What should I do if my calf muscle contracted
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What should I do if my calf muscle contracted? And is it dangerous?

Hello, my dear readers! My today’s article will be devoted to the analysis of the situation in which almost every person has experienced – the calf muscle contractions. What to do in this case, how dangerous it is for human health and the basic preventive measures for such cases, the answers to these questions will be found in this article.

gastrocnemius muscle cramp

It is difficult to meet a man who has not faced the problem of calf muscle cramps at least once in his life. In addition to a sense of discomfort, the cramp also brings a rather painful sensation. So what does this painful process that is happening in our legs look like?

Cramp of gastrocnemius muscle is a kind of spasm caused by involuntary contraction of muscle tissue. If we speak in an accessible language, it looks like this: the muscle is sharply reduced, and it is impossible to return to the relaxed state on its own. The main problem is the sudden onset of seizures, that is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and pain in any leg.

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Causes of seizures

The often well known cause of leg cramps from bathing in cold water or exhaustion from torturing oneself on athletic fields is not entirely true. Yes, these factors are among the most common causes of seizures, but in addition there are a number of other points that should be noted:

  1. Overcooling – here the risk factor is not only cold water, but also trivially insufficiently warm shoes
  2. Incorrectly selected shoes – at this point you should pay attention to the shoes that you use in everyday life
  3. Flat feet – deformation of the main arch of the foot leads to an incorrect redistribution of the load on the leg muscles
  4. A big load on the muscles of the legs during the working day – this is usually typical for people who have a specific job related to constant standing on their feet
  5. Shortage of necessary microelements
  6. Stressful state – often causes muscle tension, leading to convulsions
  7. Pregnancy is a purely female “problem”, accompanied by an increased burden on the legs

All of the above factors (leaving pregnancy behind brackets) are easily pointed. It is worth noting that even when we identify the necessary trace elements, you should not self-medicate and it is advisable to consult a qualified specialist who can choose the necessary medications while taking into account the individual characteristics of the problem. This way, you can assure yourself that you’re getting the right medical attention, instead of just doing things yourself.

calf muscle pain

If convulsions occur in a single quantity, then this problem can be managed independently. It is much more difficult if the situation is when cramps in calf legs happen regularly. Usually, this indicates the following:

  1. Problems with leg veins (varicose extension of the legs)
  2. Inflammatory processes in the body
  3. The received traumas, up to the end not finished
  4. Problems in the work of the thyroid gland
  5. Complex of neurological diseases

In case you have found problems of this nature, you should consult a doctor-therapist, who will prescribe a set of necessary tests to find out the causes of the disease.

Variants of emergency (momentary) help with leg cramps

The main advice in this situation is quite trivial – try to relax as much as possible. If this did not work, then a number of steps should be taken to help you relieve the painful muscle tension:

  1. Straighten your legs, raise your knocked-up leg, pulling the stop on yourself as far as possible.
  2. Thoroughly massage the muscles of the lower leg, paying special attention to the most painful part of the body. During massage, the movement should be done from the bottom up, from the heel to the knee.
  3. Raise your legs, place a roller under them, or a pillow. Keep your feet in this condition for a few minutes.
  4. One of the most radical methods is injection into the cramp muscle with a pin or needle. The main thing is not to overdo it.

After you have coped with cramps, you should make a warming compress for your feet or take a warm bath. This is to improve the overall sensation and effects of the steps mentioned above. This also freshens up your self and reduces the chances of you getting a calf muscle contraction.

Preventive measures

The main thing that we should be paying attention to is the proper selection of shoes. Your shoes should not be too tight, for the winter season, a warmer version of shoes should be chosen. Regular hypothermia of the feet is the first step that triggers the muscle seizures.

The next point to look out for is the time spent on your feet during the day. If the specificity of your work is in long standing on your feet, try to cut out during the day time for a small massage.

Take a few minutes of attention during the day with your legs and feet, and the problem of cramps will disappear from your life. At the end of the work day, make contrast baths for the feet. This creates a more relaxing sensation on your feet and legs, which helps speed up recovery. Please note that this option is suitable only for people who have no problems with blood vessels. In the water you can add mint or valerian.

Perform a simple set of exercises to strengthen the ligaments:

  1. Pins of the feet on yourself, hold for 10 seconds in this position, then straighten.
  2. Do this exercise several times
  3. Rise as high as possible on your toes, and then drop sharply. Perform for 45-60 seconds
  4. Light, jumping movements on socks

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Also, you should pay special attention to your diet. The occurrence of seizures usually leads to a deficiency in the body of trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Milk, cottage cheese and legumes – are perfect for replenishment of calcium deficiency. Walnuts will help solve the problem of magnesium deficiency. Well, to replenish the reserves of potassium in the body, fruits and vegetables are available to all and are perfectly suitable.

gastrocnemius muscle pain

For athletes and people actively involved in sports and physical culture, you should pay attention to maintaining the necessary water balance in the body. Avoid possible dehydration in the body, while training and playing sports drink the required amount of water.

Fulfillment of the above tips will allow you to avoid painful sensations and various kinds of inconveniences, connected with the situation when you have a gastrocnemius muscle.

Now you know what to do in this situation.

With this, I’ll say goodbye to you. I hope that the information obtained from this article will be useful to you.

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Can you anticipate that a calf muscle will start to cramp?

You can’t really anticipate that a muscle cramp will start to happen. This is why awareness and preventive action are noted down to reduce the risks of experiencing muscle cramps. If you are having cramps regularly, it is best to consult your physician.

Do calf muscle cramps trigger other body pains?

If you have an underlying health condition, calf muscle cramps may trigger them. Experiencing calf muscle cramps will bring a large amount of pain to your body. This will sometimes result in immediate exhaustion, migraine and other physical injury associated given the action when the cramp started.

Are there any critical injuries caused by calf muscle cramps?

When we talked about people who have a heart condition, calf muscle cramps can start a heart stroke. Some incidents people will faint due to exhaustion and the pain. There are other fatal incidents where cramps happen in the most unlikely place, like in the water where the use of hands and legs are important t5o sustain a float.