Complex exercises at home for the weak half of humanity

Complex exercises at home for the weak half of humanity

Hello, everyone! I am glad because you are here again on my blog. For our today’s article, we are about to talk about the exercise for those who want to shape up and have a sexier figure. This would be a complex exercise at home for the weak half part of the body. Maybe it would be sounds interesting to you and from this material I want you to learn this exercise which will help you become in tone. I will elaborate on some necessary recommendations and opportunities for you to be able to independently follow the correct program of the said course.

I just want to let you know that it is designed for everyone who’s in their house. You should fully understand that you aren’t required to go to the gym or a certain class. So, let us begin the talk!

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Since most of us aren’t able to afford and go to a luxurious gym or have at least equipment. I will now recommend some tips for you to acquire at least some dumbbell that weighs from 2 to 4 kilograms. This will be your main tool during the entire home exercise wherein you will have to rely on this for the sake of health fitness.

I know that it would be expensive without even comparing it to the equipment in the market. But rest assured that you do not have to demand such expensive materials because it will be good for you.

So, since I have said too much thing with that introduction. I know now that you are barely briefed and have an idea about what’s going on. This will be your moment to learn some complex exercises while you are at home. Thus, keep on reading this article especially to those who have weak half bodies.

The content of the article:

Training of shoulders and legs at home

At this point, this program is solely for girls so girls out there you better to read it religiously. This program that we are talking about will could be achieved as fast as possible and effectively.  With this program, significant results such as gaining additional force and endurance of the body, and better health appearance. But you should be able to follow all the recommendations for this program to have accurate results.

These are the four exercises, dumbbell press sitting or standing, raising of dumbbells both hands forward, raising of dumbbells both hands in the parties, and raising of dumbbells in the parties in bending.

Those 4 exercises need to be performed consistently without any interruption. Also, you should be able to execute them in a uniform tempo. Since the weight of dumbbells is light, this would be easy for you.

You should repeat these 4 exercises 3 to 4 times with 8 to 100 number of repetitions each so that your muscles will burn and tone down as good as it could be. And, between each cycle, have at least 3 minutes duration or rest.

Furthermore, exercises such as squats with dumbbells (hold in the lowered hands or at the chest), attacks on the spot with dumbbells, jumping out of the place without dumbbells and lifting on the toes standing with dumbbells.

With those recently mentioned exercises, you have to do them in a constant tempo too. Make sure you don’t hurry while doing each of them. Take note that it is necessary for squats with a dumbbell to squat parallel (hips have to be parallel to the floor) which allocates for the t back and bending a little forward.

squats with dumbbells female

Then in the next step, we do lunges exercise. You could learn the step-by-step method of lunges by directly looking in my previous blogs about it. But for now, we accompany the lunges exercise with our third exercise without dumbbells. Then, the fourth can be executed out from the small eminence to standing 3 to 4 cycles. Each exercise must have a corresponding number of repetitions and sets: For the first exercise, you should follow 10 repetitions of 12 sets, the second exercise each leg should have 10 repetitions of 12 sets, the third should have 8 repetitions of 10 sets, and for the last exercise should have 15 repetitions of 20 sets.

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Training of breast, tricepses and press

The training of breast, triceps, and press are some famous exercises we can do to beautify our body. However, it entails both complex and basic methods of doing them. In the following paragraphs, we will emphasize things about them so you will be learned. Make sure not to skip or miss any of the steps.

First, gather some chairs and arrange them to form a single platform that looks like a bench but if it is not possible, you can make the exercise on the floor.

The four exercises for the training of breast, triceps, and press would be the dumbbell press lying, cultivation of dumbbells lying, raising of dumbbells because of the head up, and back push-ups.

Also, the tempo for the initial stage should be at average speed, however, if you may want, you can increase it. Exceptionally, for the third exercise try not to take your elbows far away from the head rather work only with the elbow joints.

Then, for the fourth exercise, you can do it on the improvised bench that consists of chairs or in other firm and comfortable surfaces such as a sofa, bed, etc. Then repeat the cycle for 3 to 4 times with 10 to 12 repetitions. Then if you get tired, rest for 2 to 3 minutes.

Next exercises are the leg raise lying on the floor, pulling up of knees to the breast sitting, pulling up of the separated knees to the breast while sitting, and bending from dumbbells in the parties.

