The effective program of trainings on push-ups in house conditions

The effective program of trainings on push-ups in house conditions

I welcome all subscribers, readers and just casual guests on the blog. Today’s subject are push-ups from floor. The program of trainings is attached. Also I will tell how to pump over the torso only about the help of one push-ups.




In the world of sport there is set of different exercises: basic, isolating and special. And each of these types differently influences development of muscles or physical qualities. But I can call to you several exercises which allow to become stronger, massivny (weight gain) and over time – relyefny. One of such exercises – push-ups from floor.




What can be reached by means of push-ups

Bendings and extensions of hands involve set of muscles in lying support (those push-ups) both directly involved in work, and the muscles stabilizers which are responsible for balance and correct position of body. For example, press muscles – dynamically do not work, but strain at deduction of the equal case.

As I have already told, thanking below the described program it is possible not only to increase force or endurance, but also to reach the impressive sizes or improbable specification of muscles.

Among the working muscles during push-ups from floor it is possible to note:

  1. pectoral muscles (different departments at different statement of palms);
    tricepses or three-headed muscles of hands (also different departments,
  2. depending on width and the direction of palms);
  3. forward and average departments of deltoid muscles;
  4. the broadest muscles of back;
  5. trapezoid muscles;
  6. small muscles of back like big round, diamond-shaped and other muscles.

It I do not take those which strain during the work too in attention. These are press muscles (straight line and external slanting) of waist, gear muscles, bicepses of hands and muscle of forearms.
Well, you see, the range involved in muscle work is how wide.


push-ups from floor


Description of the program of trainings

The set of exercises given below allows at the same time, for example, force and weight, relief and endurance, to achieve goals, or to pump over skills serially – at first the weight, then relief. Difference only in route of administration of exercises: the number of approaches, intensity and the number of repetitions changes. Exercises can be not changed throughout the 3rd – 4 months, being engaged according to the same scheme.

It should be noted that the complex is suitable both for gym, and for application at home. Universal and trouble-free as all known Kalashnikov. The main thing to learn “to shoot”, that is equipment.

Work on force and weight

In each exercise it is necessary to do 3–5 approaches, in each of which till 6-12 repetitions. Rest between sets and exercises 1,5 and 2,5 minutes respectively. Obligatory application after each exercise of one or two drop sets. What is it – your “house” task. Tempo of execution – below average.

Work on endurance and relief

It is necessary to repeat each exercise from 15 to 25 times in one approach. The number of approaches can vary from 6 to 8. Rest between sets only 1 minute, and between exercises – 1,5. Tempo of execution – high. Pay attention to breath: by effort has exhaled, on relaxation – breath. It will help to adapt to complex quicker.

Set of exercises

It is calculated on 3 training days, between everyone there have to be days of rest, the same muscles in most cases work. Our task to develop them, but not to tire out. I want to pay your attention to importance of warm-up – exercises can be heavy that will lead to receiving possible injuries and stretchings.

First training

Push-ups from floor from height (whetstones, step platform, weights and other) with broad statement of hands.

  1. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands (when palms are slightly wider than shoulders).
  2. Push-ups from floor with the broadest statement of palms (the range of movement will be short, but exercise is directed to extension of pectoral muscles).
  3. Serial push-ups on each of hands (emphasis on two hands, but when performing you have to be displaced at first more on the right hand, having forced it to be reduced more, then on left, and so in turn).
  4. Push-ups from floor with incomplete arm stretching (unbend hands not up to the end).

Second training

  1. Push-ups from floor on fists with narrow statement of hands (palm at the level of shoulders).
  2. Push-ups from floor with the narrowest statement of hands (palms and thumbs of hands form triangle).
  3. Push-ups with the palms displaced up (the same triangle, as in the previous exercise, but hands are not at the level of breast, and at the level of face or forehead).
  4. Push-ups from floor with narrow statement of hands (it is possible on fists), but small rolling forward back (that is you at arm stretching are rolled slightly forward, caving in in back, when bending – back, straightening back or bending it a little).
  5. Static push-ups with narrow statement of hands (hands narrowly, shoulders are parallel to floor). You will have to be in motionless state certain amount of time. For example, 4 for 10–15 seconds.


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Third training

  1. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands.
  2. Push-ups from the floor with an average setting of hands, but with a slight jumping (when straightening the hands, push the palms away from the floor, bouncing all over the body for 5 – 7 cm). Socks should always stand on the floor.
  3. Push-ups from floor with serial emphasis of one hand on height (whetstone or step platform). Your task at each push-up to change arm position, putting one, another on platform, allowing necessary to strain below more.
  4. Push-ups from floor with the developed palms in the parties (palms at the level of shoulders, fingers look in the parties, hands are bent in the direction of palms).
  5. Push-ups from floor with average statement of hands and full rolling on elbows (when bending hands you put elbow joints on floor, at extension – you tear off from floor before full arm stretching).


push ups


Additional exercises

Further when finding some force or endurance, you can try more difficult, but more effective exercises like “push-up on one hand” where you most widely place legs for acquisition of triangular shape of support: two legs, one hand.

Or “push-ups from floor standing on hands”. In this exercise can lean legs against wall or ask about the help of the companion who will hold to you legs. This exercise remarkably pumps over deltoid muscles and upper part of pectoral muscles.

“Push-ups from floor on fingers” — remarkable way of strengthening not only muscles, but also joints of brushes and fingers that considerably will increase strength of grip.

Push-ups from floor, the program of trainings – all this was the main subject of today’s material. I hope, I could help you with the matter. In gratitude you can subscribe for updates of the blog, tell friends about this article. Surely I want to see your comments. Be strong, friends.