Facebuilding: effective exercises for oval face

Kind time of the day, dear readers! It’s no secret that many women, reaching the age of 30-40, begin to focus on the shape of their faces: the lowered corners of the mouth and eyes, saggy cheeks, wrinkles. Some buy up numerous creams, masks, but gradually realize: nothing can restore youth, others are immediately ready to accept and live on. Do not you like any of these ways? Then I will offer you a third, requiring effort, but capable of solving this pressing problem. Consider what is facebuilding or exercises for the face oval.


what is facebuilding




What is fasbilding, how does it work?

Facebuilding stands for “face building”, to which he as a whole is directed, thanks to him, the desired contour is formed, wrinkles and other imperfections of the skin (for example, bruises under the eyes) are eliminated. He works by training, strengthening the muscles, gradually acquiring elasticity, for good reason during the facebuilding techniques are not easy techniques, and approaches with resistance. This is its main difference from ordinary gymnastics. The skin is connected to the muscles, so it immediately reacts to any changes, in our case – it becomes fresh, looks younger, its tone rises.

Facebuilding trains both the facial muscles and the neck muscles. This gymnastics is performed daily (you can even 2 times a day), preferably in the morning and / or in the evening. The first results can be observed after 7-8 days, namely, a reduction in the number of wrinkles, the next – after about 50 days (increased muscle tone, tightening the contours). You can use it for several months, and regularly, sometimes allowing the muscles to relax.


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The best exercises for correcting the oval face

As it was mentioned above, it is better to use facebuilding in the morning (in that case we will get a charge of energy) or before going to bed to warm them up, having prepared for rest.

  • Exercise aimed at acquiring muscle tone

Take a deep breath, inflate as far as the cheeks can, tighten the lips, palm while you need to rest on the cheeks, and put the phalanxes of your fingers on your ears. Brushes squeeze your cheeks, resisting. Hold on for a couple of seconds – take a breath, repeat again.

  • Exercise to form cheekbones

Imagine that you shout out the sound “O”: this is how your mouth should be opened. With your tongue, touch the inner surface of the cheek, slide it along the first cheek, then on the second cheek. Do at least 10 approaches!

  • To increase the elasticity of the muscles of the eyes and mouth

Lips curl into the tube, pressing the upper of them to the teeth, imagine that you are smiling, opening your mouth wide (it is advisable to do this with the corners of your mouth).

  • Exercise to reduce the volume of the face

Slightly slightly opening his mouth, as if drawing his lips inward, palms from the lower jaw to the auricles through cheekbones. Repeat the exercise until you feel a burning sensation! Then facebuilding approaches for face oval will be most effective.



Exercises for getting rid of wrinkles

The following exercises are not easy to fight wrinkles, they prevent their appearance! Such a physical complex helps to say goodbye to them, is also used as a preventive measure.

  • Against wrinkles on the forehead

Rest your fingers of one hand in the fingers of the other on your forehead, lift your skin upwards with your hands so that folds do not appear. So the skin is smoothed out, the possibility of repeated appearance of imperfections is eliminated.

  • Against the folds between the eyebrows

Make a frown, and place your middle fingers on your eyebrows, try to resist frowns (and medium ones).

  • Exercise, helping to avoid “crow’s feet”

The middle fingers are placed between the bridge of the nose and the corner of the eye, and the index fingers to the opposite corners. I open my eyes in surprise, raising my eyebrows. The main thing is that you should experience tension in this area.

  • Against the formation of folds around the mouth

We collect more air into the mouth, we begin as if to “chase” it from one cheek to the other, combining it with drawing out the lips in the opposite direction. We perform 6 minutes.

The strengths of facebuilding

So, after examining the main exercises, we will outline the main advantages of facebuilding:

  • It is much cheaper and safer than plastic methods to eliminate shortcomings.
  • It does not require a lot of time, effort, opportunity. Such approaches can be carried out almost at any time, anywhere: when traveling in the metro, during a ten-minute break in the office or at home while watching TV.
  • Before going to bed, such a complex helps to fall asleep more quickly, and in the morning – sooner to awaken.
  • It does not work easily with the skin surface, but with the muscles themselves, thereby providing a lasting effect.

Despite the fact that facebuilding for shaping the face oval is quite effective, there are several weaknesses of this method.


secrets of facebuilding


Some weaknesses of facebuilding:

  • It can not completely eliminate very deep folds, additional funds will be required.
  • It requires self-organization, since you yourself must control the regular execution of several approaches. At home, people who fall under the influence of their laziness often refer to different reasons and skip exercises. Sometimes they simply forget about them.

In this case, I recommend selecting from the full list only those that will specifically deal with your problem. Do only them, you will greatly shorten the time spent on gymnastics.

I would like to note that facebuilding (or exercises for the face oval) has already helped many women to cope with the shortcomings that have appeared with age. With regular exercises, selected specifically for your problems, you will certainly see a quick result. The main thing is not to be lazy, regularly to execute the necessary number of approaches!

Be sure to share the secrets of facebuilding with your friends, do not forget to tell us about your success in the comments. Stay with us and remember: the beauty is in your hands!