Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum

Correct technology of performance of exercise vacuum

Hello, everyone! In this new article, we will be going to talk about a topic that sounds painful for some people over there. Probably, you might think of it as a health problem, right? But I can say that is not that a total problem. It’s just the presence of a big tummy. So it is naive to assume that this problem concerns only for heavy eaters. But it technically appears as bulging.

The existing belief that the sticking-out or slim stomach can only be attained by the means of core exercises. This idea is quite misleading because there is an exercise that could help you with such a problem and even more suitable for you even if you are at home. Maybe you will find this exercise as a perfect coping technique for such a problem. This exercise is called Vacuum. With all that, I am here for today’s blog to help you learn this exercise with various nuances when performing this exercise. So make sure to stay tuned with me!

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As already it has been told above, many people continue consider that it is possible to take away the appeared tummy by means of exercises for press muscles. This belief is quite misleading.

As I have been said, there are people out there that still continue to consider reducing and taking away their over appearing tummy by the means of various exercises particularly the ones that specialize in press. But I want you to know that this belief is not that way accurate, rather misleading.

Take note that it is necessary to consider that in the fats in our body is divided into two groups, the fatty tissues and the visceral fats that envelope our internal organs. Even in intensive exercises, it can be easy for anyone to show their muscles behind this layer of fats that lie on the stomach. However, it is optimal if you are in the gym but if you ever want to do a good exercise for this while at home perhaps the Vacuum is for you.

The content of the article:

The meaning of the exercise

This time, let us try to understand first the essence of this special exercise. Perhaps, this exercise involves the contracting of internal muscles of a stomach and not as much as the diaphragm. When doing this exercise, the muscles during internal press especially the cross and multi separate muscles should widely be involved.

In fact, the cross muscles of your stomach play an important role in the peculiar belt passing on the stomach from left to right. But, if a person is not that strong or isn’t well-trained, then there is a possibility of peculiar “dumping” of the stomach. That occurrence is definitely not aesthetically pleasing at all.

If you’re ever decided to do this exercise and want to do it repetitively, then you should consider gaining endurance and light strength as well. Although it is not that way too easy to build the targeted muscles, it is still important to apply some resistance training to your deeper internal muscles. Moreover, the highlight of this exercise is to promote an aesthetic appearance by engaging several muscle fibers selectively.


This exercise technology is intended to develop long-term belly endurance and aesthetic appearance at the same time but it is all dependent on the intensity you are exerting to. But, including this exercise in your daily routine regularly, you are entitled to expect after some time the following results:

  • You will experience full or partial disposal of the so-called effect of the “dropped-out stomach” due to improvement in the development of a cross belly muscles
  • Noticeable reduction of visceral grease layers behind the stomach
  • There will be an evident reduction of waist sizes for a short period
  • There will be a noticeable increase in thorax size
  • Reinforcement of cross belly muscles
  • Improvement of digestive processes 
  • Increase in indicators at test to Valsalva
  • Stabilization of spinal column

Moreover, it is worth noting that the mentioned potential results will not always be definite. Each of that might always be influenced by your current actual health status and training intensity. However, rest assured that all of that will be attained by anyone but just in different ways and timely manner.

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Recommendations for performance

In sports or exercises, there are always recommended principles and fundamental things to follow in order for us to be guided, and in accordance with the entire process of such. If you for yourself have decided to use this exercise, then it is worth adhering to the following several recommendations:

  1. During the initial stage, it is important to know the correct way of performing the exercise otherwise, your desired health outcomes could probably hard to reach.
  2. It is highly recommended to begin with only small breaths, nonetheless, as you go further you should able be to increase it gradually.
  3. You should alter your breathing patterns or breathing delay intervals. During the initial stage, you do 2-3 seconds delay then increase when you feel you are improved.
  4. I recommend you to do your first class or exercise at the front of a mirror so that you could watch yourself and see the entire performance – tracing of correctness will be possible.
  5. Do the exercise systematically to have significant results
  6. If the entire systematic process becomes unpleasant or having any feeling of sensational pain, then you deserve to take a pause

Technology of performance

At this time, there are numerous widespread ways of performing such exercise. But there are some differences that we can actually see in ways we do depend on the choice of position of the body. In our own choice, we should be guided that the positions we will be engaged with are most comfortable. In the following, some traditional position of the exercise is sorted.

Lying on a back:

Initially, for you to do this, you have to choose a plain surface you can lay down. Your legs should be placed on the width of your shoulder and your hands should be lowered along the body.

  1. You limit your lungs from normal breathing instead make a deep exhalation
  2. You tighten your stomach muscles
  3. Keep this situation as you preferred
  4. During the strain of stomach, do breathe a little amount of air
  5.  After all the previous steps and several cycles, you can now have a full relaxation


In this situation, your muscles that are responsible for the manipulation of the spine column should be posed equally. For such exercise, you must choose a firm and plain-surfaced chair so that your legs could be bent in knees at the angle of 90 degrees then your back should completely be straightened considering the impossibility to lean back on a chair.

On all fours

On all fours is a kind of exercise that concerns with the most difficult training that involves consideration with the gravity. So first, in the starting position, you should kneel and have your hands rested in the floor while your legs stance at the shoulder length. While in that position, make sure you are in equilibrium and firmly formed. Secondly is that you can begin the exercise by straightening your one arm towards the front, then your legs of the opposing side of the straightened arm should also be straightened by lifting it up from the floor. Then that would be one cycle. This cycle must go in alternating ways.

Then the optimum number of repetitions you can do can be 7 to 10 for one approach. Although your framework may seem rigidly unstable, you should have to be guided by your own perception. Furthermore, on the average exercise, it has to be taken for about 8-10 minutes. It is worth noting that you can work it out daily particularly twice a day (morning and evening) to attain necessary benefits.

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Looking at the simplicity of this exercise, you may not see some moments while doing this wherein you have to put extra attentions. What I am saying is, there are some contraindications that you should consider while doing this exercise. Things such as:

  1. Presence of inflammatory processes in a gastrointestinal tract
  2. Chronic diseases of the vegetovascular system
  3. Diseases of lungs
  4. Having infectious diseases in the active phase


This technology of performance may seem easy for some of you. Also, this exercise can be done in your house by just following the principles and fundamentals. However, there are still concrete shreds of evidence that this exercise might not always applicable to everyone because several conditions mention.

Nevertheless, if you will insist to further perform this kind of exercise for a long run, definitely there will be a significant health benefit you can obtain with particularly the strengthening of your core or belly (and other related muscles near it) as well as beautification in the physical appearance of your body.

I want to say that in this article, there is a wish to notice that the beautiful figure in many aspects depends on you. There is no special need to exhaust your training rather regularly to carry out the exercise for a beautiful waist

By the way, I want to say goodbye to all of you, dear readers. I hope that you learned well. Make sure to subscribe to our blogs so you will be posted on our updates then share it with your friends. And, if you have comments, please leave it down and we will be glad to answer you.

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  1. Besides the strengthening of your stomach, what other benefits I could gain from this? – Constant performance of this exercise will help you to stabilize your spine which will result to prevent or reduce the lower back pain.
  2. With the technology mentioned above, what should I do to quickly reduce my bellies? – While doing this exercise, you may want to take some food or drinks that are rich in L-carnitine to experience a rapid reduction of the tummy.
  3. How can I avoid hurting of back when doing Vacuum exercise? – Basically, it is varying depending on the course of exercise you are planning to do but you have to observe standing upright with your chest or laying down your body on a flat surface