Caloric content of a boiled egg in a steep
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Caloric content of a boiled egg in a steep

Dear reader, if you are worried about your health and appearance – read our article. A few tips and useful information will help you decide on the choice of food.

To eat everything and at the same time to keep a harmonious figure is the dream of all mankind. The most real tests of the strength of the will of a person become rigid diets. Why should you exhaust your mental and physical state if you only need to calculate the number of calories in a certain product?


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Some of the most common and affordable foods are eggs. Deserved lodgers of a refrigerator are considered by fans of meal which does not demand special expenses of time. And scrambled eggs, for example, are a great option for breakfast, when every minute of gathering for work is expensive.

Also with boiled eggs cook quickly and simply, nourishing and, unlike fried eggs, great. Eggs should be in the daily diet of every healthy person, as here contains a lot of essential and necessary vitamins, amino acids, other nutrients for our body. How many calories in a hard boiled egg – this question is asked by people who care about their health.




Benefits of boiled eggs

If we take into account the chemical composition of the egg, which is cooked, then in the first place it is worth noting in it the presence of amino acids, which our body can not synthesize on its own. These include mitionin, lysine, tryptophan.

If the body is deficient in these components, liver dystrophy can be observed due to a lack of fat in it. Also there is a replenishment of amino acids from some tissues, internal organs, which negatively affects the general condition of a person and can lead to the most unexpected diseases.

Already starting from the age of 4 months, the child is given as a complementary meal a boiled egg yolk. Unlike protein, it is easier to digest and contains more vitamins, which are necessary for a growing organism.

A child aged 2 years should be given half of a well-brewed egg a day. Already to about 4 years the dose can be increased twice, if there are no contraindications, allergies. Almost all the caloric content of a chicken egg is in the yolk. It contains fats, which are the main components of calorie content.


Vitamin A, which is part of a boiled chicken egg, is primarily a powerful antioxidant. Also this vitamin has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, vision.


calories in boiled egg


Folic acid is more familiar to women, as it is recommended to take doctors during pregnancy. So, in a boiled egg it contains just the amount that the future mother and her future child need. This acid is the foundation of the entire nervous system of the fetus, the lack of it can lead to the most disastrous consequences.

B vitamins are contained in the egg in large quantities. If we talk about the main function of vitamin B, then it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and internal organs. It also prevents the formation of plaques, thrombi in the vessels.

Vitamin D is familiar to all from childhood. At an early age, it is necessary to avoid such a disease as rickets. Vitamin is synthesized by the body during exposure to the skin of sunlight. Therefore, eggs, in which a sufficient amount of vitamin, it is useful to give children in the cold season, when the sun is not particularly happy with its light.

From aging and cardiovascular diseases will help to protect vitamin E. Although in chicken eggs it is not such a huge amount as, say, in walnuts, but taking every day to eat 2-3 eggs, you can make up for the deficiency of this vitamin.


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Caloric content of chicken eggs

If you look for the difference in calories in boiled hard boiled, soft-boiled or raw eggs, then it is almost invisible.

The average weight of a chicken egg is 55 grams. Caloric content of such a product is 87 kcal. To make it easier to calculate calories for people who are on a diet, then in 100 grams of eggs (taken without shell) 159 kcal.

Trace elements contained in a boiled chicken egg

The most familiar is iodine. Its sufficient amount affects the state of the thyroid gland and, as a consequence, the whole organism as a whole. Iodine is the most important component of the gland, it is needed for the synthesis of such hormones as thyroid and thyrotropic.

Signs of lack of iodine in the human body – fragility of nails, unhealthy hair, skin. Since iodine is able to burn fats, nutritionists recommend that when you lose excess weight in moderate doses, there are foods rich in iodine.

Fluoride helps the bone tissue to be stronger. Knowingly, it is the main component of a number of toothpastes, as it strengthens the tooth enamel and fills the microcracks, which in time could grow into caries. Patients with fractures, doctors appoint a strengthened diet with the largest composition of calcium, fluoride in foods. Eggs in this respect are an ideal source of fluoride.


calories in hard boiled egg


Rapid fatigue, drowsiness can be the first signs that there is not enough potassium in the body. Even if this condition is caused by excessive physical activity, this is the reason to check with a doctor. Quite probably, it will be enough to edit the working day, but at this time to take food rich in potassium, it does not hurt.

Who is on a diet

In many diets, eggs are completely excluded, since the yolk is a source of fat. If there is an opportunity and, most importantly, a desire to stick to a diet where you can eat eggs, then it’s best to do it with caution. First, eggs must be cooked or drunk raw. Secondly, it should be understood that 4-5 eggs a day not that they will remove the hated kilograms and centimeters, but also add. The third point of this condition is the consumption of eggs in the morning, when the body is able to convert fats into energy. You can not store boiled eggs in the refrigerator, the maximum can be left for a couple of hours.

Here are a few recipes for cooking dietary dishes using chicken eggs.

  • Salad from fresh cabbage with egg. In the finely chopped cabbage, add the diced egg. If the diet is sparing, then you can salt a little. Season with sunflower or olive oil and let stand for 10 minutes. Next the dish is ready for use.
  • Eggs stuffed with herbs. Take dill, leeks, parsley in the same amount. From boiled eggs, cut in half, take the yolk into a separate container. There add finely chopped greens, for taste and better consistency, you can drip 1 tbsp. L. Oil. Oil can be taken any, most importantly, that it was of vegetable origin.

If there is no time to conjure in the kitchen, you can just eat an boiled hard-boiled egg on an empty stomach, drink it with a weak tea or water. The body is immediately saturated and before dinner you can feel quite normal. How many calories in a hard boiled egg – not so much to give up this natural useful product.

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