How to choose the right size and length of sticks for Nordic walking

How to choose the right size and length of sticks for Nordic walking?

Greetings, dear reader! If you read this article, then you are engaged, or plan to do Scandinavian walking. If this is true, then this article is definitely useful to you!

Everyone knows perfectly well that in order for a person to be healthy, he must necessarily move. The best solution is a walk in the fresh air.

To date, more and more popular is a sport such as Scandinavian walking. This article will tell you that this kind of walking is of itself, and it will also help to choose sticks. If someone thinks that sticks can be chosen, not without much effort, then he is seriously mistaken.


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The fact is that, depending on how correctly the length of the sticks for Nordic walking is chosen, your health will depend first of all. It is necessary not only to preserve health, but also to strengthen it, it is necessary to read further.




What is Scandinavian walking?

This sport involves ordinary walking, during which ski poles are actively used. Often you can hear that such walking is called Finnish or Norwegian. It forces almost all the muscles of the body to work. The main load goes to the legs and hands, but if you do the movements correctly, you can work the chest and shoulders.

To choose the right stick, you must clearly adhere to a few basic points. First of all they should have a comfortable handle. If it is uncomfortable, then the lessons will cause primarily discomfort.

The second point is the tip. It should be made of a hard material that can provide good adhesion to the surface. It should be ensured that the tip has an elastic band that will prevent its rapid wear.

The stick must be strong enough to withstand even the highest loads. It is made of carbon or aluminum, and is integral and demountable. Well, the most important parameter is length.

The maximum result from training can be obtained only if the length is calculated correctly, relative to the growth of a person and with the correct technique. If you make a mistake in the calculations, you can not only not get a positive effect, but also harm your health.


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How correctly to calculate the length of the sticks for Scandinavian walking?

In order to properly pick up equipment, you should use a special formula or determine by eye (applies only to experienced athletes).

The formula is as follows: the length of the sole is added to the growth, and the amount is multiplied by 0.66. The result, which will eventually be rounded.

If you determine visually, then you should also follow some rules. You need to take the sticks, and put them so that the tips are opposite the heels. The elbows should be pushed to the body as much as possible. The hand at the folding point should form an angle of ninety degrees.


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If everything turned out, then the stick is chosen correctly, if not, then it is necessary to continue the search. It is worth noting the fact that in both cases the length of the equipment should be less than the growth of exactly half a meter.

If the stick is too long, then the physical load will be higher. It can be concluded that the length of the stick allows you to adjust the load. Given this factor, one more important point needs to be clarified as to how to properly determine the size of sticks.

A very important role is played by the physical state of the person, and also by the length of his arms and legs. If the length of the equipment is too short, then there is a risk that the body will bend forward forcefully. This will lead to the fact that it will not qualitatively come off the ground. A poor-quality push has a negative effect on the development of the hamstring.

A few tips for beginners

A beginner to choose a stick is not very difficult, but you need to remember a few points. First of all, it is worth paying attention to products made of aluminum. It is better not to spend a large amount immediately, because the formula that is given above can not suit every person.

The athlete only after a few classes will be able to determine what length he needs. Start better with a minimum height, and then move on ascending.

The second factor, which speaks in favor of the fact that it is not worth much spending – Scandinavian walking may just not like it. It is best to start with the most simple sticks.

Experienced athletes know exactly what they need, and what load will fit perfectly. Professionals use solid sticks, the length of which is chosen according to the formula.


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Taking into account the information obtained from the article, everyone who wishes can correctly calculate the size of the sticks for Nordic walking. Correct and regular training will help you to always stay in good shape.

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