How correctly to restore melanin folk remedies and tablets

How correctly to restore melanin folk remedies and tablets

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I would like to tell you about such a substance as melanin. It is widely known that it determines what color your eyes and hair will be, and also it participates in the metabolism process when we are sunbathing. The substance is also a kind of protection for our body from external influences. In this article I will tell you about what melanin is and how to restore it.






What is melanin?

This pigment, which is contained in hair, epidermis and retina in vertebrate organisms. This is the most important element of the human body, which protects it from the effects of various external factors. The importance of this substance has been repeatedly proved by specialists from all over the world.

There are three types of pigment: eumelanins, pheomelanins, neuromelanins, which differ from each other in shades.

In the skin of the representatives of the Caucasoid race, this substance is represented in very small sizes, and in the native Africans they are filled with the entire epidermis. The pigments that are responsible for the hue of the hair are in the cortex, and the determining colors of the eyes can be located either in the frontal layers of the eyes, or in the 4th and 5th layer.

In the first case, the eyes will be blue, and in the second – brown. And in the case of unequal division of matter, the eyes will be gray or green.

Albinism is a phenomenon when a person has congenital problems with the production of melanin. Albinos are easy to recognize by the absence of pigmentation on the body, they also suffer from undeveloped immunity and other health problems.


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The surplus level of this substance is also fraught with serious health consequences, because when a person starts to develop melanosis, which can be congenital or acquired.


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What effect does melanin have on the human body?

It greatly alleviates the symptoms of stomach ulcers, greatly strengthens human immunity, prevents the growth of cancer cells and prevents metastases from spreading.

It has a positive effect on the health of patients in the treatment of stroke.

The substance helps restore the balance of sugar in the blood, promotes the normal work of the digestive system, and also greatly helps to rejuvenate the body and ensures good health and mood of a person.

What are the causes and signs of a lack of melanin in the body?

The reasons for the lack of pigment are:

  • Lack of vitamins B, A, C, E and D;
  • Improper functioning of the metabolism in the body;
  • Misuse of hormones;
  • A large number of stressful situations;
  • Malnutrition, lack of magnesium;
  • A sedentary lifestyle, too rare outcrops in the sun;
  • Bad genes.

Symptoms by which it is possible to identify a deficiency in the body of melanin:

  • Excessive exposure to sunburn;
  • Uneven sunburn;
  • Too light skin tone and spots on it;
  • Wrinkles and gray hair at a young age;
  • Dim iris color.

How can I return the melanin level to its previous level?

There are many ways to restore the melanin balance in the body:

  • You can start eating foods that promote the synthesis of matter;
  • You can begin to lead a more lively lifestyle and abandon bad habits;
  • There is an opportunity to use medicines or additives that promote the reproduction of melanin in the body.

But do not make decisions about using drugs without consulting a specialist, otherwise you risk seriously ruining your health.


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Proper nutrition

In order for this pigment to resume its synthesis in normal amounts, it is necessary to start eating foods that contain substances such as tyrosine and tryptophan. Among such products:

  • meat;
  • seafood;
  • almond;
  • avocado;
  • beans;
  • peanuts and others.

To restore the level of melanin in the body, it is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with a high content of vitamins A, C and E. Melamine is also boosted by vitamin B10, which is contained in the epidermis and is activated by sunlight.

The substance is in the following products:

  • Rye bread;
  • Eggs;
  • Spinach;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Liver;
  • Products in which there is copper (seafood, beverages from cocoa beans, nuts and others).

Restoring the synthesis of melanin by introducing certain foods into the diet is the most gentle way to achieve the goal. However, the method is not suitable for people who suffer from allergies. It is necessary to avoid foods that interfere with the production of melanin (highly salty foods, confectionery and alcoholic beverages).

Healthy lifestyle

Restoring the melanin balance is promoted by frequent walks under the sun, a mobile way of life and rejection of bad habits, since a healthy lifestyle normalizes the course of all processes in the body.

Medicines and biological additives

To restore the amount of melanin in the body, you can use a variety of medications. They contain substances that help replenish the missing stocks of vitamins and minerals. Before you start taking any medications, you need to go to an appointment with a specialist to rule out the possibility of an incorrect reaction of the body to treatment.

Instead of concluding

After reading this article, you learned what melanin is and how to restore it. Now we know how important this substance is to our body, which are the causes and signs of its lack.

Do not forget that the state of health is in your hands. Lead the right way of life, eat right, do not hesitate to contact the doctors if you have any problems, and you will feel how easy and pleasant it is to live.

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