How correctly to accept tribulus a maximum and what effect to wait
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How correctly to accept tribulus a maximum and what effect to wait?

Well, many know that using sports nutrition can achieve great results in bodybuilding, with the help of steroids – even greater although there are many negative moments, but are there any additives that will not harm health, but will be similar in effect to the same steroids? The answer is! Hello everyone, friends. Today I will tell you about this supplement, namely Tribulus Maximus Extra. How to take – will also be in my article, so read to the end.


tribulus maximus extra


As I said, there are several ways to achieve your goals in a short time – sports nutrition, steroids (for example, Ecdysterone asteroid) and natural remedies. Have you ever heard such an expression “Sway to the Nuttyk”? This slang expression of athletes means that the guy does not use anabolic steroids, and “uses” only natural supplements.

Tribulus from BioTech (Biotec) is a grass extract called tribulus terrestris, which, due to its properties, affects the increased production of growth hormone – testosterone. Not directly, of course, but it does. How exactly I will try to tell you now.




How does the testosterone level increase Tribulus terrestris

The additive itself is compressed capsules of specially treated grass. Roughly speaking, they took the grass, withdrew all the necessary stuff from it and the resulting mixture was compressed into tablets. Nothing superfluous, no chemistry. That is why tribulus is a natural product.

The process of increasing the content of growth hormone in the blood occurs as follows: trace elements contained in this herb directly affect the activity of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which increase the synthesis of lutein hype. He, in turn, leads to an increase in the synthesis of the male hormone – testosterone. Here such a chain is obtained. For what you need testosterone itself, I think you can guess, but I’ll repeat it.


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A growth hormone

It is for the specific production of the male hormone in the body that you can judge the ability of an athlete to gain weight quickly or slowly. And it’s about the muscles right now. Thanks to synthetic hormones or steroids, guys can quickly find the body of dreams and increase the performance of their physical qualities. But there is a huge risk of side effects. It’s worth it? Therefore, I personally advise you to “arm” with natural products, similar in effect to anabolic, but not having such bright negative sides.


tribulus terrestris


The production of the hormone directly affects the increase in muscle mass. As you have already understood, the tribulus level of this hormone in the blood increases, which affects the rate of muscle growth. At the same time, there are no side effects: the product is natural, the hormone increases smoothly, without stress for the organism, it does not “clog up” the production of its own hormone synthetically, but affects the production sites, causing them to produce more.

The only drawback of the drug may be the addiction of the body to the supplement itself, which as a result will affect its effectiveness. Therefore, it is worth keeping to the recommendations.

By the way, tribulus is not the only natural product that influences the synthesis of male hubbub – there are others.

Additional properties of the additive

In addition to the fact that tribulus terestress is used by athletes for weight gain (mainly), it can also be used by an ordinary person who has a lower level of the male’s main hormone. I will not list the shortcomings of low levels of the hormone, I will only say that the drug increases sexual desire, sperm production, excitability and other related issues.

Therefore, it can be used by all those who, in their opinion, have problems with sexual health. Although Tribulus can not be considered a medicine, it can not be also referred to sports nutrition. Rather, it falls into the category of sports supplements or testosterone boosters.


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How to take an additive

The instruction says that for successful mass recruitment you will need 3-4 capsule of Tribulus each day. It is best to do this immediately after a meal or during.

But, as always, athletes are not accustomed to listen to the producers of the product and increased the dose to 6 tablets a day, and all of them are taken in different ways. Someone takes 2 on the morning, at lunch and at night. Someone at once consumes all six. But one thing remains unchanged – the result. In both cases, on the fifth day of admission, the level of growth hormone increases in most athletes by 30% or so.

Personally, I would not advise you to take more than one can of this supplement for one course. That is, take breaks between the methods of this drug: drank one jar, stop, let the body come back to normal (weeks 3-4), then you can take it again. Such actions will not cause addiction to the remedy, and because of the prolonged growth of the hormone, there will be no aggressiveness and excessive irritability, as is the case with athletes sitting on steroids.

Tribulus Maximus is a wonderful remedy for a proven manufacturer for additional stimulation of your body. If you have any questions – feel free to ask them in the comments. And do not forget to subscribe to the blog updates, if not already subscribed, and do not forget to share this material with your friends via social networks. Good luck to all.