Greetings. The correct choice of cross-country running shoes is a guarantee of your comfort and health, since bad footwear affects the whole body, and can harm your health. And today in the article we’ll talk about which running shoes to choose.


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How to choose sneakers? It is this question that is asked by everyone who joined the boom of a planetary scale – jogging. All over the world today races are taking place, collecting many thousands of participants, so it’s no surprise that jogging has taken a firm position in our life. Along with this, not everyone knows the features of the choice of running shoes, designed for running. Girls, in the most part, generally focus only on color.




Who needs to think about the right choice of shoes?

Initially, it is necessary to find out what the future conditions of the race will be. So, we will consider the situation by points.

1. Workout in the gym on the treadmill (10-15 minutes).

In this case, you can use ordinary sneakers, without thinking about special shoes. The reason is a good cushioning of the track, which allows you not to worry about injuries and fatigue.

2. Running on the track 2-3 times a week, with a total complexity of 3 hours and with a maximum speed of 13 kilometers per hour.

Also not a reason to think about special shoes, you can get by using sneakers for aerobics. Of course, they are taller and can rub an ankle, therefore it is necessary to look on sensations.

Running on the street more than 2 times a week, longer than half an hour and at a speed of more than 12 kilometers per hour (a treadmill – more than 13 km / h).

This is the case, when you need to worry about the right choice of running shoes.

In any case, in the first two cases sneakers can be used at will, there will be no harm. But for the third case, knowing about the right shoes is vital and will help to avoid injuries.


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What are the characteristics of choosing sneakers?

Choose sneakers need not according to the color of the future form. This form should be chosen according to the color of the sneakers. This is the only way to choose the best variant of footwear and avoid injuries. Let’s consider the basic parameters of the chosen footwear:

  1. absorption
  2. sole and top
  3. lacing
  4. insole
  5. weight

These are key parameters which make decisive impact on foot of the person at run.Sneakers (except for special models) are equipped with shock absorption, which should be placed in the heel part, and sometimes there is also a sock. Quality footwear always has markers for the location of the shock absorber and a soft sole in the front. At the places of the main load (the heel part together with the outer side of the sock) there are inserts from rubber, which is resistant to abrasion.

Never high-quality sneakers are not made of leather, as well as non-breathable materials. Top sneaker must be flexible and soft, while rigid elements can only be in the heel part. And yet, contact with the Achilles tendon should not be.

Then we watch lacing. It must be asymmetric and biased towards the inside. A good moment will be the lack of a rigid bar, which allows you to tighten the shoes on your leg. Of course, this is not critical or optional.

If we talk about the insole, then it should be removed. It is necessary that in the future there was an opportunity to change the usual insole to a variant with orthopedic capabilities. Agree, the weight of the sneakers is important. Therefore, you need to choose the pair that will not weigh more than 400 grams

And this is only the characteristics of sneakers, suitable for running. And there are also individual features …

Individual characteristics of cross-country running shoes

Sneakers looked, and they fully approached all the above parameters? Then look at those characteristics that are suitable individually:

  1. floor
  2. supination, propination, arch height
  3. size, foot
  4. weight, training type
  5. height of sole, technology of run
  6. covering
  7. season

This is still a small list of individual parameters that you need to consider when choosing the right shoes. Let’s talk about these points in more detail.

In special shoes, there is no particular difference between the female and the male versions, whereas the usual running shoes are significantly different. Therefore, women’s shoes have a narrow shoe, in view of the smaller proportions of the foot. The heel is above the sock, which reduces the risks for the Achilles tendon. At the same time, the damping of women’s shoes is softer, which is due to less weight.


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If the concepts of “supination and pronation” are unfamiliar – ask the seller. If you do not know – it’s better to choose another store. Accounting for these parameters directly affects the risks of further injury. If you make the wrong choice – you can turn your leg.

As for the foot, the pads often depend on the manufacturer (there are narrower, there are wide). Therefore, choose the option that nowhere presses and adheres to the foot as tightly as possible. Size should leave a large finger at least 3 millimeters to the toe, because during the running the leg increases.

Pay attention to your level of fitness, along with weight. The higher the weight and less running experience, the more important support and depreciation. What kind of support to use? Depends on the type of stop. Also under the type of running is selected and the difference that exists between the height of the sole on the heel and toe. You need to be guided and covered with the season. The hard coating when running makes an important soft sole, whereas for the ground, a hard sole with a tread comes first.

Aerobics and fitness

Shoes from light and flexible materials will be required to exclude the possibility of damage to the shin during intensive training. It is especially important that the shin is firmly fixed in the ankle.


The sport includes dangerous maneuvers – jumps, somersaults. Sneakers, in which classes can be held, should be equipped with a good shock absorption and a rubberized toe (since the main load is transferred to it).


For riding a bicycle, you also need suitable running shoes. The platform should not be flexible and soft. A firm and durable outsole will take on some of the stress from the pressure on the pedals and help to eliminate the spasms of the calf muscles.

Sneakers are sports shoes, the choice of which should be based only on what kind of sport you are going to use it for. First of all, you must take into account the stiffness of the sole and the fixation of the ankle.

To buy and measure sneakers is best in the evening. This is due not only to the fact that in the evening people have more free time. At the end of the day, the foot swells a little, so the shoe size will be matched correctly. Observing all the necessary requirements and parameters when choosing, you not only can avoid unpleasant consequences, but also enjoy the lessons.


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I would like to note that there is no universal footwear! Therefore, for each individual condition, you will need your own pair of shoes, if you plan to train professionally – just need a few pairs of shoes.

Choose the sneakers for the race carefully and with full responsibility, because in them your health. The right shoes will make your jog enjoyable and less tiring. If you are not yet running, then this article is for you.

A small video with tips for choosing the right running shoes.


How to choose of cross-country running shoes