11 tips to disperse your metabolism
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11 tips to disperse your metabolism

Greetings to all who are now reading these lines. Dear friends, are you interested in simple ways of correcting your figure? And not simple? Then today’s topic “11 tips to disperse your metabolism” is for you. In it, I will list simple and not very ways to speed up the metabolism of the body, breaking them into categories. With its acceleration, you can quickly lose excess fat, maintaining yourself in good health and a good mood.

Metabolism is the name of the metabolism at all levels (metabolic processes). The rate of metabolism makes it possible to judge a person’s predisposition to a set of weight, both superfluous and muscular.

Have noticed about the same in terms of growth of people, but with different complexion? That is, thin and full? Therefore, as you understand, there are different types of physiques, for which the different rate of absorption of nutrients by the body is characteristic.


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Since the target audience of this article is likely to be people with excess weight, it can be safely said that their body type is endomorph or (less likely) mesomorph. The rate of assimilation of substances is naturally low. So let’s talk about ways to speed up the exchange processes. I divided them into the following categories: nutrition related to physical activity.




Ways to accelerate metabolism associated with nutrition

5 meals a day

Forget about three meals a day. If you want to be in shape, then rebuild your diet, regardless of life circumstances in the form of work, lack of time and other things. Who is interested, then find a way to solve this problem. For example, take food with you to work in containers. You can even add small snacks, tea parties and other small meals.

Reduce the serving volume

Since eating 5 times a day – this is considered often, then just reduce the amount of servings. Focus on the frequency of meals, and not on the amount of food itself.

Thus, you will adjust your body approximately to the following: “The food comes often, in sufficient (not excessive) amount, you can not be afraid that I will starve, and, therefore, it makes no sense to store subcutaneous fat.” I described the approximate “thoughts” of the organism.

Diversify your food

Since you will eat often, then each meal should be different from the previous ones. That is, if you ate oatmeal with nuts, raisins and fruits in the morning, then, of course, all this should not be in the rest of the day (if it’s not about a set of muscle mass where nuts are needed as a source of protein).


how to accelerate metabolism


Balance the ratio of nutrients in food

By nutrients I mean carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They must be in a certain balance among themselves. And the amount of fat should not be very small (they participate in the breakdown of protein, for example), but the amount of fast carbohydrates should be reduced. Better place emphasis on slow carbohydrates as a source of energy.

Percentage ratio in one portion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats the following: 35/55/10.

Eat these foods

Drink coffee and tea in the morning – it speeds up metabolism. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits – vegetable food (most of it) do not allow the body to store fat. Supper – the least caloric intake of food, here and that just fit vegetables and fruits.

Use additional medicines

In dietology, in the field of sports food and in the field of pharmaceutical medicines there is set of the means improving exchange processes. For example, pharmaceutical adaptogens, enzymes, various sports additives with unique formulas.

Ways to accelerate metabolism, connected with physical activity

Go in for sports

No matter what, the main thing is to move. Whether it’s even just running, cycling, or full-time training in the “simulator” – all this will favorably affect your exchange processes. I will explain a simple scheme: You often eat and get energy from food that you spend in everyday life, as well as in training. With the constant development of events, the body gets used to it, and it’s easier to waste energy: it has a lot of it (you are training), but he gives it up more willingly (fully practicing in training), knowing that he will soon receive a new portion of energy resources. Thus, the metabolism and quality of the training improves – you become more enduring, stronger and progressing.


The speech now not about swing, and about gym. The more muscles, the more energy is required on their maintenance in working order (even during rest). Therefore if you run or something similar, then dilute the occupations with exercises with “iron”. In other words, the more your muscles, the fatty layer is burned quicker.

Get enough sleep

From a constant lack of sleep (I do not surprise anyone) there may be problems. Therefore, sleep no less, but not more than 7.5-8 hours a day. By the way, if due to work or life circumstances you can not sleep enough, then break the sleep into parts (at night 6,5-7 hours and during the day 1-1,5 hours).

Breathe in the fresh air

Walk more often (especially before going to bed), ventilate your home. Ideal option is a walk in the village or forest. The fact is that oxygen participates in the oxidation (splitting) of organic compounds (food), and the more oxygen is available to the body, the faster it will do its work. It’s simple. Now imagine that you do it every day. You get used to it, and the metabolism itself accelerates. Agree, nothing complicated.

Use the recovery methods actively

I’m talking about massage, bath or sauna, if possible – relaxation procedures that improve not only the speed of recovery after physical exertion, but also speed up the metabolism.


how to accelerate your metabolism


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As you can see, in order to lose weight, do not necessarily mock yourself through a variety of, and most importantly – useless and dangerous, diets. It is enough to eat small portions, eat a variety of food and give time to sports, and, therefore, to yourself and your appearance.

How to disperse the metabolism for weight loss is an interesting question. And there is nothing supernatural about him. Just follow these simple recommendations, and everything will work out. Yes, there are other ways to increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body, but they are more suitable for professional athletes, consciously going at risk.

And I have everything for today. Subscribe to updates, share articles with friends and do not forget to leave your comments below. Bye-bye.