Healing possibilities of red bird cherry
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Healing possibilities of red bird cherry

I am glad to welcome all who me read! About what the conversation will go today? I hurry to ask you a counter question: You love the nature? Yes, who doesn’t love it! Even the most thorough cynical homebodies at least for a moment are capable to smile when the first spring beam of the sun makes the way through windowpanes. Or at them for a minute heart at the sight of a fine landscape fades. I don’t know how at you, and my mood is strongly influenced by weather. If she excellent, then me wants to sing. And when the gloomy sky is covered with clouds, the dank autumn rain drizzles, willy-nilly heart feels unpleasant weight. However, hot midday summer rain to me to liking.


red bird cherry


To what there is so much lyrics, what it proves? Our unity with the nature, we wish that or not. And it is undoubted, the excellent mood with interest flavored with a condition of entire happiness arises from the useful products used by us, especially if they are full of salutary energy.

For this reason I continue the story about nature gifts. And the subject will become an occasion of a conversation: the bird cherry is red: useful properties and contraindications.




The bird cherry is unusual

Now I will utter a little trivial truth. For anybody not a secret that our ancestors vividly felt the communication with the nature, were able to be with her a whole, even idolized, animating it. To us, residents of the modern city, it is difficult to understand it up to the end. But as soul I am a few poet, I can’t speak about gifts of the nature without sentimentality.

But it seems, my lyrical digression has a little dragged on. So it doesn’t seem to you? Then directly we will address our subject.

Bird cherry – a plant known, glorified by folk art, verses and songs. And it is absolutely unsurprising! Simple wisdom and grateful love to this plant which not easy was pleasing to the eye the blossoming was so shown by predecessors of modern people, but gave rise to high rushes in soul.

Besides, it throughout a set of centuries gave the useful properties to people. And his remarkable berries were effectively used by our great-grandfathers, god knows in what generation, for treatment of a huge number of diseases.

But I seek to tell about red, so-called Virginia, to a bird cherry today. In what her feature?

Plant this decorative, successfully grown up by enthusiasts gardeners on personal and seasonal dachas. It is obliged by the nickname not to absolutely ordinary leaves which with approach of sad fall are in the habit to be painted in red tone. But there is more to come!


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bird cherry


Plant fruits, present, possess just the same shade while at an ordinary, habitual bird cherry all berry black.

This guest has removed on open spaces of our homeland from strange lands of North America. Externally red bird cherry is the high multibarrelled bush reaching height, time in two or three exceeding human growth.

In certain cases, this transatlantic plant can have an appearance of a tree which, the truth seldom reaches bigger size, but possesses the volume crown consisting of thin branches. However, plant height in many respects depends on climate, skillful departure behind him of gardeners, and also age of a tree.

Whether it is whimsical? In principle, it is unpretentious, but moisture is adored extremely, as well as by a fertile sunlight.

In the nature the similar copy of flora can often be seen growing along the rivers, and also on edges of forests. The plant usually in May blossoms, striking with a remarkable combination of white and pink shades. And approximately in about two months it is already capable to please surrounding with the fruits.

Curative properties of a plant

I think that you already understood from earlier told that the red bird cherry has many valuable qualities. The substances which are contained in it: vitamins, tannins, malic, apricot, citric acid, essential oils, and also other remarkable elements are capable to save from a set of diseases.

And the biological substances which are a part of the Virginia bird cherry are capable to kill harmful microorganisms. What to add to it? Only the fact that in the medicinal purposes not only fetuses with leaves, but also a cortex, even ossicles of this plant are used.

By the way, as for the last component, I hurry to warn you after all. Really bad news?

Unfortunately, one of substances – the hydrocianic acid which is a part of stones capable in small doses is successful to resist to the harmful microbes attacking our organism, in large numbers becomes very poisonous.

What conclusions? I will be expressed about it with all definiteness: to abuse stones after all I don’t advise! However, it to very few people will come to mind.

But at inflammatory processes, conjunctivitis, tooth infections plant fruits, especially lotions on the basis of broths help just fine, the same as juice from berries remarkably is suitable for eradication of various diseases of digestive bodies.

Useful recipes and necessary councils

But it is important to do everything by rules. How?

I can prompt the recipe. Fill in a handful of fruits with two glasses of boiled water. And in such look this substance let infuses minutes ten. Then it is necessary to filter all this through a marlyovka and to accept constantly on a half-glass.

In the same way prepare, the eliminating various inflammations, medicinal tinctures from young branches and bark. The truth is better to draw them a little longer. It is thought, not less than half an hour.


bird-cherry red


Similar means works as soothing, well lowers heat at catarrhal diseases, wounds and ulcers. And here for treatment of stomatitis, when rinsing a mouth during a toothache for the best healing it is better to make dried leaves. Here and all science? Not absolutely so, because it is extremely important to make correctly all preparations, to keep all this that it hasn’t lost the valuable qualities.

Whether it is possible to do of berries of a red bird cherry of preparation for the winter? Certainly, compotes, syrups, jam turn out just excellent. Their taste as it is possible to guess, very peculiar. However, if you want, try. Besides the mentioned berries leave fine stuffing for pies. And it is one more occasion to the full with advantage to fill the stomach.

Important Warnings

I already mentioned the cyanide acid contained in the bones of virgin cherry. I want to make one more warning. This poisonous substance, moreover, is formed with prolonged storage of fruits and bark of the plant. So keep this in mind, do not use your workpieces longer than the period specified by me to avoid trouble.

Especially this applies to children under two years of age and future mothers. Doctors also do not recommend decorating rooms with bouquets of a flowering plant. Just the fragrance emanating from its leaves and flowers can show the wonders of treachery. However, in the open air to fear unpleasant effects especially not worth it.

That’s all, but I’m in a hurry to say goodbye. Subscribe to update the blog. I will be immensely happy with your additions in the comments. Do not forget to share with friends in social networks your impressions on the topic: bird cherry red: useful properties and contraindications. Until next time!