How correctly to jump over a skipping rope

How correctly to jump over a skipping rope?

Hello, readers! Surely you know that jumping rope is very useful for health. If you doubt it, then be sure to read this article, and there will be no doubt. From it you will learn about the types of jumps, as well as the technique of how to jump on a rope with a cross.

In fact, the rope is one of the most effective simulators. Maybe someone does not believe this, but it really is. It’s hard to imagine that a projectile, which in childhood used everything as entertainment, can really help every person. It is simply necessary for those who dream of throwing off extra pounds. If you belong to such people, you need to read this article.


jumping rope


All are well aware that the right load makes it possible to make the body beautiful and fit. This is true, and many people who hear this thesis immediately go to the gym. In fact, it is not necessary to do this, because you can always jump on the rope.

Such physical activity will help get rid of annoying fat, and will also allow you to always be in a good mood. All you need is ten, fifteen minutes a day, fresh air, and the rope itself. If you add to this the right diet and mass desire, then definitely everything will work out as well as possible.




Variants of training

In fact, there are a lot of options, how to make a workout, if there is a skipping rope. There are different options for jumping, which equally well affect the body. Next, each species, and its features, will be highlighted.

  • The first type of jumping is classical. So, everyone jumped in their childhood and jumped now. The skipping rope rotates, and a person should simply jump over it at the moment when it is under his feet.
  • The second type is jumping with crosses. This option is considered the most lightweight, because it does not require special efforts. As a rule, jumps with crossings are performed at an average pace, and are designed for warm-up.
  • The third type is reverse. Performed exactly as classic, but the rope rotates back, not forward. Use those who have the necessary experience in classical jumps.
  • The fourth view is with double scrolling. This variant of jumps is considered one of the most difficult. Use it, as a rule, professional athletes, or those who have a good sporting form. A beginner is not recommended, as there is a risk of injury.

The fifth view is cross-shaped jumps. Such jumps are considered one of the most difficult, along with double scrolling. They should be focused on, because they should not be performed without special training.



Cross-shaped jumps – machinery

In fact, you can see how many children jump this way. They get it mainly because they are small and insanely active. Adult people who want to learn how to jump like this often face serious difficulties. The fact is that there is a whole algorithm of actions that will help prepare the body for such jumps.

So, if you want to learn how to jump on a rope with a cross, you should read carefully. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative warm-up, so as not to get an annoying trauma. Warm up a few minutes, and it’s best to spend these minutes on jumping back and forth, and left – right.

After the warm-up, you can start the exercise.

  1. It is necessary to accept the starting position, as before the usual jumps.
  2. You need to start with the usual jumps.
  3. At the moment when a person realizes that he is ready, he crosses his left hand with his right, and lets the rope over him.
  4. At the time when the hands will go to cross, the brush should be wrapped inside.
  5. Legs need to be bent slightly stronger.
  6. Everything repeats in a circle.

At first glance, it may seem difficult, but after a few training sessions everything will turn out to be easy.

If a person does not have any experience in jumping rope, then he should take his time and jump in the classical version. After that it will turn out without problems, it is possible to pass to cross jumps.


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A bit about the length of the rope

The length should be matched exactly according to your height, if you certainly do not want to get injured.

To determine the desired length, you need to fold the shell in half. The length should be slightly higher than you.
If the rope is too long, then the person will constantly get confused and get lost. As a result, there will be no result from such training. If too short, then nothing but discomfort you will not feel.


benefits of jumping rope



Regularly jump on the rope with a cross, and you can always be in good shape. In a few weeks after the beginning of the class, you will see how your body has changed. The main thing is to follow the technique, and do not be afraid to admit to yourself that you have not yet learned how to jump.

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