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Folic acid: what benefit does it bring to girls?

Hello, my dear reader! My today’s article will be devoted to vitamin B9, for most more known as folic acid. What is the use of folic acid for women, what is the importance of this element, how to correctly take this drug – all this will be reflected in my article.


folic acid benefits for women


Indirectly, the discoverer of folic acid can be considered Lucy Wils, who in 1931 deduced the regularity of the influence of yeast extract on anemia in pregnant women. In the future, this prompted scientists to carry out a series of studies to identify the effects of folic acid, as the main effective ingredient in the yeast. The first chemical synthesis of vitamin B9 is dated 1945.




Products containing vitamin B9

Let’s start with the fact that in ordinary life the organism of every average person allocates a certain proportion of folic acid. For this in our body meets the intestines, and to be more precise, those secretions that are responsible for maintaining the necessary microflora in the body.

But we must take into account that the amount of vitamin B9, which is actually released by our intestines, is too small to allow the whole organism to function normally. This is the drawback, we should, as far as possible, fill it ourselves.

Let’s look at the list of foods that contain a different amount of vitamin B9.

So, the first thing that you should pay attention to is different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Here you have a fairly wide choice, almost all herbal products to some extent contain a certain amount of folic acid. Particular attention should be paid to beans, spinach, dill, parsley. From the fruit, a kind of rating on the content of vitamin B9 is led by melon, bananas, citrus fruits.

If we consider products of animal origin, here in the first place it will be worth choosing pork, beef and lamb. If eating meat is unacceptable for you, then eat dairy products, eggs of poultry.

It is also worth considering the fact that folic acid is very susceptible to direct sunlight, heat treatment. The products of long-term storage also do not represent nutritional value in terms of replenishment of vitamin B9 stores for the body.

Another option for replenishing the folate reserve in the body is the mobilization of internal reserves. This can ensure the reception of various kinds of bifidobacteria, which stimulate the endogenous production of folic acid.

There is also a group of medicines containing a certain amount of folic acid. Here, first of all, it should be noted such medications as Folacin, Apo Folica, Folio and some others. If you decide to supplement the content of folic acid in your body with medications, be sure to consult with a doctor about this, since each of the above medicines has a different vitamin B9 content, and only the attending physician can select the necessary dosage for you.

The action of folic acid in the human body

In our body, folic acid most directly affects various biochemical reactions. Here it is worth noting protein metabolism, the synthesis of amino acids. All this directly affects the reproductive function of the female body. Lack of vitamin B9 is especially dangerous in the process of cell division, not allowing the fission process to take place in the planned mode. Also I recommend reading about vitamin B17 and alpha-lipoic acid.


folic acid for women


If it is more mundane to consider the positive aspects of the influence of folic acid on the normal functioning of the human body, then the following should be noted:

  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system, prevents the development of anemia
  • Stabilizes the work of the nervous system due to participation in the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine (the so-called hormones of joy)
  • Due to active stimulation of leukocyte production, folic acid positively influences the strengthening of the human immune system
  • Stabilizes reduced gastric acidity
  • Positively affects the appearance of the skin, which is especially important for women

And most importantly: the great importance of folic acid in the process of bearing a child. Vitamin B9 promotes the normal development of the cells of the future child, affects the correct formation of all systems of life of the child, protects against various pathologies and abnormalities in development.



Vitamin B9 for women after 40

It’s no secret that the age of forty for most women is a kind of a border. The organism of a woman at this age undergoes a huge restructuring of the hormonal system. This is primarily due to the onset of menopause.

Folic acid helps delay the onset of menopause, and therefore actively struggles with premature aging of the female body. During the onset of menopause, vitamin B9 weakens the detrimental effect of hormonal changes. As stated above, the presence in the body of the right amount of folic acid has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, which is important for a woman during menopause.

And one more important argument in favor of vitamin B9: a beneficial effect not only on women’s health, but also on its appearance.


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Hormone beauty

Folic acid is a kind of beauty hormone. First of all, this is due to the positive influence on the condition of the skin of women. In addition to the skin, it is worth noting and the effect on the appearance of hair and nails. That is, all the main components that make up the formula of female beauty.

The daily need for a woman’s body is quite individual. If you take the average indicators, you can stop at the following figures: at a young age, the daily dose should be in the region of 300 mg, with a slight increase to forty years. During pregnancy, the average daily rate should be about 900 mkg.

But do not forget, the figures given by me are averaged, without taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. A more accurate rate can only be reported to you by your doctor.

I hope, my article will help you understand the question of how useful folic acid is for women, what points should be considered when taking this drug. And I’m saying goodbye to you, subscribe to blog updates, leave your comments on this and other articles posted on the blog. Until next time!