Blueberries – the berry of the north
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Blueberries – the berry of the north: its useful properties and possible harm

I am glad to welcome on my blog all those who are interested in rare berries. I hasten to notice: undoubtedly, these gifts of nature can have on health both positive and negative influence. But for that, we also talk with you to discuss all the indications, as well as contra-indications of the products we love.




To combine pleasant with very useful, it should be borne in mind that pleasures can wrap up with a wide variety of troubles. How can they be avoided? Know beforehand in full detail about what we take in your mouth. And I will take care of the necessary information on this issue. In view of that, I am glad to your understanding, and especially to the attention of the beautiful human half, because the reason for this article will be the following question: blueberries are useful properties and contraindications for women.




About where the blueberry grows

This berry grows on a low (less human growth) shrub, attributed by biologists to the heather family. It has green, hard, small leaves with curved edges. The fruits of the plant are famous for the blue, covered with a white thin coating. Where they can eat? In nature, they are most likely to be recruited in the mixed and coniferous forests of the north.

The shrubbery with blueberry fruit grows in a very significant area: from Iceland to Japan, meeting in the British Isles, coming across the Iberian Peninsula and the Balkans. On domestic expanses, it can be seen in the north of European territory. Further to the east, the mentioned plant also occurs, growing on the Siberian expanses up to the Far Eastern regions of our homeland.

What kind of climate is needed for the bush growth? Such a plant loves the humidity of wetlands. Its fertility is not affected in any way by prolonged winter. A short summer for him is enough to fully give all of us their fruits.

This plant, moreover, has long been cultivated by representatives of human civilization. And experienced gardeners are able to collect from one bush a whole bucket of beautiful berries. What are their taste qualities? I’ll tell you, just excellent! And this circumstance is very conducive to their popularity.

Of course, from my point of view, the taste of cranberries, blackberries, cranberries or blueberries is more pronounced. And the fruits of blueberries are a bit sour, but fresh enough, they do not get bogged down with frequent use, hitting gourmets with their uniqueness.

Now about the features

The names of these gifts of nature abound. I do not even want to take the trouble, listing them all. I will only note that there are more than a dozen similar names. Among them, for example, blue grapes and a drunken berry. Why blue is understandable. But why is it “drunk”? Suspicious people please do not disturb. Now I can explain everything.

Alcohol in blueberry, fortunately, is not contained. But growing in a wild swampy terrain, the shrub described, one has to co-exist with a plant such as a rosemary. It is he who spreads around himself the intoxicating aroma of essential oils.


benefit of blueberries


In view of this circumstance, when harvesting berries in flatter massifs in certain areas, unlucky lovers of wild berries, especially women, often experience a real hangover syndrome.

How is this manifested? The most unpleasant way: headaches, nausea, dizziness. It even happens that blueberry berries themselves are saturated with a stupefying odor from an insidious rosemary. Is it dangerous? Usually, not really. And the adverse effects and painful symptoms pass quickly enough. However, I would like to warn: cultural berries are still preferable.

About undoubted merits

But let’s not talk about sad things for a long time, but we’ll focus on favorable moments, which are plenty. What is the use of blueberries? I’ll be glad. They are just a real storehouse of fiber, organic acids, pectin, sugar, trace elements, minerals, but, most importantly, vitamins.

In addition, it is not superfluous for a mortal flesh a small amount of iron, which, according to scientists, is fully absorbed by human organisms.

Using blueberries, it is possible to protect yourself from the effects of radio emission, get rid of many diseases. Which ones? Believe me, their list is quite impressive. But, I think, it is not necessary to abuse your attention especially, listing them all, because the topic of our conversation is the influence of the use of these berries on the female body.
But, in that case, to the point!


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Guarding healthy motherhood

The main vocation of the fair sex is the birth of healthy children, as well as their upbringing. In the latter, an important role is undoubtedly played by healthy nutrition. It’s not for nothing that these two concepts practically mean the same thing. In this regard, state without bothers: the future and nursing mothers experts recommend eating up to 100 grams of blueberries daily.

Causes? First, the level of hemoglobin is stabilized. Secondly, the correct metabolism is formed. Thirdly, by affecting the ciliary muscle, the individual elements of this berry are able to relieve tension from the eyes. But that is not all! Soothing effect, prevention of many unpleasant diseases, pressure, like that of an astronaut – that’s far from a complete list of the positive aspects of the use of blueberries.


blueberries benefit


In addition, I hasten to inform you: from berries of the northern bush make healing spoons and delicious juices. However, moms should still be more careful because of the danger of allergy and intoxication.

Are you interested in giving blueberries to your child? I will answer in the affirmative: children after three years are not only possible, but very necessary, but in moderation. Abuse, of course, is not worth it! The benefits of this saturation with vitamins are unquestionable, besides, in the immature body of the child immunity rises.

Northern Berry is an ingredient in the elixir of youth

The northern shrub can not only have a beneficial effect on health, but also prolong the fast flowing youth. And an important ingredient in such a process can be not only berries, but also the leaves of the plant.

If you grind a bit of blueberry, add a little sour cream, a drop of lemon juice and olive oil, stir it all up after making a face mask (for a quarter of an hour, no more), and then wash, then very soon the magic of the plant will give About itself to know.

And from the infusion of leaves very well, as my well-informed friends told me, to do baths for hands.

Blueberries for home comfort

It’s all? Nothing like this. Plus, the keepers of the home can be sure that the blueberry culinary products will add variety to the family ration, becoming for loved ones a pleasant addition to the overall comfort of home comfort.

Something else you can add? Something to clarify. Experienced cooks try to choose the ingredient for their products namely blueberry berries in fresh form (preferably immediately after the end of their collection). Why? Not hard to guess. This is done in order to preserve the uniqueness of the composition. This is convenient especially if the fruits are grown in the garden.

But is it possible to store berries? If necessary, of course, yes. I hasten to note that such gifts of nature very well tolerate storage, even transportation, while not losing their best, including taste, qualities.


health benefit of blueberries


They fit perfectly, as a filling for pies and other pastries. Half a year they can be stored in the freezer fresh, and also to create from this product magnificent preparations for the winter: jams and jams, from which then come out fine jelly and jelly. In addition, blueberry is beautiful in dried form.

Of the damaged during transportation, crushed, cracked fruit, it is possible to prepare a first-class wine with an original berry flavor, moreover, possessing useful properties.

But here, perhaps, everything I wanted to tell you on the topic: Blueberries – the berry of the north: its useful properties and possible harm. It was time to part. I can only wish a good mood, and most importantly, the health, about which I’m trying, in proportion to my modest powers, to take care in my articles.

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