10 products containing estrogens
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10 products containing estrogens

Hello, dear readers, today I will reveal one secret to you. Why some women do not age for a long time, what is conditioned, and what needs to be done for this. Or not to do, but eat?

There is such a hormone “estrogen”, mainly it is found in the body of women, but to a small extent it is found in men. In the female part of the population, he is responsible for sexuality, a good mood, “burning eyes.” When his level is lowered, the woman becomes sluggish, depressed, her weight may increase, well, other, not very pleasant symptoms may stacksteroids.net appear. The hormone estrogen also affects fertility, if it is normal, then a woman can bear and give birth to a child, and if not, then it should be urgently treated.


products high in estrogen


You can learn its level only by passing the analysis. After delivery, and revealing the result that the level of the estrogen hormone is lowered or increased, you and your doctor decide which drugs you can raise or lower. But not everyone knows what to contain estrogens in food, which people every day, well, or once a week, buy in stores.




Products containing estrogen


Of course, it’s hard to call a full-fledged food product, right? But how useful it is, no one will argue.

They contain a lot of useful substances, including phytoestrogens. Well, for women, this is a great product and for losing weight, they can replace chips or nuts before watching TV. And it is useful, and at the same time you become beautiful and slender! But do not get involved, a maximum of 40 grams a day.


They contain the largest amount of lignin hormone, of all fruits. They can be either fresh or dry, in the form of dried apricots.

Flax seeds

In the seeds of flax, in addition to common beneficial substances that positively affect women’s health, there is also the hormone estrogen. Yes, and in large quantities! You can add it to cereals, salads, honey. The optimal dose per day is not more than 2 tablespoons.


Here you can include green peas, chickpeas, beans, lentils. Lentils are especially useful for the female body, it contains the highest level of phytoestrogens.


estrogen in products



Especially such kinds of cabbage, as broccoli and color. In addition to a small calorie content, due to which it can be eaten at least a little, they will not add a kilogram, so it is also useful. Especially if you raise it in your dachas, so that it was natural! And it is also useful to eat sauerkraut.

Nuts and seeds

Well, here all the ladies who love to click the seeds, rather smiled, yes I allow. Increase your health and enjoy, but do not abuse, the seeds are still caloric, and we are watching our figures?


It’s just a storehouse of phytoestrogen. They are found in all products of milk origin, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk and even koumiss. The main thing is that they are natural. They are also rich in cheeses, different varieties, so choose to your taste and enjoy.


Coffee has now become very popular, especially with the option of taking it. And willy-nilly, almost all of him addicted.

But coffee contains estrogen, and if you drink it every day, its level in the body will rise, exceeding the threshold of the norm. But this is already bad, for example, a girl who dreams of losing weight will not be able to effectively lose weight until she reduces the consumption of this drink.


It also contains a large number of phytoestrogens. Women use it is useful, then you also need to know the measure.

Bird and meat

They also contain this hormone, but doctors are categorically against eating meat and poultry, to increase hormones. Because, now for the growth of meat manufacturers stuff in them a bunch of everything, so the useful properties in this area are lost. If you do not live in a village or keep your livestock, then you can increase the level of estrogen in the body with the help of a domestic subsistence farm. And what? Beneficial and useful.

Estrogens in beer

Phytohormone is also contained in beer. And in its composition, it is more similar to a female hormone. It’s no wonder that men who like to drink beer often get a so-called beer belly, and the body itself becomes more feminine. Hips grow fat, and even a small chest may appear.

So all the men at once thought about and changed their preferences in alcoholic beverages! And then return the press to the place of the settled beer belly will be very difficult!

Well, for the fair sex, I can say, it is better to take estrogens in food, than to lean on beer. Beer drinks are not very beautiful ladies, as well as the general use of alcoholic beverages.

At the feast, you still give your preference to more noble beverages, such as champagne and wine. Therefore, do not drink beer to become more feminine! Especially so not for long to get alcoholic dependence, and we do not need it, we need to raise or lower the level of the hormone estrogen.


products with estrogen in them


Estrogens and herbs

The hormone estrogen is contained in the herbs. But do not think that you need to chew this grass thoughtlessly, you need to make a decoction and drink from it. Herbs containing estrogen:

  1. hops (well, as we already found out);
  2. sage;
  3. chamomile (there is almost any house);
  4. linden;
  5. arnica;
  6. ginseng root;
  7. liquorice root.

As it was said, a decoction or tea from these herbs will help raise the level of estrogen in the body, but here one must observe one small rule, the tea should be fresh. That is, only you brewed it, immediately and drank it. You can not leave it the next day, so soon it will bring you harm, not good.


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In this case, the main thing is to calculate everything. If you have an elevated level of estrogen, then we eat the above-mentioned products of less. And if it is lowered, then we eat these foods more. That’s all simple math!

Well, all seems to have been said and told, so goodbye, my dear! Share this helpful article with your friends, leave your comments. And be sure to subscribe to the blog updates, so as not to miss anything interesting.