How to pump up muscles?

How can a thin guy become an athlete?

People always want what they do not have: summer – winter, winter – summer, thin – athletic body, full – aesthetic figure. Hello, friends. Today we will talk about how to gain muscle mass to a thin guy. And from today’s material you will learn what to look for, where to start, what exercises to use, how much to train and other interesting moments.


how to gain muscle mass


Excessive leanness, like excessive fullness, is not a verdict. It would be a desire to improve the situation. And, by the way, there are many examples of total reincarnation. So why do not you become one of them?




At first

Before you rush headlong into the “simulator” with the first training program on the Internet, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, and determine your somatotype, that is, the type of build. Personally, I can say if you are a thin guy or already a man, then, most likely, you can safely be referred to either an ectomorphic type or a mesomorphic type.

Such a definition is necessary in order not to waste time and from the very beginning to find out which complex of exercises to choose, how much and how to train, what is there or what can not be used.

How to do it? Take a good look at yourself. Can you say that you completely lack any fatty layer of the body (which is absolutely impossible, of course)? Then with a high probability you are an ectomorph.

If the features of the body are somewhat smoothened, and not angular or acute, the musculature is not very detailed (no vessels or veins visible), then, again, I’m inclined to assume that you have a mesomorphic type. Although I may be wrong, but at first it does not matter.

There is also a third type, but it is typical of full people. And the article is designed for skinny guys, is not it?


how to gain muscle mass quick


This event is necessary, because the principles and approaches to training are somewhat different. But there is also much in common.

Complex of exercises and training

After you are determined with the membership of your body to a certain type, you will have to choose a training program. If you previously were engaged in physical culture only at school lessons, then the program can be safely used up to six months (otherwise – 3-4 months).

Note that for lean people (ectomorphs) the basic exercises are more suitable, and isolating ones generally should be postponed “in the long run”. What do these two types of exercises mean? You can find out for yourself.

People with an athletic type (mesomorph) should also focus on basic exercises, diluting them with insulating ones. If the ectomorphs are 100% base, then the mesomorph 80 is 20%, where 20%, as you understand, the very single-joint isolation exercises.

The duration of training for the first type is about an hour, not more. For the second – an hour and fifteen minutes. The frequency of training for both will be optimal – 3-4 times a week. This allows you to work through the whole body, taking advantage of all the advantages of a split training. Rest between the approaches and exercises can also be optimal for two somatotypes: 2 and 3 minutes respectively.

There are also some questions about the number of exercises in the training program of the ectomorph: some say that there are enough 4, and some tend to 6. I will say this: do 4 and look at the state of health: if there are forces, then why not do all 6 exercises. The main thing is that this should not be at the expense of the length of the classes.

The intensity of the exercise should be average in both cases, provided that you will not yet raise almost maximum weights. That is, you do not work fast so as not to stray in technique and breathing, but also immediately, so that the musculature senses the load, otherwise the muscle growth will be unstable.

Personally, I would add that any beginner athlete, despite the type of physique he has, needs to clearly put the technique from the very beginning in three basic basic exercises – bench press, sit-ups with the bar and deadlift. This triple is the key to the success of anyone.

Food and water

Due to its rapid metabolism (metabolism), ectomorphous people can consume more fast carbohydrates without the risk of gaining excess weight. Therefore, they need to mass not only a large amount of protein, but also a large number of carbohydrates (both fast and slow) to provide the body with energy and better recovery.

With these same fast carbohydrates, people-mesophytes need to be a little more careful: they too must be present in a considerable amount, but their excess will lead to an increase in subcutaneous fat, and you will think that you are “on the mass”. It’s not quite true. So do this: slightly more slow carbohydrates, a little less fast. Balance them. Well, and, of course, a lot, a lot of protein.

As for water, everything is simple: drink a lot, and even when it seems to you that you do not want to drink. Dehydration of the organism adversely affects the collection of the mass. You need to drink both before the classes begin, so during and after their completion.


how to gain muscle mass for skinny people


Sports Supplements

Quickly and qualitatively for lean to gain weight, but without sports nutrition – a problematic and requiring great patience and time. Therefore, the output is obvious: you need to use sportspit. If you are wondering what exactly – ask in the comments.


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“How to gain muscle mass to a thin guy” is an interesting question. And I hope that I was able to help you to determine the tasks for yourself at least for the first time. Of course, as you begin to develop, you will change your approach to training, and the boundaries between body types will be somewhat blurry.