17 effective exercises for a training with a rubber plait

17 effective exercises for a training with a rubber plait

It is possible to train both by means of the sports equipment, and without it. But sometimes apparatuses have so alternative appearance and ways of trainings with them that you wonders. One of such sports equipments is the rubber plait. All hi, dear friends. As you guessed, today’s subject is a rubber plait for trainings. Exercises with it will be described slightly below, and right now we will start coverage of the topic.


exercises with rubber bands


Running forward, I will tell that the rubber plait can have as various appearance, material of which it is made, so names of this adaptation. Often the rubber plait is called a sports plait or a plait for trainings.

Also this wonderful “simulator” has its “big brother” – a rubber expander. Personally, I generally identify these two subjects: the difference is only in appearance – tubular and banded – and the methods of application, the exercises with them are completely identical. The whole thing, probably, in the marketing method of selling different variations of the same sports equipment.




Plait as means of a training of a body

All of us know that usually most of people means rises in weights by the word “training”, various burdenings, as a last resort – run or work on “aerobic” exercise machines. Perhaps, I will tell nothing new, but it is possible to train with “a piece of rubber” not less effectively, than with bars and dumbbells.

In most cases, the tourniquet is used to develop physical qualities like strength and endurance, also to improve mobility and coordination, well, and to reduce the presence of subcutaneous fat in the body.

There are cases when training with a sports harness is used for mass gathering: one of the main principles of bodybuilding is a lot of repetition (before burning in the muscles), which, in principle, provides us with a tourniquet.


exercises with rubber bands for legs


Therefore, the range of application of this simple device is wide enough: ordinary housewives can use it to maintain a beautiful figure at home, representatives of such sports as swimming, body building, armwrestling and other amateurs sweat in the hall.


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Work with it can be as separate groups of muscles (biceps, triceps), and several at the same time (deadlift or sit-ups).

Which plait to choose

As I have already told, sports plaits can have various form and material of production. Recently each producer wants that his goods were on sale. As a result – addition something new in a simple design of a plait, for example, convenient handles or expanded parts.

By the way, not all plaits are identical also by the sizes (length, width, thickness) and on density. Density of a plait is in general the main criterion of the choice of this rubber exercise machine. You remember how different weights or dumbbells have the weight? And you remember pancakes (disks) for a bar? Here and here: each of plaits has the density – ability to resist with a certain load of engaged.

That is, if on a plait (or his insert) it is written that it is capable to show resistance in 6 kg, then it means that when bending hands on a biceps with a plait, each of hands will receive the same loading, as at similar bending of hands from 6 kilogram dumbbells. Have presented?

This training stock has various density and the sizes. So, resilience can be 5, 10, 25 kg, for example, and is also such where it reaches 100 kg.

Therefore making a start about what you want to pump up or work, choose the corresponding density. Would be the incorrect decision to buy a plait with a density of 50 kg for study of hands, for example. This loading will be overestimated to impropriety. And here for study of legs and a back this density awaking optimum (approximately).

Exercises with a sports plait

Exercises are picked up for the principle “from top to down”, that is from an upper body to lower. Choose those which will answer most of all your purpose and inquiries.

  1. Ducking (bending of neck) forward back and to the right-to the left – the plait is on the corresponding parts of body (if bendings forward – the plait keeps on forehead, back – on nape and so on).
  2. Raising of straight arms forward, in the parties, in the parties in bending – legs cost on the middle of plait, both ends in hands (deltoid muscles).
  3. Costing extension of hands or sitting – analog army press.
  4. Extension of hands in bending, because of the head (tricepses).
  5. Costing bending of hands or sitting (bicepses of hands).
  6. Arm stretching lying – bench press analog (pectoral muscles).
  7. Cultivation of hands before breast in the parties (extension of pectoral muscles).
  8. Pullover with plait (pectoral and gear muscles).
  9. Draft of plait on – analog of draft of the lower block (the broadest muscles of back).
  10. Draft of plait one hand in bending (widest).
  11. Draft of plait in bending – analog of draft of bar in bending (the widest, “trapeze”, muscles of shovels).
  12. Extensions with a tourniquet (extensor muscles).
  13. Squats with plait (hips, buttocks, waist and the lower part of press).
  14. Dead and deadlift (hips, back).
  15. Bending and leg extention with plait – analog of bendings and leg extentions in the block exercise machine (bicepses of hips, buttocks and quadriceps).
  16. Leg abduction forward, aside, back (quadriceps, bicepses of hips, internal part of hips, buttocks).
  17. Costing rising on toes with plait – analog of rising on toes in the exercise machine.


exercises with rubber rope


It is in addition possible to borrow special exercises from different types of sport. One my friend is engaged in armwrestling, and so it constantly ties plait to the battery and strengthens to itself(himself) hands, forearms and elbow joints by usual bendings extensions of the corresponding joints.

And after time constantly throws to itself loading – puts plait several times. You can experiment and improvise with this flexible exercise machine too.

Here also my article under the name “17 effective exercises for a training with a rubber plait” has come to end. If it was pleasant to you, then do not forget to subscribe for updates of my blog or to share it with the friends. And you tried to be engaged with sports plait? Leave the comment.