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200 mg Testosterone Cypionate Results – What Did The Research Show?

200 mg testosterone cypionateEveryone who has used this steroid raves about his strength, and it’s no wonder that he is considered one of the greatest steroids in the world today. Another thing that makes it expensive for many is that it gives impressive results in a short time.

To get the most out of using testosterone cypionate, you must use the correct dosage. By doing this, you get the same results as using a potent anabolic steroid. After the 12-week cycle, many people noticed these changes.

  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased fat loss potential, which is achieved by inhibiting estrogen
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Massive muscle gain
  • Increased strength

As many of us expect, the average person who uses Testosterone Cypionate will get better bodybuilding results compared to someone who doesn’t use anything. What will surprise you is the degree of difference that two groups of people can register if we decide to compare them. Here is one of the studies that clearly shows the difference;


The twelve-week study included a group of forty-five men of normal weight and age from twenty to forty years. All men had a certain degree of involvement in strength training. Then they were divided into four groups as follows;

  • Group 1: The first group did not receive a dose of testosterone cypionate and did not do any physical exercise.
  • Group 2: This group did not exercise, but received a dose of 500mg of testosterone cypionate every week. (Used steroid without development)
  • Group 3: This group was involved in sports, but did not use testosterone cypionate. (Did only strength training)
  • Group 4: This is a group that exercised and also received a weekly injection of 500mg of testosterone cypionate.

In this study, all diets in each group were standardized according to body weight. This was recorded, confirmed and corrected if necessary. For groups that were engaged in strength training, that is, groups 3 and 4, all workouts were monitored weekly.

This means that the only difference between these groups is that some of them engaged in strength training, while others did not. Others also used testosterone cypionate while some were not. All other factors, including diet and exercise, were constant.

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200 mg Testosterone Cypionate Results

200 mg testosterone cypionate per week resultsThe following was noted after the period;

  • Group 1: You can already guess what happened. Without exercise and steroids there was no change in the body.
  • Group 2: Using testosterone cypionate, and none of the exercise participants could gain about 14lbs of muscle.
  • Group 3: With exercise and without the use of testosterone cypionate, participants gained 8lbs of muscle.
  • Group 4: Believe it or not, exercise and the use of testosterone cypionate have added to the group four participants a whopping 25 pounds.

Not surprisingly, any average bodybuilder who uses testosterone cypionate will get better results in terms of performance improvement and muscle building compared to those who do not use this steroid.