Similarly to the last exercises we have mentioned before, the average speed must be observed and the cycle should be repeated 3 to 4 times and between each of the cycles, you may opt to rest for 2 to 3 minutes. In addition in the first, place your palms near the waist, straighten your legs but not completely. Secondly, just sit on the floor while extending your legs forward without any deviation from the floor and make sure your hands support on the back. Moreover, tightening of your knees close to your breast without keeping your foot far away from each other must also be done. For the third exercise, the previous position must be considered and done, then keep your knees tighten with your beast surface closely while keeping your feet together. Lastly or the fourth, the dumbbells in both hands are necessary to be bent evenly. Then repeat all those exercises with a number of cycles and repetitions. 10 (12), 10 (12), 10 (12) ,15 (on each party) respectively.

Back and bicep workout at home

For the back and biceps, you can do a draft of dumbbells in bending, the thirst of dumbbells for chin, costing bending and extension of hands with dumbbells, and hammer.

As you have already learned that 3 to 4 cycles with 2 to 3 minutes of breaks during intervals is our common pattern. Then the speed for these exercises will be changed or be variable from each other. Firstly, your back should be bent while pulling the dumbbells along the hips near the stomach from top to bottom, then straighten them. For the second, it is important for you to raise your elbows highly (it should be above the wrists) otherwise the exercise will be insignificant. For the third exercise, your elbows must place near your trunk while not taking them away. Lastly, for the fourth exercise, you will have to do the same initial position but with developed brushes.

Next is the varied hyperextension, boat, kitty, and flexion and extension of the back while standing on all fours.

As you can see, nothing has changed because of the speedy tempo of performance, the cycles, are all the same. Also, these exercises should not be interrupted too. You can do rest after an end of one cycle that consists of 4 exercises.

back and bicep workout at home

Furthermore, the first is lying on the stomach (hands above), raising the right hand and the left leg (straight lines). Similarly with the other hand and leg. The second is simultaneously raising two hands and both legs. For the third, doing or being on all fours to form a cave-shaped with the use of back while extending forward. The fourth is the method of bending to hang the head at the extension to lift.

Additional recommendations

Since you learned several techniques, I will just give some recommendations to follow. This will be applicable on only with these exercise but almost to all.

Before anything else, you should warm yourself up first. You can do it by just simple jump on the rope 5 to 7 minutes especially when you are in leg day training. Moreover, you can do other kinds of warm up methods or routine as long as you stretch and body. To avoid injuries and enable quick recovery of muscle tiredness.

Aside from warming up, if you think that you can do a more extensive load, you may do an advanced level of exercise by increasing the number of repetitions. Supplement those exercises by intensifying the weight of your dumbbells or doing it slowly for more burdening feelings.

All these programs that we have been discussed, can easily reduce your weigh. But if you ever wanting to take them with lighter dumbbells, you should at least speed up the tempo of every repetition and add some quantity (at least 20 to 25 times).

In my personal opinion, if you already began with the performance, you can change your diet as much as you want but make sure to have some professional prescriptions so that the results will be much significant.

I can say that with all of these principles, girls can do power training while they are in their houses.


You can notice that we’ve discussed variations and different techniques of performance of complex exercises at home. For some of you, girls, you may find it difficult because of their nature. But I say that you can learn it step-by-step until you get perfect.

By learning them, you can always improvise variation with these exercises. You can either make it less intense or more challenging by adding extra load or reducing. You can add some especially movements and techniques. With all of that, you should still have to consider your capability before proceeding so that you will avoid injuries and problems.

Lastly, I want you to know that you just don’t rely on reading but you can watch tutorial videos for you to be able to cope easily. It is worth noting that doctors and instructions are always out there if you have any special concerns. Perhaps they could really guide you and give some important advice.

So, my dear readers make sure to share this program with all of your friends on social networks. Do not forget to subscribe to our blogs. Leave us a comment if you ever have one and we will be glad to answer you. Until next time! Always be healthy and I hope you learned well.

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  1. Is there any specific weight of dumbbell for this? – There is no specific weight. You can just use your basic judgment and sense of feeling. But make use it is not too heavy for you.
  2. Can I do these exercises daily? – But make sure your body muscles aren’t exhausted and you have enough energy to go through. But I highly recommend doing them not daily so that your body won’t get forced especially if you are a beginner. It is to keep you away from injury.
  3. How to have visible cuts and ripped muscle with such exercises? – If you want to make your muscles rip, make sure to increase the number of your repetitions each cycle but with a lesser weight of the dumbbells.