What foods can I eat while losing weight
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What foods can I eat while losing weight?

Hi Hi. Losing weight is there? If there is, then this article is unique to you, dear friends. After all, in it I’ll tell you what foods you can eat while losing weight, the list, of course, is attached. And, maybe, I will not reveal anything new to you, but still I’ll try to surprise.


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Many who have faced the problem of overweight, mistakenly believe that they will suddenly help different radical diets. But in addition to health problems, they do not receive anything more, even if they are intensively engaged in gyms. With an effective overweight, the question is not about limiting yourself to food, but in properly building your diet, choosing nutrients. What exactly do I mean? Read below.




What? Proteins or fats? And can carbohydrates?

During weight loss, the main products will still be protein (protein-containing) foods. They will occupy the “lion’s share” of the entire diet. As for the remaining two nutrients (fats and carbohydrates), here everything is as follows.

Fats can be left in the same state (this is not more than 10% of the total food), and carbohydrates will have to be reduced, but not completely removed – they are responsible for the energy of the body. Perhaps you will ask why we did not do anything with fats, and only carbohydrates were removed? The thing is that subcutaneous fat is not the fat that we eat with you. These are the same processed carbohydrates (fast), which were in excess and deposited under the skin in the form of fat.

From all this it follows that proteins are the main food, and fats and carbohydrates are not even in second place. Therefore, I advise you to focus on protein foods – this is the building material for the muscles, and the saturation of the body.

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As I said, it is necessary to limit the intake of fast carbohydrates, but for slow, I have not said anything yet. To slow belong different cereals (porridge), which can be used not only to lose weight, but also to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. More specifically, it is oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, and pearl barley. Slightly inferior to them are pearl and millet. Due to the fact that these cereals are mainly slow carbohydrates, they do not allow the body to process them into subcutaneous fat and debug. And all the nutrients are beneficial, giving energy to the body.

I also talked about food rich in proteins. But, as you understand, it can be in different forms. Therefore, I say specifically – low-fat meat, sour-milk products, chicken eggs, maybe soybeans, if you like. All representatives of these types of food are rich in proteins, calcium, amino acids and so on.

Lean meat. It can be anything (if only low-fat). But ideally it should be a turkey. By the way, you can cook excellent dishes from the above porridges and meat. An alternative option is either chicken breast or chicken fillet.

But the question here is also in the method of preparation. If fried, then the total amount of fats during frying should not exceed 10% of all food per day. That is fried food can be eaten once a day. This applies to the chicken egg. In general, it is better to give preference to cooking or steaming (multivarka, steamer). Try, by the way – a great thing, and “to sweat” is not necessary for cooking: threw, set the time and wait. Conveniently.

Dairy products. I will say right away that there is practically no difference between fat-free products and those that contain up to 5% fat content. Believe me. Therefore, you can safely drink milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, natural yogurts, cottage cheese, cheese and curd mass, sour cream, cheeses, well, everything related to milk. Do not even worry about the fact that these products will somehow affect the weight gain. Everything will be the other way around.


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Other products. In this category, I referred to low-fat fish, fruits and vegetables. You can learn about low-fat fish types yourself, I’ll just remind you about the way of cooking. As for vegetables, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes take the first place, then comes greens.

Limit is the reception of potatoes in any form, especially in fried or fried. These representatives of their category are rich in fiber and other microelements that contribute to fat burning. And in the fruits of everything is simple: apples, pineapple and grapefruit, a little less is to use oranges – there is sugar, and these are the fastest carbohydrates. Bananas are also possible, but using them as a snack along with kefir, for example. As for other fruits (exotic or rare), here I can only say that you can have those that are not very sweet type of kiwi.


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Excess protein in the body

I must warn that because of the high concentration of protein in the exemplary diet, liver problems may occur. Therefore, I advise you to observe the “golden mean” in the diet, periodically focusing on vegetable salads, and then returning back to the proteins.

A short list of products (for convenience):

  1. Low-fat meat of any sort;
  2. Low-fat fish;
  3. Greens and vegetables;
  4. Some fruit;
  5. Dairy;
  6. Porridge or cereals.

What foods you can eat while losing weight, the list – all this, I hope, I was able to provide you. If there are questions, ask them in the comments. Share this article with your friends, subscribe to blog updates and be slim and beautiful.