What is a danabol
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What is a danabol? And why is it taken by bodybuilders

Ever faced steroids? Well, at least hear about them? One of them will be discussed today. Hello, friends. The theme of this article is: “What is a danabol”. You will find out what this preparation is, how to apply it correctly, and also about something else that concerns this topic.




I will not surprise anyone if I say that modern bodybuilding (and any other sport, with the possible exception of chess) is impossible without the use of special drugs that significantly increase the results. No, of course, it is possible to study bodybuilding with a natural (without the use of steroid drugs and even some sports nutrition), the only question is whether you can achieve at least some decent results by doing “in-kind”.




Danabol and “places of his dwelling”

This drug refers to steroid anabolic or anabolic steroids, call it whatever you want.

The essence of his work lies in a significant jump up the indicators of strength and increase in muscle mass. If we consider under the microscope the effect of this steroid drug, it can be seen that the muscle cells have a larger size, and, hence, the muscle strengths become larger.

For today, there is little where you can find this drug. The most popular places of purchase are the Internet, through acquaintances, or an independent purchase abroad (on a free sale in Moldova, for example). Are you not going to Moldova accidentally?

But despite the fact that danabol is supposedly difficult to obtain, it is very popular among experienced and professional athletes, as well as among beginners.

How to use Danabol

First, I will tell you about the positive and negative consequences of using this steroid, and at the end of the section I will give a detailed description of how to apply it.

Danabol has two forms of release – tableted and injectable (injections). I do not know why, but the Internet is widely believed that the pill is more effective and preferable to injections. But this statement is far from the truth, because injections, as the practice of my friends, actively using danabol and other means, have much more effects.

No not like this. Injections have less negative effects on the body than tablets.

Judge for yourself. Oral intake of danabol is a direct negative effect on the kidneys. Believe me. And injections – no. There are many more of the same examples. If interested, ask experienced athletes, which is less dangerous.

In addition, the solo application of this tool is a direct way to disappointment. You take only one danabol, everything seems to be cool: the mass grows, the force increases. But you should stop taking the medication, as from 6, for example, you gain 5 pounds, and the strength is good, if it does not fall below + 10% of the original figure.

Simply put, danabol, or rather, its use without other anabolic agents, simply floods your muscles with water, due to which the mass increases. It seems like not fat, but not pure “dry”. Throw, and the body excessively retained water simply displays as useless.

Therefore, the action of danabol must be supported by other steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Stanozolol Plow, Boldenone or Growth Hormone. Do you know that meldonia is also considered doping?


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danabol effects


As for the very intake of this anabolic drug (tablets or injections – it does not matter), then everything here is as follows: you need to start with a minimum dosage, gradually raise it to a certain level, keep the dosage, and at the end smoothly without any sudden changes to a minimum.

The minimum you will need to take is 20 mg (see the package, how many milligrams are contained in one pill or ampoule). The level of dosing gradually increase to 40 – 50 mg, holding it for two weeks, after which, again, smoothly reduce the concentration of the drug in the body to 20 mg.

The phases of raising and lowering are usually called “loading” and “unloading”. For each phase is given about a week. In total, the course of taking danabol is a month, if this is your first time. Naturally, with subsequent use, the rate should gradually increase.

Do not “rip off the bat” – do not start taking full-time doses: the drug has its side effects (“pobochki”) in the form of increased blood pressure, rash on the face. Also, do not abruptly throw up the reception of this steroid – rollback, that is, the discharge of mass and force, will be even greater than with a smooth lowering.

In short, the general picture of the application of danabol looks like a pyramid. Stick to it. Since the peak of the action of the drug is 4-6 hours after administration, it would be advisable to apply it for several (up to three) hours before the training.

If it is a tablet form of the drug, the tablets can be taken after a meal or dissolve, putting it under the tongue (there are vessels, the active micro-matter directly enters the circulatory system and spreads throughout the body, or rather, the muscles).

If it is a question of injections, then it does not matter after which you will also put – the main thing is to calculate the correct time before training.



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