How it is correct to begin way to weight loss
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How it is correct to begin way to weight loss?

Modern rates of development of society and constant employment at work lead to accumulation of excess weight and extremely painful affect the general state of health. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that are full of information about how to get rid of this burning problem with the help of acquiring some miracle cures or drugs without applying it. Do not trust such dubious proposals, but it is most expedient to turn to professionals and learn the advice of a nutritionist with what to start the correct weight loss.

Disposal of excess weight – everyday work on the verified plan, picked up only under you.

The first measures to correct the figure are the introduction of exercise (exercise) and proper nutrition. Moderate neglect of obesity, which does not require intervention from doctors, is easily shifted from a dead center by setting a balanced diet and selecting a set of exercises.


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Before the beginning of the described activities, it is necessary to clearly understand the principle by which the proposed technique is being constructed – with increasing physical exertion and decreasing the usual intake of carbohydrates and fats, the body starts to consume fat deposits.

Ideally – the organism has to get rid actively of fat, without removing water and without destroying muscular tissue. Otherwise at incorrectly picked up program, having lost weight, we will receive the flabby, drooped integuments and emergence of wrinkles in the beginning, and subsequently – we will contemplate return of “uninvited guests”, extra kilos.




How all the same it is right to start losing weight?

Detailed instructions:

  • 1. You should establish your “starting point”, soberly assessing all the shortcomings and presenting the alleged ways to deal with them.

For this purpose it is necessary to count index of mass of your body on simple formula: m/h2, where m – the gross weight of body in kilograms, and h – growth in meters. If the received value less than 15, then you have acute shortage of weight, from 15 to 20 – insignificant shortage of weight, from 20 to 25 – ideal indicators for weight, from 25 to 30 – small surplus of weight and from 30 and above – excess obesity.

Having established this indicator, we will photograph ourselves for control of the subsequent changes and we will report to close people about the made decision, having secured with their support. From skeptically adjusted acquaintances laughing at your problem and trying to dissuade you from performance of correction of figure in this period it is worth being fenced as much as possible.

  • 2. It is necessary to establish terms and estimated quantity of extra kilos of which we are going to get rid. You should not put before yourself impracticable terms, amusing yourself with illusions that in week are capable to get rid of 5-7 kg – it, first, is impossible, and secondly, will be considerable stress for your organism and will lead only to its drying.


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The nature of structure of our body is presented only by two states: construction and destruction, at the same time intermediate middle states does not exist as well as it is impossible to be “half the pregnant woman”. The optimum admissible number of disposal of fatty weight – 4-8 kg monthly.

  • 3. To record daily results, you need to create a notebook or notebook in which you should note the amount of food, water and a report with the indicators for physical exercise.
  • 4. It is important to count the number of calories during the day. With a specific weight of 70-75 kg and a goal to lose from 3 to 5 kg from the initial point of reference, the daily ration should be at the level of 1,300 to 1,400 kilocalories. If the values of your weight exceed the values of 80 kg, then the amount of calories consumed per day should be in the range from 1,500 to 1,700.

When calculating this important indicator, one should not overlook the individual characteristics of each person: gender, age, type of work activity.

In addition, it should be for yourself to clearly understand that the proposed optimal values, verified by dieticians, are strict guidelines in the program of correct weight loss. Divergences from these figures to a greater or lesser extent can have a painful effect on the general state of health, causing a decline in strength, headaches and lethargy.

  • 5. When starting to lose weight, it is important to ensure the presence in the diet of food containing protein. The necessary amount of protein, what kind of protein to use in the diet and other interesting moments you can find out on my blog.
  • 6. Another important component in losing weight is maintaining the water balance in the body. The optimum values of water consumed per day are calculated depending on the total body weight, at the rate of 30-35 ml per 1 kg.
  • 7. Correct Mode eating. When adjusting the weight, you should arrange meals every 3-4 hours in small doses of 300-350 grams. This optimal separation of food will relieve your stomach and ensure its effective work and the even distribution of all the received calories. In this regard, on the day a person should eat 5-6 times.


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  • 8. Physical activity. At this point, everyone individually decides for himself what exercises this will be: running, yoga, swimming, walking, Nordic walking, gymnastics, cycling. Depending on the type of work activity, age, evenly choose the optimal ones for yourself, but remember that for fat burning it is necessary to perform exercises for a duration of 20-25 minutes.


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In conclusion it would be desirable to note that, having attentively studied the offered instruction and councils of the nutritionist with what to begin the correct weight loss, it is important not to overload excessively when performing all actions the organism. Each point quite simple also does not demand preliminary preparation. Having begun to follow the correct lifestyle, in week results of your activity will become noticeable that will bring you the mass of positive emotions.
Protect the health! Bye bye.