Home exercise machines for working out the maximum number of muscles

Home exercise machines for working out the maximum number of muscles

Hello, my dear friend. Are you very skinny? Do you work at home? Do you have no desire to waste time visiting the hall? You should read this article, in which I will tell you in detail how to choose the exercise machines for the home, developing the maximum number of muscles. Just tell you how to train and eat properly.


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Proper nutrition

No wonder there is an expression “we are made up of what we eat”. It must be understood that before starting to train and build muscle, you need to observe the necessary diet for the day before and after the workout.

And so let’s use a concrete example to understand what this concept represents. We take a guy with an average height of 175 and weighing up to 60 kg. He needs to build himself muscles. And so let’s count together the right calories, which will help the growth of muscles. An ordinary person spends energy in a day, 24 kcal per 1 kg of body. That is, we need 60 * 24 = 1440 kcal, if you work on your feet, then + 10% more will be approximately 1590 kcal.

During training, you can lose up to 400-500 calories. So we get a total of 2000-2100 calories a day to use to build muscle. Be sure to divide by 3-4 meals a day’s diet. And consider that 30-40% of the food intake should be proteins, 15-25% fat and 40-60% carbohydrates. But you will have to add the number of calories from time to time, as the weight grows.


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All is clear, but what products to choose? – Here is the list of products.

  1. As carbohydrates – buckwheat, pasta, rice.
  2. As proteins – animal meat, liver, chicken breast, fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products (fat content no more than 5%).
  3. As fats, vegetable oil, olive oil, nuts (fats can be obtained from the products listed above).

You ask, and that you can not eat anything else? I will answer you this way, if you can keep the caloric content and usefulness of the products, and also not in large quantities.

Calculate your day diet of calories, and begin to eat properly even if you have purpose not extension of muscles.


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The types of exercise machines developing all body

Exercise machines can be 2 categories on their complexity of use. These are cardiovascular machines and exercise machines for heavy exercise stresses.

It is necessary to know that for set of muscles except exercise stresses also cardioloading is necessary.

Let’s consider everyone separately and you will understand essence and usefulness of each of them.

Cardiovascular machines

Main plus of cardiovascular machines, this development of muscle of all body, and strengthening of muscles of stabilizers.

The first type of cardiovascular machines is racetrack. Likely the most popular exercise machine from all existing in the world. Even if you have no purpose in sport, nevertheless you should buying racetrack and to begin to run. By means of run you strengthen the cardiovascular system, will balance the breath, strengthen muscles of legs and the case.

It is necessary to run correctly not to be traumatized. For a start choose small speed. The body has to be vertical or slightly (by couple of degrees) with bending forward.

When you are able to own technology of run well, will be able to begin to increase speed, and further to add tilt angle. Believe my experience, your legs will become stronger and will begin to grow not worse, than in squat. Try to run at interval speed, it will raise growth hormone.

The second type of cardiovascular machines are elliptic exercise machines for the house. Too the most effective exercise machine which involves all groups of muscles. Upon purchase of such exercise machine pay attention to system of loading. It can be magnetic or electromagnetic. In the second case, you should be connected to the socket of 220 volts. On it loading changes by means of step length. The more the step the more muscles will be involved.


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Exercise machines for exercise stresses

Likely you already know that on the volume of muscles sequence goes as follows, legs, back, breast, hands and further. That is, to develop maximum of muscles have constructed several exercise machines.

  • Wall exercise machine horizontal bar

By means of this exercise machine you will be able easily to begin and increase to yourself back, breast, hands (forearm) and to work press. At first you be trained with body weight. When you reach level that you will be tightened 30 times by one sigh, take some weighting compound. For example, bottle with water or with sand, thrust into backpack, and dress it. It is so possible to add all to 30-40 kg. Or buy special vests, with control of weight.

To complicate stomach exercises (raising of legs to vvisa from horizontal bar), dress additional weighting compounds on legs.

  • Bench for press

From the name it is possible to understand that on it it is only possible to make bar press, but it not so. It is applied to dumbbell press, to cultivation of hands, to exercises on back (draft by one hand), also to press. And at desire it is possible to think up many exercises in which it will be possible to use bench for press.

  • Smith’s exercise machine

The most effective exercise machine for development of muscles of legs. To start occupation on the exercise machine, it is necessary to study technology of performance not to be traumatized. I will begin with what to squat it is necessary to begin with small scales, and it is even better with empty signature stamp.

Legs need to be put forward, shoulder width apart, to hold back exactly. When lowering down, the basin goes back, knees should not leave the plane vertical to socks. If they leave this plane, means legs are inserted incorrectly or the basin too goes down to heels.

  • Rowing machine

Rowing — for me the most unique exercise machine which influences nearly 90% of muscles of body. It can be considered both the cardiovascular machine, and the exercise machine for development of muscles. Muscles of legs, backs, hands, press and stabilizers of the case at the same time work at it. I would stop the choice on it.

Using all these councils, you will be able easily to be defined and to buy the necessary exercise machines for the house developing the maximum quantity of muscles.

There now and all information with which I wanted to share with you, my dear readers. If you were helped by my advice, share with friends in social nets, write your opinion in comments, I will be very glad. Do not forget to subscribe surely for the blog, for receiving new councils and information.