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If you drink a lot of water every day, will you lose weight?

Good day, dear reader. Theme of the day – can I lose weight if I drink a lot of water? Most often the question of excess weight excites the beautiful sex, so I hasten to please the dear ladies with a positive response. Dietitians tirelessly reiterate the benefits of oxen to the body, it is an indispensable component of any diet. Let’s look at the miraculous properties of water, its influence on losing weight and proper application.


water for weight loss




Effects on the body and excess weight

The human body is about 80% water, whose reserves we have to replenish daily. It is important quality and quantity of consumed liquid, because it affects many processes in the body, namely:

  • Removes toxins, slags, preservatives, deposits;
  • Takes an active part in the chemical processes associated with digestion;
  • Removes harmful substances formed during the digestion of food;
  • Thanks to it, carbohydrates and proteins that come with food enter the circulatory system;
  • Water burns fats, helps the formation of new muscle tissue;
  • Restores the energy balance of the body, ensures good health;
  • At the cellular level, the body carries oxygen, necessary for burning fats;
  • Helps to maintain the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin.

Lack of fluid leads to constipation, which in no way helps to lose weight. The amount of fluid consumed depends on the energy of the person needed to process calories and restore strength during exercise.

Daily rate

Many have heard that the daily rate of drinking clean, still water is 1.5-2 liters. But, very few people are aware that this concept is relative, because the necessary amount of water is calculated by weight.

The calculation formula is simple – you should multiply 0,03 by weight, you get the required amount in liters. For example, the weight of a girl is 65 kilos, multiplied by 0.03, we get 1.95. During the day she should drink 1 liter and 950 ml of water.

Strongly exceed the individual rate is undesirable, otherwise water will wash not only fats and harmful substances, but also useful minerals. Quickly you will not lose weight, but the liver is loaded mercilessly.

A large amount of fluid can cause many diseases.

Council on the topic. If earlier you did not adhere to the simple rule of daily consumption of liquids, drank, feeling extremely thirsty, do not drank a few liters drastically. Start with a liter a day, accustom yourself to this rate, then increase it to 1.5 liters in a week, repeat the increase in 7 days.

Rules of “water” weight loss

We figured out the question whether you can lose weight if you drink a lot of water, but there is another interesting point – how right? Today there is the concept of “Water diet”, the rules of which are available, simple, simple in execution. Weight loss with the help of water does not apply to hard diets, it does not require significant limitations of the usual diet.


how does water help with weight loss


To get a benefit from the liquid, you need mineral, filtered or melt water.

Dirty water from water pipes is not suitable for copious reception. Melting water can be obtained at home by freezing it in the freezer, before taking it unfrozen. It’s not about tea, compotes, juices or coffee, which dehydrates the body.

Get rid of excess weight, will help a number of rules that should be made your habit.

Description of the principles and rules of weight loss with water:

  1. Start every morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach. It is allowed to add 1 teaspoon of honey or lemon juice. This simple action improves the activity of the digestive system and metabolism.
  2. Drink 250 ml of water 20-30 minutes before meals, this will reduce appetite. Categorically, you can not drink water right before meals, during meals or immediately after meals. This violates the concentration of gastric juice, negatively affects the digestion process. After eating, drink no earlier than 40-60 minutes.
  3. Calculate the individual liquid norm according to the formula described in the previous part of the article.
  4. Drink slowly, making small sips.
  5. To make it easier for you to monitor the amount of water you drink, pour the necessary dose into the bottle that you carry with you.
  6. Do not drink a lot of water at a time, just take a couple of sips every 15-25 minutes. Thanks to this scheme, you do not confuse the feeling of hunger with thirst.
  7. The temperature of the water should be room, and preferably warm, to quickly remove harmful substances. Cold liquid contributes to the appearance of hunger, is not absorbed into the stomach, leaving useful properties to itself.
  8. Feeling premature hunger, slowly drink a glass of water. Sometimes the brain makes a mistake, confusing hunger and thirst.

Such a diet will help to lose 2-5 kg in the first month. You will get rid of a constant feeling of hunger, reduce the volume of the stomach, the amount of food consumed. True, you should limit the amount of salt, it prevents the removal of fluid, contributes to the appearance of swelling.

Excess weight will go away faster, if the above rules add a rejection of floury, fatty, sharp, fried foods. If you do not have enough willpower to abandon your favorite dishes, try to limit the frequency of their consumption.


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Limitations and contraindications to weight loss on water

There are cases when a large volume of fluid is contraindicated. A doctor’s consultation is mandatory if:

  • You suffer from kidney disease;
  • There are problems with the gallbladder;
  • There are failures in the cardiovascular system.

To everyone else, a diet based on water principles does not pose a health hazard. The main thing is not to forget the prohibitions on drinking before going to bed, during meals, before or after eating. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to malfunction in the digestive work.


does water help with weight loss


I would like to hope that you have received maximally detailed answers about losing weight with the help of water. The described diet gives positive results with long-term effect, most importantly, parallel moderation in food.

Adhering to the advice on the use of liquid, you can not only get rid of excess weight, but also improve your health, appearance, replenish your own energy and mood.

On this, allow me to say goodbye to you, dear readers, to wish success in the field of weight loss. Leave your comments, share articles with friends on social networks, let others also know that the fight against excess weight is not difficult.