Blueberries – the berry of the north
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Blueberries – the berry of the north: its useful properties and possible harm

Hello there and welcome to my blog! If you are here today, then there are chances that you want to know more about blueberries. And that’s what we are going to tackle today. Blueberries bring a lot of health benefits to the table. However, they can be your worst enemy as well depending on how you treat them.

Blueberries are so mysterious. That’s why we need to keep in mind its amazing and dangerous properties before eating them. Today, I’m going to educate you about the matter. So without further ado, continue reading down below.

Article contents:

  • Where Do Blueberries Grow?
  • Blueberries Are Sometimes Dangerous Than You Think
  • Other Uses Of Blueberries
  • Blueberries: The Answer to Healthy Motherhood
  • Using Northern Berry For Your Skincare Routine
  • It Is The Ultimate Comfort Food

Where Do Blueberries Grow?

Blueberries grow on shrubs, which are plants that are smaller than trees. Shrubs have green, hard, and small leaves with curved edges. Blueberries are famous for its aesthetics thanks to its blue and shiny appearance. But where are blueberries located, anyway? You can’t just find them in your neighbors garden because blueberries often grow on the North forests.

Its shrub, however, grows mostly in Iceland and Japan. But they are sometimes found in the British Isles,  the Iberian Peninsula and Balkans as well. In domestic areas, you can see them along the North European territory. In the East, they often grow on the Siberian expanses too.

Blueberries mostly survive in wetlands. What’s best is that its fertility is not affected by prolonged winter seasons. Even a short summer season is enough for blueberries to grow and thrive.

The plant has been around since the beginning of human civilization. Experienced gardeners also know how important it is to collect a bucketful of blueberries. But how do they taste like, anyway? I’ll tell you, blueberries are excellent! The taste is so flavorful and it shows as they are often used in dessert recipes.

Of course, this also depends on the type of berries too. Do keep in mind that there are different types of berries such as cranberries, blackberries, and cranberries. Blueberries, however, are a bit sour but fresh enough to be eaten raw or mixed as an ingredient.

Blueberries Are Sometimes Dangerous Than You Think

Blueberries come in many different names. One of the most common ones is “drunken berry”. But why is it called “drunk?” There is a reason behind this that some people didn’t know.

Blueberry doesn’t contain any alcohol. But if they are planted and grown in a wild swampy terrain, the shrub needs to be paired with a rosemary plant. And this is why blueberries that are grown in these areas contain intoxication aroma and essential oils.

Blueberries that are harvested in such areas is a big no-no for women, especially those who love wild berries. Blueberries in these areas will give you the hangover syndrome.

This will cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness. What’s even worse is that blueberries that are exposed in rosemary for too long can emit an unsatisfying odor. But is this dangerous? Not really. Its effects and symptoms will pass quickly enough for days. However, it’s still preferable to opt for cultural berries.

Other Uses Of Blueberries

However, that doesn’t mean that blueberries are bad. In fact, this wonder fruit has plenty of benefits to offer too. Blueberries are a real fiber powerhouse that contains organic acids, pectin, healthy sugar, vitamins, and minerals.

Us humans need plenty of iron to keep our health at its peak. Luckily, blueberries also contain lots of iron that is enough for our daily needs.

to let your child have a taste of blueberries? You can only do so if they are at least three years of age. Though keep in mind to only do this in moderation. Overdoing it can lead to unpleasant results that may put your child’s health to harm.

Using Northern Berry For Your Skincare Routine

What’s interesting is the northern blueberries. This berry type has plenty of health benefits that can lead to a healthy and younger-looking you. And this not only applies to the berries alone, but also in their leaves as well.

If you want to use blueberries as part of your skincare routine, then follow these steps.

  1. Add a little sour cream
  2. Drop a little bit of lemon juice and olive oil
  3. Stir until it forms a sticky solution
  4. Apply it to your face and leave it for about a quarter of an hour
  5. Wash and repeat once a day

The effects of blueberries to your skin speaks for itself. So make sure to keep an eye for any improvements to your face when following this routine. You can also clearly see that there are a lot of health benefits you can get out of these, which makes it crucial for you to know more about them.

They are not just some kind of food, but they can also make you look more beautiful and younger.

It Is The Ultimate Comfort Food

Blueberries are the staple of every meal in some households. It is one of the most beloved fruits for generations and also the go-to comfort food by many.

Culinary experts also prefer blueberries (especially freshly harvested ones) in their recipes. But is it possible to store blueberries? Of course, it is! Proper storage can make these berries last longer and not lose their taste and overall quality.

Blueberries are ideal for pie fillings and other sweet pastries. They can also be stored inside the freezer for up to six months too. This makes these blueberries the perfect wonder fruits for winter jams and desserts. The best part? You can also create dehydrated blueberries to make them taste even better.

Want to get fancy? Blueberries are also flavorful when they are crushed and turned into wine. Of course, this only applies to freshly grown berries that we all know and love. Northern berries, however, need to have a little bit of checking because of its harmful properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do blueberries go well with any recipes?

Blueberries go well with almost anything. But keep in mind this also depends on the recipe you are doing as well. Nevertheless, they are tasteful, delicious, and can be bought anywhere depending on your location.

Do blueberries taste better dehydrated or fresh?

This depends on your preference. But the benefit of dehydrated blueberries is not only its improved taste, but also its longer shelf life too. However, both fresh and dehydrated blueberries taste great and can be eaten raw or added to your recipes.