How to stay healthy with the help of Chinese gymnastics

How to stay healthy with the help of Chinese gymnastics?

Good day, dear readers! First, I just want to ask you if you know what diseases have the highest mortality rate in the world. These are the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Some common reason why it occurs is that it is genetic or hereditary and may due to external factors. These lead to the worst problem and you should probably need to go to your doctor whenever you feel any symptoms. However, by reading this article, we could help and guide you in dealing with this problem.


We will talk about a Chinese gymnastics that is good for your blood vessel and help in the regulation of blood, this is called “Qigong.” It is pronounced as “chee-gong”, it is an exercise wherein the regulated and controlled breathing and movement is a concern. Around the world, it has many varieties and forms but solely focuses on attaining good spirituality and health. In China, this proven system for health has been used for so many years for it brings significant results such as prolonging liver life and retention of clear mind and good physical status.

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What problems arise on our blood vessels and why?

Typically, problems in blood vessels occur with your birth. This could be inherited, problems such as hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, swelling of the veins on the legs are some manifestations. Having a sedentary lifestyle will cost you particularly of having stagnant blood in lower limbs which lately could be dangerous and lead to atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

The most common disease that your vessels are prone to, is to the Peripheral Artery Disease (atherosclerosis) and arteriosclerosis. The manifestations of atherosclerosis diseases are of having less elastic vessel walls making your blood not to flow and for arteriosclerosis, you may have an accumulation of plaque inside the walls of your blood vessels then will thicken it that makes your blood incapable of circulation

Drinking alcohol and smoking is dangerous to our health because it dilates blood vessels and can make you sick and diseased. Also, the presence of varicose veins on your legs will surely make you uncomfortable for it is not aesthetically pleasing.

If you are experiencing diabetes, the blood circulation in your feet is probably stopped and not working in continuous manner which sooner later triggers gangrene. If you could remember, the hereditary predisposition regarding the cardiovascular system affects your life.

One effective method of treating your cardiovascular system is that you should immerse yourself in various sports such as swimming and jogging. You should keep your lifestyle away from bad habits. However, not all of us have the chance to have a healthy and fit lifestyle because many occupations expose ourselves to unhealthy things such as involuntary breathing of exhaust gas and dangerous smokes.

If you dedicate your lifestyle away from negativities, surely it will lead to a 100% healthy lifestyle while enjoying your life with your loved ones.

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chinese gymnastics for blood

The estimated total length of the blood vessels of an adult body is 100,000 kilometer. You can imagine that if you pull it then form one line, it could wrap the entire equator for 2.5 times. So basically, our blood flows all through this way long route.

However, these small vessels face the greatest danger such as blockage particularly in capillaries with a length of 60,000 kilometers. The capillaries supply each of the cells in our body with necessary oxygen therefore if it is clogged up the process oxygen transmission reduced or even stopped. This could be dangerous where people might die.

How does the complex of improving exercises for blood vessels work?

Worldwide, this system aims to “disperse” blood throughout the entire body which to establish saturation with oxygen and normal circulation within vessels and internal organs. During the process of dispersal of blood, the elimination of stagnant process and relieves of the body inflammation will occur. It also helps in making your blood vessel more elastic so it will prevent the occurrences of blood clots and accumulation of cholesterol plaques.

This kind of gymnastics suits for people of any age. If you are young, do not consider your age not to worry about various cardiovascular diseases. When still young, keep your system in good condition so that if you get old, you will not suffer from this. You should begin strengthening your blood system thus fewer occurrences of problems in the future.

If you are constantly engaged, then gymnastics for blood vessels:

  • It purifies the vessels against blockages and strengthens their walls
  • Will reduce the presence of varicose veins
  • It will oxygenate the blood then eliminates hypoxia
  • It could make you more excited, therefore, less depression
  • Helps in eliminating psychological disease caused by the circulatory system such as anxiety
  • Improve the composition of your blood
  • Will remove such anomalies as arrhythmia and tachycardia by making your blood pressure in the normal state
  • Having the feeling of lighter legs
  • Will improve the regeneration of the body (abrasions, scratches, etc. will heal faster).
  • There will be an improvement in the blood supply to most distant parts of your body from the heart

Exercises to improve the circulatory system

This Chinese gymnastics is quite different among other physical exercises you can do every day because it has different operating principles and methods.

When practicing Qigong, certain energy points are possessed and are distinguished on the human body such as the perineum, frontal center, the crown, points between eyebrows, the centers of the palms, and the centers of the feet. Energy pass between those channels.

All of those channels form the so-called “small celestial circle”. In this circle, there are two distinguished transverse meridians, the anterior one between the point of the anus and the genital organs and the posterior one along the lines of the tips of the auricles.

Qigong process should have monitored breathing process. All the instructions and principles must unquestionably be followed and observed so you will achieve positive results. We highly encourage you to apply this exercise with yoga to decrease or heal your hypertension if you have.

Qigong contains several global sets of exercises:

  • For the normalization of heart functions and conditions such as equalization of pressure, elimination of arrhythmia, etc.
  • For complex strengthening of the vessels of the whole body like the elimination of cholesterol, strengthening of vessel walls, increase the elasticity of the vessels. Elimination of harmful substances, and prevention from the separation of thrombi.
  • It improves blood circulation specifically of the legs and eliminates the varicose veins and trophic ulcers, pain in the feet, elimination of puffiness.
  • It improves the functioning of blood vessels in the head which soon helps in improving the brain, eliminating dizziness, pain, and feeling.

How it is necessary to start to be engaged?

Qigong refers to a system in which you cannot understand and grasp the entire idea behind unless you study it thoroughly. Nowadays, you could watch tutorial videos and other related stuff. You may want to sign up for live Qigong bands. We encourage you to remember the following rules:

  • Gradually increase the load eventually if you do not feel any tired.
  • Always monitor your pulse when doing the exercise, it should not exceed 120 beats per minute.
  • If there is any pain or ache in your heart, we advise you to immediately stop or reduce load.
  • After eating, have at least an hour and a half or two before proceeding the exercise.

We believe that the creation of this exercise from eastern side of the world made us accessible to improvement of the body health. At first you may find it difficult when doing compared to other sports.

Qigong suggests that your actions and thoughts must be considered for necessary coincidence. There is an underlying quote for this, “here and now”, this means that the skill you apply is not easy but eventually be useful for both mind and body when executed properly.


Qigong is a meditation technique that involves proper breathing and controlled movement. This principle is such a very complex exercise to do. You have to learn it the hard way that will take time for you to completely understand.

Understanding and doing this regularly will promote good health, especially for your circulatory system. You get to feel better in terms of having an active and concentrated mind. Such exercise will help you to overcome potential health problems.

Of course, doing this alone is not enough in attaining good posture and a strong physique. In any way possible, eating healthy food and having appropriate other exercises should get to accompany it as you could possibly enhance yourself significantly.

I hope that all the information we have discussed will be helpful for you and of course to your health. If so, please subscribe to our blog and share this to your social media accounts. If you have questions regarding this topic, we will be glad to answer you.

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  1. Is there any limitation in doing Qigong? – Yes. If you have any condition such as heart pains or aches, difficulties in breathing, and bone and muscle extremities you should not do it or at least do it with a reduced load. 
  2. Will you require me to have any equipment for this? – You can do Qigong solely without any equipment. You should have yourself ready.
  3. My 64 years old grandfather want to do this, would it be okay for him? – You can allow him to perform this as long as he has no extreme conditions such as muscle and bone difficulties, etc. Make sure he still can manage to do proper and controlled breathing and movement.