Complex exercises at home for the weak half of humanity

Complex exercises at home for the weak half of humanity

Hi, dear girls and women. I hurry to please you: today’s subject is devoted to you, namely those who wants to shape up. It sounds so: “Complex exercises at home for the weak half of humanity”. From this material you learn exercises which will help to bring all body into tone, have necessary recommendations and opportunity to independently correct the program of occupations. Let’s begin.

Home conditions, I believe, can not fully compete with the gym or certain group sessions (sections), if you do not have a pair of triple simulators right at home.


workout at home


But as most of us is not able to afford itself similar luxury, we will recognize what we have. Namely: I recommend to you to see to it about acquisition at least of couple of dumbbells weighing from 2 to 4 kilograms in advance – they will become irreplaceable tools at occupations of the house, and also it will be necessary to buy jump rope – remarkable means for training.

The total cost of acquisitions not such critical in comparison with purchase at least one exercise machine for the house. The rest depends already on you, that is exercises do not demand the additional equipment.




Training of shoulders and legs at home

Dear girls. The program is constructed so that you could achieve as fast as possible and effectively certain results, namely: increases in force and endurance of body, improvement of appearance and health. Therefore implement recommendations and order of exercises in accuracy.

Dumbbell press sitting or standing – raising of dumbbells both hands forward – raising of dumbbells both hands in the parties – raising of dumbbells in the parties in bending.

All 4 exercises need to be performed consistently without interruption. Tempo of execution – average. As the weight of dumbbells easy, is sure, you will cope.

To repeat the cycle from 4 exercises 3-4 times (on health) till 8-10 repetitions in each exercise. Muscles during performance will burn down, and it is good. Between cycles do breaks by duration up to 3 minutes.

Squats with dumbbells (hold in the lowered hands or at the chest) – attacks on the spot with dumbbells – jumping out of the place without dumbbells – lifting on the toes standing with dumbbells.

Tempo of execution average (you do not hurry – breath will get off). It is necessary to squat to parallel (hips have to be parallel to floor), allocating for the priest back and bending a little forward.


squats with dumbbells female


We do lunges by one leg, we return it into place – the second leg and into place. We do the third exercise without dumbbells (just put them on floor). The fourth can be carried out from small eminence, standing on it socks. 3-4 cycles. Each exercise to repeat the corresponding number of times: 10 (12) – 10 (on each leg) – 8 (10) – 15 (20).


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Training of breast, tricepses and press

Make some chairs together to make them look like a bench. No possibility – perform on the floor.

Dumbbell press lying – cultivation of dumbbells lying – raising of dumbbells because of the head up – back push-ups.

Tempo of execution at the initial stage average, further you can increase it. In the third exercise try not to take away elbows far from the head, work only elbow joints.

You can do the fourth exercise on the improvised bench from chairs if is not present, then from sofa, bed or any other firm surface. To repeat cycle 3-4 times. Between each cycle rest 2 or 3 minutes, is no more. To perform each exercise till 10-12 repetitions.

Leg raise lying on floor – pulling up of knees to breast sitting – pulling up of the divorced knees to breast sitting – bendings from dumbbells in the parties.

As well as last time, speed average, you repeat the cycle 3-4 times, between each of them rest about 2-3 minutes. First exercise: palms near waist, straight legs, but not completely. The second: sitting on floor, extend legs forward, without concerning them floor, and deviate without emphasis by hands back. Tighten knees to breast, without parting them and foot. The third exercise has the previous starting position, but you tighten knees to breast now, parting them in the parties. Feet together. The fourth: dumbbells in both hands, it is necessary to bend in both parties evenly. Repetitions of exercises: 10 (12) – 10 (12) – 10 (12) – 15 (on each party).

Back and bicep workout at home

Draft of dumbbells in bending – thirst of dumbbells for chin – costing bending and extension of hands with dumbbells – “hammer”.

As you have already guessed – 3-4 cycles with breaks 2-3 minutes. Speed is invariable. First exercise: the back is bent, pull dumbbells along hips of stomach from top to bottom, cramping at the same time shovels (straining them). The second: it is important to raise highly elbows, otherwise the meaning of exercise is lost. That is elbows have to be above wrists. The third: elbows near trunk, you do not take away them. The fourth: the same initial position, will only develop brushes.

Varied hyperextensions – “boat” – “kitty” – flexion and extension of the back standing on all fours.

Nothing has changed: performance speed the same, cycles 3-4, each following exercise is performed without interruption, and rest happens after end of one cycle consisting of 4 exercises.


back and bicep workout at home


The first: Lying on stomach (hands above), raise the right hand and the left leg (straight lines). Similarly with other hand and leg. The second: simultaneous raising of two hands and both legs. The third: being on all fours, to cave in in back, being extended forward. The fourth: when bending to hang the head, at extension — to lift.

Additional recommendations

Before any training you have to do warm-up. As hitch you every time can jump on jump rope 5-7 minutes that is especially urgent for “day of legs”.

At more advanced stage you can do bigger number of repetitions, supplement set of exercises own or change the weight of burdenings for heavier.

This program is easily reconstructed on weight loss. Your task to take dumbbells with slightly smaller weight, to increase the speed of performance of exercises, and to increase quantity of cycles and repetitions till 20-25 times in everyone.

Personally from: that the program has begun to work as much as possible – change the diet. Perhaps, begin reception of sports food or additives. Then results will be much bigger.

Here, in principle, and everything that I can tell about power trainings for girls in house conditions. Dear girls, you share this program with the girlfriends on social networks, and also subscribe for updates of the blog to gain new knowledge of physical self-improvement. What you think of the program? You will cope? Leave comments. Be darlings, and you look always for all 100%. Bye bye.