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We grow thin at home: step aerobics for weight loss

Hi, my dear reader! My today’s article will be devoted to fight against excess weight and if to be more exact to one of options, available to anyone. It is about aerobics step. Step aerobics in house conditions for weight loss the ideal option combining availability and maximum efficiency from the offered exercises, opportunity to achieve visible results without leaving the house.


step aerobics




What is step aerobics?

In the 80th years of the last century the rhythmic gymnastics better known to wide range as aerobics has become fashionable. The complex of the special exercises performed under dynamic music has found the admirers and became extraordinary popular around the world soon.

Progress does not stand still and emergence step of aerobics, the close relative of ordinary aerobics with one small difference became the following step. For occupations the step is required to you by aerobics special platform (step platform) which you can get in specialized shops or make own hands.

The platform can formulate the main requirements to step in a few words: strong, steady, not slippery. If you after all decide to make independently step platform, then be guided by the following sizes: length has to make 150 centimeters, width – 40 centimeters. And here height can vary depending on degree of your readiness.

For the beginner height in 30 centimeters will be optimum, in the course of occupations it is possible to increase height by 5 centimeters, also the loading received by organism respectively will increase. Advantage professional platform step that many such platforms have the adjustment allowing to expose necessary height. The basis of exercises on step to platform is made by the rises and lowerings which are combined with the usual dancing movements.

Efficiency aerobics step

The passive lifestyle became the real scourge of our time. Technical progress has minimized need of the person to move. All this in complex with improper feeding has led to the fact that excess weight has become norm in modern society.

Step the aerobics represents set of exercise stresses of the aerobic type promoting more intensive consumption of oxygen. And if to take in attention that process of combustion of fats is possible only at active participation of oxygen, then there is clear efficiency aerobics step.


what is step aerobics


In the course of occupations step aerobics the main loading lays down on the main muscles of our organism.

It is counted that in 40 minutes of occupations step aerobics on average speed the organism will spend about 400 kilocalories. If to draw parallels with run, then the similar expense of kilocalories is comparable to overcoming five-kilometer distance. The aerobics step in this case is plus also the mode of occupations which was more sparing for organism.

Main pluses of occupations step aerobics:

  • Considerable reduction of fatty deposits
  • Improvement of coordination abilities
  • Increase in the general endurance of organism
  • Positive influence on cardiovascular system of engaged
  • Improvement of muscle tone

Choice of training form

Also your suit has to be rather elastic, not complicating the movement. Under all listed requirements sports suits from jersey perfectly approach. Footwear has to be with not sliding sole, conveniently fitting your leg.

Also it is worth paying attention to good fixing of ankle. Track that load of foot during occupations was distributed evenly.

Important value has also the music choice. Music during your occupations has to be rather rhythmical, the main thing on what it is necessary to pay to attention that musical speed remained throughout all track chosen by you.

Also at selection of music for occupations stop the choice on those compositions which will allow you to be adjusted on positive harmony. If you find it difficult to pick up independently necessary music, then for the aid to you the Internet where it is possible to find set of specialized musical selections for every taste.


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General exercises for weight loss

The algorithm of the beginning of occupations step aerobics is rather traditional. The first stage, as well as in any kind of sport, is warm-up. Warm-up is rather specific, with big bias on those groups of muscles which will be most actively involved in the main part of occupation.

The approximate type of warm-up looks so:

  1. Marching on the place, with the maximum raising of knees
  2. Rolling in situation “half-squat”
  3. Added step: To the left To the right

Now we pass to the main exercises to step to board. Now there are about 200 options of exercises, we with you will sort three main.

We put one leg on step, we transfer body weight to this leg, the second leg follows on step. In the same order we fall by floor. Then we change the sequence of statement of legs and we perform exercise in the same mode.

The right leg which is slightly bent in knee is put on step, the left leg rises, and then falls. To carry out the same with change of position of legs.

The right leg is on step, we raise the left leg bent in knee with the subsequent return to floor. Then change of position of legs follows.


what is step aerobics exercise


Mode of trainings

At the initial stage there is enough 2-3 trainings a week, lasting no more than 20-25 minutes.

Further time of trainings should be increased, having brought to necessary maximum 40 minutes. Do not wait for momentary effect of occupations step aerobics. The first notable results usually appear after one and a half-two months since the beginning of occupations.

Make the lesson schedule, convenient for you, and results from the Step complex aerobics in house conditions for weight loss will not be slow to appear.

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