What is facebuilding

What is facebuilding? Exercises for the face at home

Hello, dear readers, I am glad to greet you on the pages of the blog! Have you heard anything about face-building? Exercise for the face at home allows you to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Selecting only half an hour a day, you will soon find a young, fresh and radiant face!






Description of facebuilding

Gymnastics appeared in the middle of the last century, the most widespread in the last 10 years. It is aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles, which are not able to cope with everyday mimic movements.

They take about 30 minutes a day (preferably split twice: 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the evening). It’s not that long to get a smooth and radiant skin, is not it? You can see the first results in 7 days! But remember: to fix the effect, you need to continue the exercises for 3 months.

I recommend taking a photo “before” and “after” classes, you will be amazed! The gymnastics acts on a zone of a forehead, a mouth and a neck, the skin around of eyes is tightened, fogs are refreshed.



Rules of home facilitation

Adhering to the following rules, you will quickly achieve the desired result, and the process of doing exercises will be more enjoyable:

      1. Be sure to cleanse your face before gymnastics
      2. It’s better to do a light massage before facebuilding
      3. Perform all the exercises you need to start with 6 approaches
      4. Start gymnastics in front of the mirror, so you will quickly remember the order of the exercises and will be able to perform them without any problems anywhere and anytime.
      5. As it was said above, often gymnastics is divided into two parts: morning and evening. If it is more convenient for you to do it at a time, do it in the evening.
      6. Evening classes are more effective
      7. After the end of the gym, lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream

Exercises for the forehead area

Along the mimic wrinkles formed vertically, we have middle fingers (at the top of the forehead), nameless (opposite each other below). We begin to slowly pull the skin in different directions. After soaking for a few seconds, repeat.

We put fingers over the brow (preferably pointing fingers), as if imitating their shape. We begin slowly to raise the eyebrows, resisting the phalanges of the fingers.

Having pressed brogue arches by middle fingers does l-carnitine work, shift them so that a fold between them did not form.
Near the hair growth zone, put your fingers one after another (let the thumbs be in the temples), stretch the skin of the frontal part, resisting the muscles.


facebuilding exercises


Exercises for the eyes

Open your eyes and lift your eyelids so that the skin also rises slightly up near the eyes.
Now lift the upper eyelids as much as possible so that the white eye becomes visible.

On the outer corners of the eyes, place your index fingers, cover your eyes and take the phalanxes of your fingers, not tearing them away, to the central part of the eye.

Unfold both thumbs, so that the pads rested against the outer corners of the eyes, turn your gaze upward and suppress with your fingers.

Place index fingers on brow arches obsessed with fitness, do not tear them off, stretch them in different directions, open your eyes and put them on your brows.

Exercises for the nasal zone

Swell your nostrils to make the skin of your nose wrinkle, and place your middle fingers on it from the corners of your lips to the inner eye area.

Phalanges of index fingers put on the wings of the nose, their tips touch, pull down.


exercises for the face


Exercises for cheek region

At the wrinkle in the gap between the cheeks and nose, place the index fingers parallel to the nose, stretch the lips.
Squeeze the teeth, pressing to the outer corners of the pads of the middle fingers.

Raise the corners of the mouth, bend the lower lip so that you can see the teeth.

Exercises for the area of ​​the lips and neck

Pull the neck muscle, and lower the lower lip, if everything is correctly done, the muscle should be visible.

To the lower lip, lift the lower jaw.

Be strong with your tongue in the palate, resting, do a few more times.


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Exercises for the neck, chin and jaw area

Get the tongue out and stretch it below the chin.

Lower your chin so as to overcome the resistance of the hands resting on the chin.

Lean against the tongue in the palate, and lift the chin so that the skin is stretched both on it and on the neck. Straight shoulders, sit up straight. You should feel a slight tension in the muscles of the tongue and neck. Accept a similar position (as described earlier), just dilute the lips.

Turn the lower lip over the jaw, tip the head a little, stretch the muscles of the chin as much as possible.
Tilt your head back to the maximum level, pull the lower jaw forward. Look through the first shoulder, then through the other.

Place your thumbs between your lips isabel lahela to make a tick out of your hands, press your lips tightly, but look to avoid wrinkles around them.

Open your mouth, place the middle finger on the lower jaw, lowering it, after a few seconds, start the opposite action: resist the fingers of the closing jaw.

Place the index fingers in the corners of the mouth, unfold the brush with the back side. Push your fingers inward until you touch the pads, press the lips tightly. Do not press on the cheeks and stretch the corners of the mouth.




Despite the useful influence of facebuilding, there are some contraindications in which classes can be dangerous:

      • Less than two years have passed since the moment of plastic surgery
      • The presence of hypertensive crisis
      • Diseases of the facial nerve

People who tested this technique on their own, speak exceptionally positively about it. Applicable for everyone from 25 years. Try it yourself and make sure that the result will be visible not only to you, but also to others.

Share with your friends, let them also learn about the amazing combination of exercises. If you have previously been involved in facebuilding, write your opinion about gymnastics in the comments. Stay with us and find out more new, interesting and useful things!