of back foot on height. Believe, the variety of this exercise will surprise you. You do not trust? Check.



Deadlift on straight legs

Yes, you need a weighting agent, but the benefit of doing this basic exercise is huge – you will immediately feel it.

Leg swings back

Here again it is possible to approach question of performance differently: it is possible to do standing at wall and straight leg, it is possible being on all fours bent in knee, in both cases it is possible to attach expander or burdenings in the form of belts with sand. This exercise is effective only after the main.

Raising of basin lying on floor

Too you can carry out depending on preferences and the level of readiness: it is simple to lift basin, straining buttocks, or with data of knees (you part when you fall). Each option is good in own way. You can complicate: put feet on height.

And in conclusion jump on jump rope up to 10 minutes.

Exercises for gym

I will repeat, all above described exercises intended for work in house conditions can be applied successfully and in the hall. But give I I will describe better those which can be done only in gym if, of course, you have no own gym at home. Well, I start.


exercises for bottom of buttocks


Smith’s exercise machine

In it you can squat, changing both width of statement of feet, and their situation – with carrying out forward, for example, and also to do various lunges. By the way, deadlift (“dead” – Romanian) is possible in this car too.

Gakk-machine (gakk-exercise machine)

Besides, at statement of feet on platform, you can accent load of gluteuses. For example, put feet together and as above in relation to platform is possible. In addition the leg press with different width between feet too perfectly pumps over buttocks.

Leg split (hips)

Here what really you will not make the house, so it these cultivations. The exercise machine simple – just sitting in comfortable position, you part hips in the parties. You stimulate with this the treasured muscles to growth.

Leg swings back in the exercise machine

Straightening of hip joints is provided just by bottom (but not only it). In swings you consciously increase range of movement that leads to bigger loading of muscles. Excellent exercise.

Steppers and elliptic exercise machines

You remember about knee stretching? Well, the fact that thus the bottom shakes? And so permanent and long job on these exercise machines remarkably develops the fifth point of your body. About steppers I wrote here.

This is, perhaps, everything, except for the deadlift (“sumo” or classics), the pull of dumbbells like stanovaya, the slopes with the barbell and dumbbells, jumping out of the squat and a lot more.

I hope, I have it is clear explained what exercises need to be done to pump up bottom? If there are questions – set in comments. And if is not present, then subscribe for updates of the blog or you share this information through social networks with the friends and acquaintances.