5 movies about bodybuilding which will motivate you

5 movies about bodybuilding which will motivate you

Hello to my dear blog subscribers and guests. I am happy to welcome you to the blog. In this article, we will be talking about bodybuilding movies. I will share different movies that I will be recommending you to watch.

Movies about bodybuilding

Pumping Iron

If we are talking about bodybuilding, it is important to mention the best-known person in the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film was shot in 1976. It is a documentary that is based on real events from the life of the great master of sports.

The plot of the movie is how Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 28 years, became the 5th titleholder champion of  “Mr. Olympia”. Without anything to stop him in this way, he went further.

He was honored in the Guinness Book of Records, characterized as the man who possessed the ideal constitution.

In his training and a new career as an actor in Hollywood, he also faces some challenges and difficulties. The movie has earned a lot of reviews of its success, from people in the community.

There is a movie version for girls — “Pumping iron 2: Women” which came out in 1985.

Fight for Gold

The film is about several famous bodybuilders – Rich Gaspari, Lee Haney, and others. It was filmed in 1988, and it is a documentary movie. At the beginning of the movie, Rich Gaspari, who, due to overtraining, lost everything, but always dreamed and kept thinking about winning. His heavy workouts are shown.

It’s a movie that talks about the importance of training and how it can help contribute to the overall improvement of one’s physical self. It’s all about productivity and the capability to achieve greatness through living a healthy life.

They take an interview with him, in which he tells how important his training is, how when, and what he eats and what he all needs. You can see footage when he cooks meals at home in the kitchen and explains the essence of such food. He says that his training methods are very different from the others.

In his opinion, even such a training called Gaspari’s gap appeared. It shows the training of athletes and their rivals. The initial weigh-in of the athletes and their history of the preparatory training. The film is quite emotional and will affect everyone who loves bodybuilding and lives by it.

The Muscular Car from Maryland

A documentary about Kevin Levrone. Heavy workouts in the gym are not easy for him, but he is still a true athlete and goes ahead. The movie is not filmed by professional people.

The essence of this documentary film, based on Kevin’s example, is to show all the bodybuilders what kinds of obstacles they can face. How important is proper nutrition? As his family members support him, their attention is at the care of the cooking.

This shows that you actually need to consider other things aside from merely bodybuilding, such as maintaining a healthy diet.

He achieves and advises everyone to show results without regretting oneself if you have a goal. For me, this is the essence of all life, not only in bodybuilding but in everything. Having the kind of will power that Kevin has before his eyes, everyone can start the path to his goal through pain, as Kevin did.

Evolution in Bodybuilding

Do you want to know how bodybuilding has changed since 1955, and how it is changing to this day? Then you should watch this film.

Bodybuilding is a tradition of self-development. This documentary begins with motivational words that are also the plot of the movie. He has interviewed many famous athletes of his time.

It’s a great film to watch if you’d want to learn more about bodybuilding in general, and where it started. This revealed new perspectives into this active lifestyle niche. You’ll also see how important it is to be fit and toned for you to become more productive and confident with yourself.

The whole point of the film is to show the whole world that from 1960, athletes who have strength both in will and in the body, achieved greatness in sports, and how the athletes continued to evolve to this day.

The film has a lot of photography and video materials with athletes of different generations who can not remain indifferent to fans of this sporting community.

Live Life Full

A documentary film featuring Jay Cutler. In the first minutes of the film, you can get a motivating speech for everyone: a bodybuilder can not be ordinary, he should like the feeling of dissatisfaction, and a constant thirst to get even more impressive forms.

This talks about the fulfilling feeling you get once you achieve the body you need and want. However, getting this kind of body requires a great amount of self-discipline. You need to work hard for it, for you to make the most out of it later on.

He believes that in order to achieve the goal, you need to be a little crazy. Also in the film, there are a lot of frames from his everyday life situations. Where he goes, with whom he communicates, what he buys and eats, who supports him in this challenging journey, and much more.

It’s a movie that inspires people to bring out their best selves and do their best to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about getting the inspiration needed for you to reach and achieve greater heights in life.

Of course, he tells and shows his training, and how he is emotionally preparing for them. Describes how difficult it is to pick the right clothes for him, because of the large size of the arms and legs, often you have to sew clothes to order.

That’s the whole list of movies about bodybuilding, which I wanted to recommend to you for viewing. If there are other films that you looked at about bodybuilding, write their names in the comments.


Are there important life lessons in the movie?

Yes, in the recommended movies, there are a lot of life lessons that are taught. Not only does it apply in bodybuilding but also in real-life. The words “never give up” and “no pain, no gain” are one of the most common quotes u can usually hear. It takes a lot of motivation and life lesson to be that dedicated as a bodybuilder

Are these movies in real life?

Yes, these movies are documentaries and are based on real-life experiences of professional bodybuilders and athletes. In the movie, you can see how they lived their life and transformed their body to a work of art through hard work and perseverance. The characters of the movie are also real in life.

What is the most famous bodybuilding movie?

The most famous bodybuilding movie would be the “Pumping Iron” which features Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has really inspired a lot of athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts over the years of his career. When he won Mr. Olympia, he became an iconic figure for bodybuilding.