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Everything About Conor McGregor: height, weight, his whiskey and memes

Conor McGregor – an athlete from Ireland, the star of mixed battles. According to the authoritative rating of pound-for-pound at the end of 2016, he was among the top three MMA fighters, regardless of categories. The fighter performs under the pseudonym Notorious.

Irish fighting equipment is based on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, classic boxing and taekwondo. Now Conor MacGregor is a versatile fighter with knockout punches from both hands.

  • Date of birth: 1988-07-14
  • Age: 30
  • Ireland
  • Weight: 70.31 kg / 155 lbs
  • Height: 172.72 cm / 5’8 “
  • Weight Category: Lightweight

Social Media

McGregor is an active Instagram user: Conor McGregor Instagram. The athlete often lays out a photo, showing fans new tattoos, showing off in a business suit or showing how his hairstyle has changed. Today we look at his personal life, hobbies and sports data.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenotoriousmma

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenotoriousmma/

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Сonor McGregor Whiskey: Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey

In 2018, McGregor presented the Proper Twelve Irish whiskey, produced at the Erie Born Spirits family factory. Part of the funds from the sale – $ 5 from the bottle – will be transferred to charity. The athlete said he wants to support the rescue service units in those regions where the drink is sold.

When Did Conor Talk About Whiskey?

Last August, McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring and a couple of hours later appeared at a press conference with a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other. “This whiskey is damn delicious! – exclaimed Conor and sip. “Whiskey Notorious will soon take over the world.”

Conor said that another product from the line of Notorious (nicknamed the fighter) will be launched within a year. However, not everything went smoothly.

conor mcgregor whiskey

Why Did The Name Change?

A few weeks after the performance in Las Vegas, Conor received a complaint. The owner of the Irish brewing company Carlow Brewing, Seamus O’Hara, demanded to block the MacGregor brand throughout Europe. It turns out that O’Hara had registered the Notorious trademark a year before and even began to brew a light beer with this name.

At first, McGregor wanted to sue and fight for his brand. But later he changed the decision, and another name was invented for whiskey.

Whiskey and Charity. Like This?

Conor plans to transfer part of funds from sales of new alcohol to the support of rescuers. For each box that bars buy, McGregor will send five dollars to the account of the rapid response service of the area from which the purchase was made. The total charity fund is a million dollars.

“These men and women are the first to run into the buildings from where others are running out. These are true heroes (Proper Heroes), ”says Conor.

A bottle of Proper 12, according to Forbes, costs $ 25, according to the Irish Times – 45 euros.

What Are His Plans?

As always, very large. McGregor wants to push the most popular brand of Irish whiskey Jameson.

“I respect Jameson. So far this is number one in Ireland. But I enter this market rapidly. I am full of passion. And I want to be the best in this field, ”MacGregor dreams.

Personal Life

Conor McGregor’s personal life is the exact opposite of what is happening in the ring, quiet and measured. Chosen fighter – beautiful Di Devlin. The couple’s love story began in an Irish nightclub and turned into a wedding in 2007. The wife did not cease to believe in Conor and supported even when her husband brought home only unemployment benefit at € 188. In an interview with Irish Mirror, the fighter said that Dee had to work hard at that time, because now he is happy to compensate his beloved all physical and moral suffering.

conor mcgregor wife

MacGregor attracted a soul mate to managing personal income. The athlete jokes that for this reason the girl is constantly around: “Dee collects checks.” In addition to earning in the ring, Conor’s bank account is replenished from contracts with Bud Light, Reebok and Monster Energy. Everything in life has a price, the man thinks, and in order to be freezing on the beach tomorrow, today he participates in fights.

“I want to be financially independent when the time comes to have children.”

In the fall of 2016, it became known that Conor and Di were expecting a child. The news pleased the fighter: the family and children are no less important for him than the star career. The Irishman decided to abandon the fighting until May 2017, as his spouse was always very worried when he fought. Son called Conor Jack. The child with his mother attended the first tournament for his father after MacGregor retrained from a mixed martial arts fighter to boxers.

Conor McGregor Net Worth

In the list of 100 athletes with the highest income in the world, the Irish fighter is ranked 24th in 2017. McGregor’s fortune is estimated at $ 35,000,000. According to the “Forbes” athlete increased his income compared to last year by almost 2 times. In 2016, he was in 85th place. More than 25 000 000 US dollars UFC champion earned fights, the rest falls on payments from sponsors. The fighter from Ireland is the brightest MMA star. Thanks to his charisma and incredible ability to work, an athlete does not lose his popularity over the years, he enters the Forbes list of 30, concludes contracts with world-famous companies.

conor mcgregor net worth

Conor McGregor Net Worth is roughly $100 million.

Conor McGregor Memes

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