can you drink water after a meal or not
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So, can you drink water after a meal or not?

Good afternoon, our dear readers! The question of whether it is possible to drink water after eating food is of interest to very many. There are a lot of myths surrounding this issue, this article was written in order to try to illuminate this issue as much as possible, so if you are also interested in knowing whether to drink water after eating, then this article is able to help you. Personally, I think that it’s better to drink water after having dined well, after a while, let’s consider this issue in more detail.


how long should you wait to drink water after a meal


The main factor that many people think makes drinking water after eating unacceptable is that the liquid used can lead to dilution of the gastric juice, which can lead to digestion disorders. However, it is also possible to note another opinion, which suggests that drinking water after dinner is not only possible but sometimes even useful. Let’s weigh all the pros and cons, and try to decide in this way whether to wash down the food.




The thesis for drinking water after eating

The main thesis of people who believe that drinking water after eating can be that the water consumed, getting into the stomach, is quickly transferred to the 12-colon through its folds. Thus, water simply does not manage to blur anything, it can not damage the digestive juice.

The main point of this statement is that you can not drink food with cold water, since cold water is in the stomach for 20 minutes, and not 4-5 hours, which are usually required for the digestion of food. That is why the food simply does not have time to digest, which can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences, for example, the protein used will not break down into amino acids, and the insufficiently digested food will move further along the intestine, which can lead to its fermentation. This state of affairs has a number of problems, one of the most important consequences of this is a set of excess weight.


is it good to drink water after a meal


Thus, if you believe this statement, then drink at the end of dinner can not only cold water, while water at room temperature is completely acceptable.

Abstracts against drinking water after eating

If a person begins to sing the food with water, it helps to less thoroughly chew it. Thus, with insufficient chewing food, saliva does not produce a substance such as a lysozyme, which is an important means against getting infections into the body.

In addition, the food that was sufficiently chewed is better absorbed by the body and will create less stress for all other digestive organs.

As you can see, even here there is considerable harm to the body from the water drunk in the process or after eating, however, there are a number of negative effects that often depend on the temperature of the water:

  1. Too cold water, after eating food, can lead to a decrease in the production of enzymes in the body, which are known to play a big role in the process of digesting food.
  2. Too hot water, after eating food, can significantly reduce the mechanical effect on the food on the part of the body, and lead to a violation of the production of digestive juices.

Thus, after eating, do not drink either too hot or too cold water, as this contributes to a disruption of the normal process of digestion. It is best to use water, which is close to the temperature of our body in temperature, and its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.


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Interesting observation

People who had excess weight problems say that they could get rid of it after they started eating juices, fruit drinks, green tea, and other drinks instead of water after eating. They say that when they drank food with water they did not have a sense of satiation and they wanted to eat, again and again, so they consumed significantly more food than they needed, and this led to problems with excess weight.

The very interesting fact is not it, it turns out the drinks affect our body differently than water. Do you know if you should drink distilled water?

Another important issue is the reason why a person wants to drink food with water, there are two main points:
“He’s just used to it and so moistens the food he used.”
– Drinks an insufficient amount of water during the day.


Above were presented all the theses for and against the use of water after a meal, so what is the conclusion from this all follows? Can I drink water after a meal? It’s very simple, if you need to drink after dinner, then it’s best to do it with some liquids, but not water, for example, you can use green tea, mors, juices, kefir, or something else.

should you drink water before or after a meal


The main difference between these drinks is that they perceive our body about the same way as food because they contain calories, and water, as you know, does not contain calories at all.

However, here you also need to be as careful as possible, do not use too cold or too hot drinks, because a sharp temperature drop in your body can lead to certain problems with digestion, so there is no cold ice cream in this case either.

In addition, the products should be thoroughly chewed, as this will allow them to be more easily absorbed by the body, and will also provoke the production of a large amount of lysozyme, which has a positive effect on our body.

If you are accustomed to drinking water after a meal and you can not replace it with any other drinks, you should either consume more liquid throughout the day, which will allow you to get the required amount, or revise your own food, do not eat dry, eat more liquid Dishes, all kinds of soups and other things.

I hope this article has helped you to understand this issue, and now weighing all the theses for and against, as well as other information that you have learned from this article, you can decide for yourself whether to drink water after eating and also be able to balance Own food.