How to stay healthy with the help of Chinese gymnastics

How to stay healthy with the help of Chinese gymnastics?

Hello, dear readers. Do you know which diseases die most people in the world? These are diseases of the cardiovascular system. External factors, genetic predisposition, pathology – all this sooner or later leads to problems and visits to doctors. However, if you read this article, then I will please you: problems of this kind can be eliminated.




And this will help you in this Chinese gymnastics for blood vessels, called “Qigong.” In China, the system has been used for thousands of years and brings tangible results: the abundance of long-livers, who retained clarity of mind and good physical health in this country is evident.




What problems arise with our vessels and why?

Problems with blood vessels can begin with your birth: some unpleasant features can be inherited (vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension or hypotension, swelling of the veins on the legs). Sedentary lifestyle causes stagnation of blood in the lower limbs and can lead to early heart attacks and strokes, atherosclerosis.

Smoking and drinking alcohol dilates blood vessels and can make their walls inelastic. Varicose veins are not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also dangerous.

With diabetes, blood circulation in the feet is broken, which can lead to gangrene. Remember: what are your hereditary predispositions regarding the cardiovascular system? How do they affect your life now?

The most effective method of healing the cardiovascular system is easy regular sports, a mobile lifestyle, rejection of bad habits. However, not all of us have the opportunity to lead a completely healthy life: many occupations assume sedentary poses, in large cities you involuntarily breathe exhaust gas clubs and become at least a passive smoker.

And, putting your hand on your heart, write: which of you leads a 100% healthy lifestyle, while earning a living and having a family and at least one child?


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chinese gymnastics for blood


The total length of the vessels of the adult body is approximately 100,000 kilometers. Those. Imagine that if all your vessels are pulled in one line, then they can wrap the equator of the Earth 2.5 times! Here on this route the blood in our body walks every day.

The greatest danger is the blockage of the smallest vessels: capillaries. Their length is 60,000 kilometers. Capillaries supply each cell of the body with the necessary oxygen, and if this threadlike vascular is clogged up somewhere, then a part of the body loses vital oxygen and begins to function worse or completely die out.

How does the complex of improving exercises for blood vessels work?

Globally, the system is aimed at “dispersing” blood throughout the body, establishing its normal circulation through vessels and internal organs, saturation with oxygen. The dispersal of blood will eliminate stagnant processes and relieve the body of inflammation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the appearance of blood clots and the accumulation of cholesterol plaques.

Classes are suitable for people of any age. However, do not think that young age – the reason not to worry about the cardiovascular system: this is not the destiny of the elderly. The earlier you begin to strengthen your blood system, the more problems you will be able to avoid in the future.

If you are constantly engaged, then gymnastics for blood vessels:

  • purify the vessels from blockages and strengthen their walls;
  • will reduce varicose veins;
  • will bring the pressure back to normal. Will remove such anomalies as arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • will give a feeling of lightness in the legs;
  • improve the overall composition of blood;
  • will eliminate psychological diseases caused by the circulatory system: anxiety,
  • depression, increased excitability;
  • oxygenates the blood, eliminates hypoxia;
  • improve the blood supply to the most distant parts of the body from the heart;
  • will improve the regeneration of the body (abrasions, scratches, etc. will heal faster).

Exercises to improve the circulatory system

Chinese gymnastics is unlike the physical exercises that you can possibly perform every day. The operating principle here is quite different.

In the practice of Qigong, certain energy points are distinguished on the human body (the crown, perineum, frontal center, the point between the eyebrows, the centers of the palms, the centers of the feet) and – respectively – the energy channels passing between them.

All of them form the so-called. «Small celestial circle». In turn, two transverse meridians are distinguished in this circle: the posterior one along the lines of the tips of the auricles and the anterior one between the point of the anus and the genital organs.

Qigong contains several global sets of exercises:

  • for the normalization of the work of the heart itself (equalization of pressure, elimination of arrhythmia, etc.);
  • to improve the functioning of the blood vessels of the head (improving the brain, eliminating dizziness, pain, feeling sdavlennosti and severity);
  • to improve blood circulation in the legs (elimination of varicose veins and trophic ulcers, elimination of puffiness, “diabetic foot”, pain in the feet, severity);
  • a general complex for the strengthening of the vessels of the whole body (elimination of cholesterol plaques, increase of the elasticity of the vessels, strengthening of the walls of the vessels, prevention of the separation of thrombi, elimination of harmful substances);

How it is necessary to start to be engaged?

Qigong refers to the system that you can not describe on paper: you just need to study clearly. So either watch the video, or sign up for live Qigong bands. It is important to remember the following rules:

  • increase the load gradually, even if you feel good and do not feel tired;
  • monitor the pulse during exercise. It should not exceed 120 beats per minute;
  • for any pain in the heart, temporarily stop or change classes;
  • after eating, before classes, it takes an hour and a half or two: it is difficult and dangerous to engage in a full stomach.



Friends, I believe that our eastern colleagues have developed a truly amazing and all-accessible health improvement system. Take, do, feel better. At first, it can be hard for you: in ordinary sports during exercises, your thoughts can be about anything.

Chinese gymnastics for blood vessels suggests that thoughts and actions must necessarily coincide. The skill is “here and now” – the skill is not easy, but very useful for both the mind and the body.

I hope that the information in this article was useful to you, so subscribe to my blog, share an article in social networks. If you have any questions regarding Chinese gymnastics, you can ask them in the comments – I will gladly answer.