How to eat right and start losing weight
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How to eat right and start losing weight?

I think you will agree with me that proper nutrition is the basis of your health. Hello, dear readers and subscribers. Today we will talk with you about where to start the right. I will describe some provisions that will help you gradually, without unnecessary shocks, to restructure your health, which will entail many positive moments.


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Food belongs to the base of the Maslow pyramid. When we are hungry, we can not think of anything other than food. If we want something as well as food (play video games, sleep, take a walk, have sex, after all), then we can give it up. From food – hardly – well, or not for long. Sooner or later, hunger will take its toll.

On nutrition is built a lot of things: a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful body or figure, training programs for many sports. This list can be continued indefinitely, of course, but for a long time.

Therefore if you want to reach something, then begin with yourself, to be exact with the appearance and, as a result, with food. But with what to begin healthy nutrition?




Do not go to extremes

Usually how does it work? People who have decided to radically change, start to starve sharply, limit themselves to taking their usual food, switch to unnatural foods for them, significantly cut down the volume of portions of food, well, you understand what I mean. So, start with the fact that this does not need to be done. Learn from the mistakes of others that I just described, and do not repeat them.

Your task now is not to pursue rapid results. There is nothing quickly and at the same time qualitatively. You either at best will not get anything, or you’ll earn yourself some kind of “sore”.

Therefore, in order to avoid the enormous stress for the whole organism (namely, as it perceives sudden changes), just do everything gradually: reduce the volume of food, change slightly the quality and nature of the products, and even less do not starve – this is to no good will not. I hope you understand what I’m leading to?

Divide the diet

How do we all get used to eating? Three times a day, so much so that to “nail” to the point of denial that the blood is cast from the brain to the stomach, because of what, usually, I want to sleep. I’m right, right? Well, personally I have it. It was, really. Not anymore.

So. Divide your diet into more meals. Yes, you will eat more often, but in smaller portions, which will gradually accustom your body to not store subcutaneous fat.

It works approximately so: You eat often, the organism has enough food, so why to it then there to stock up with something? Make a start from it at the beginning, and then you will notice, what is so much better. It something like “crude” form of separate food.


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Similar separate food is effective also what allows to divide not combined or badly combined products. For example, rich with fats and bystry carbohydrates – faithful companions of set of excess weight.


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Diversify the food

I will not now talk about the percentage of organic compounds in food, the total number of calories – this is all necessary for athletes, and for ordinary people, loaded with work and chores around the house, this is somewhat problematic. So I’ll say simply: eat every day something that will not be like the previous two days. What I mean?

Well, if you ate yesterday, for example, mashed potatoes with boiled chicken, then today and tomorrow this should not be in the diet at all. Replace these dishes with porridge, fish, eggs, other seafood, pasta – anything.

That’s when the body starts to receive all the nutrients it needs from different sources, then you really will feel better in terms of health, and the correction of the figure will occur naturally: the body itself will start burning unnecessary, correcting the deficiencies in the form of fat deposits.

Watch out for fruits and vegetables

Despite the fact that I said that the food should be varied, vegetables and fruits should be present on your table every day. From them, you definitely will not get better, and your body will say thank you to you if you learn to speak. Again, you can do it smartly, and eat different vegetables and fruits every day. But, even if the same people go to the food, it’s not scary.

Are you too lazy to go shopping all the time in search of something new from vegetables? Then just crumble the tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage, perhaps lettuce leaves and greens yet, into an ordinary rural salad, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil and salt. You can add grated cheese. These products are always on the shelves of supermarkets, and their preparation does not take much time. In extreme cases, eat raw.

As for fruits, in the first place you should have bananas (they are high in calories, nutritious, but do not lead to an increase in excess weight), citrus fruits and apples. All the rest is optional.

Breakfast, lunch and …

… dinner. Have surely breakfast. It is dinner you can pass or make absolutely insignificant, and here the breakfast has to be basis only. In the morning you can eat large amount of carbohydrates (considerable stock of energy per day), without being afraid that their surplus will turn into subcutaneous fat. No. The organism almost entirely uses the resources received in the morning on providing itself with energy and normal functioning of all systems.

Lunch should be ordinary with the expectation that soon there will be another intermediate meal of food. In short, you do not have to starve, so you do not need to eat up for lunch. This will prevent drowsiness during the day and help you stay “cheerful”.


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A couple of tricks from me

  1. A couple of my friends “Fitness lady” actively uses this method: they eat half of the portion, wait for 20-30 minutes. If the feeling of hunger is left, eat a little more. If not, they do not eat anymore. I’ll explain now.
    The fact is that the body needs time for absorption. Wait this time, and the need to “overeat” will disappear by itself. This is also economical. Eat as much as you need, and not as much as you have poured yourself.
  2. Eat at the same time. The organism is a computer. If you set it up for the same meal time, it will be more economical and more expedient to spend resources in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals.


I hope you took yourself something, or maybe everything, to the note from the article “How to eat right and start losing weight?” If so, describe in the comments what you liked or not. But also do not forget to subscribe to my blog, and also share this material with your friends on Social networks. All good digestion.