How to properly perform a goblet exercise squats
How to pump up muscles?

How to properly perform a goblet exercise squats?

I greet everyone again on my blog. This time I would like to tell you about what a goblet of squats or squats with kettlebells. Also you will be able to find out how such squats and clear step-by-step technique are of use. We proceed to the main part.


goblet exercise


Any squats with weight is a pledge of strong and strong leg muscles, a tight and beautiful priests (guy, girl – it does not matter), and also “hardened” abdominal muscles and lower back. Yes, all these positive moments can be achieved thanks to squats with weight. So what’s the difference between squats and weight loss from everyone else? This and we have to find out.



Exercise Features

The main, I would say, “highlight” in this exercise is that due to the cent shift of heaviness, the muscles of the legs, priests and back with the press have to work a little differently. What exactly are you talking about, I think, you will understand when it comes to technology. Aw, okay – I’ll say it now. In these sit-ups, you must hold the weight at the level of the upper chest, which leads to a specific position of the body.

The closest analogue can be the exercise “squats with a barbell on the chest.” This is in case, if you do not have a weight at hand, but there is a bar, and you really want to crouch along the technique of goblet.

Let’s return to the special features of the exercise. Despite the fact that in any squats one or the same muscles are involved one way or another, the goblet allows you to load more quadriceps muscles or, as they are called, quadriceps. That’s all.

Ah, no. As a result of training with similar squats, I am sure that in time you will be able to lift large weights, and one giri (even 32 kg) will not be enough for you. Therefore, in order not to stop improving your results, take two weights, holding them by the handles. But not just two at 32 kg, but, for example, 16 and 24 kg. In general – as much as 40 kg.


goblet squat exercise


Yes, here the way of keeping two weighting agents is somewhat different than in the case of one additional weight. But everything comes with practice, so you practice in something new.

Why do we need such squats?

Well, first of all, because of the main feature of the exercise (shifted forward OCT – the total cent of gravity), the biceps muscles of the legs are strained slightly more.

A great way to pump your feet or remove excess fat, if you work on a “drying” scheme. In addition, because of the lowered pelvis, joints are loaded, which serves to strengthen them.

For girls – this is another way to include additional work in the ass. Well, and so on, nothing more that immediately catches your eye. How do you think?


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Technique of execution

To begin with, I note that you can take the original position of the legs before or after raising the weight. Therefore, you yourself will choose one way or another – which is more convenient to say I can not.

So, let’s start with grasping and lifting weights. Put your hands on the top of the weights so that your thumbs are put in the handle, and the rest of your fingers are behind it. Grab the hilt from both sides, lift the weight to the level of your chest and turn it upside down. It turns out that the weight rests on your palms and is fixed with your fingers. You can even slightly lean the weighting on the chin, while it should not be located on the side, but on top of the dumbbell.

Staging feet. As I said, you can put your feet in advance or after lifting the weighting agent. But the way of setting is unchanged in both cases. The feet should be placed slightly wider than their own shoulders. Socks should look slightly to the side, somewhere 30 degrees from the “straight” position. Knees, like the hip joints, should be straightened.

Move down (squat). From the above described position it is necessary to perform flexion of the hip and knee joints, lowering the buttocks below the knee level. That is, the hips should be below the level when they are parallel to the floor. Yes, the technique is somewhat similar and at the same time different from the powerlifting. Crouching is necessary for low in both techniques, but the position of the feet and the width of the setting of the legs are different. In powerlifting, for example, in most cases use the classic setting of the feet – on the width of the shoulders, the socks look straight. And here everything is somewhat different.

I almost forgot. The back must be bent when lowering. Also, a variation is possible with protrusion of the priests back, which is very suitable for girls. But especially do not get carried away – the weight in front will not allow it to protrude far, and if you can do it, then you risk switching the load from the legs to the spine.

Move up (rise). There is nothing complicated in this, it is enough just to stand upright, straightening all the bent joints of the lower limbs. Only the position of the hands and the head remains unchanged; they do not have to move at all. By the way, about the head. As I said, the chin is on top of a kettlebell, but said nothing to look at. Look forward-up, as if throwing a little back of the head. This is the optimal position.





Here, in fact, that’s all. Goblet sit-ups are not as complicated as they seem at first glance, but very effective at pumping muscles and strengthening joints. If there are questions or you want to say your opinion, then I wait for you in the comments. Well, personally, I would be very grateful if you share this article with your friends / girlfriends on social networks and subscribe to blog updates. All the successes, all the best.