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Effective exercises for men with a breast escapander

Greetings in my blog! Today I want to suggest some tips how to pump up muscles, having at hand only a chest expander. Exercises for men have their own specifics, so I want to dwell on them.

Many representatives of the strong half want to have a beautiful pumped up body that attracts the gaze of women. This is especially true in the spring, when the hot season is at hand. Or there is a desire to exercise, but there is no time or opportunity for attending a professional gym.


chest expander


In this case, you can buy an ordinary chest expander, which is a rubber tourniquet, limited by two handles, and perform relatively light exercises at home. These expenses can not be hit by a pocket, and the result will not be worse than from training on simulators.





First you need to decide which muscles you want to put in order. This will determine the direction of the exercises.


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Muscles of arms and shoulder girdle

  1. Stand straight, legs a little dilute. Taking a shell for both handles, stretch your arms forward and spread them to the sides, at the same time exposing one leg in front of you and squatting on it. Another leg and both arms are not desirable to bend. Do 10 repetitions and change your leg.
  2. Stand on the handle and pull by the hand behind the other end of the projectile, with the arm bent at the elbow. After 10 times change your hand. Keep in mind that only the muscles of the forearm work, the back and legs should not move. Only in this way it is possible to pump up the biceps qualitatively.
  3. While holding the expander for both handles, straighten one arm to the side parallel to the floor, while the other, bending, press against your chest area. Without changing the starting position of the straight arm, bend straight until it stops and bend again. After 10 repetitions, change your arm. With this exercise, triceps are perfectly trained.

Muscles of the press

The chest expander can help during the exercises on swinging the press. Using it, you increase the load on the muscles, which leads to a better result.

  1. First of all, attach the expander to one handle on the wall opposite the one where you will be engaged. Then you need to lie on the floor, fixing your feet under some kind of stop, and lift the trunk to your knees. In this case, the hands, put behind the head, keep the projectile for the other handle.
  2. In this exercise, the expander is still fixed on the wall, and the other end is on your feet. It is necessary to slowly bend your legs from the prone position in your knees, pulling them to your chest. In this case, the tourniquet is stretched, increasing the load on the muscles. Then the legs slowly straighten, taking the original position, but do not forget that you do not need to relax the muscles until you do 10 repetitions.
  3. This exercise is aimed at training the lateral muscles. Stand, legs spread apart shoulder width. Taking an expander for one handle by hand (it should be lowered along the body), the second side of it fasten under the corresponding foot. Then you make the slopes to the side opposite the one where the projectile is located. After 10 approaches, change sides.


chest expander exercises


Muscles of the legs

  1. Exercise is performed sitting not in the chair. The expander is fastened at one end on the opposite wall or under some kind of interior object. In the second ring-handle thrust his foot. At the expense of “fold” the leg is raised parallel to the floor, while the thigh from the chair does not tear off. After 10 repetitions, change your leg.
  2. The expander is also fixed with one end on the wall. Stand on one foot, holding your hand to the other end of the projectile, and slowly squat (the second leg is bent at this time). Then, too, slowly climb up to the stop on the toe. In order to maintain balance, you can use your free hand to lean on a chair or other support.

Features of exercises

During classes with the chest expander, you need to remember some features that will help make the exercises more effective, without causing harm to the body.

  • Like any other sport activity, exercises with an expander should start with a little warm-up. This is a prerequisite for warming up the muscles before more serious activities.
  • Any such exercises are designed to perform at a leisurely pace, so the chest expander is arranged. Exercises for men are no exception. Reduce muscles need to smoothly, slowly overcoming the resistance of elastic rubber, and then also gradually take the starting position. Gusty movements, especially for an untrained body, can lead to a deplorable state.
  • Between several approaches, you need to take small breaks to relax the muscles.
  • If you have just started to deal with an expander, then just do exercises for 10 repetitions do not. Start with fewer, gradually increasing repetitions. Listen, first of all, to yourself.

If you perform exercises with the chest espander neatly and according to the rules, you can achieve excellent results even at home. I hope, my advice will help you always stay in shape. Subscribe to blog updates and advise it to your friends. Until next time!