How to improve the immunity of folk remedies quickly

How to improve the immunity of folk remedies quickly?

Hello, dear reader! Who among us has not resorted to various drugs and additives in order to alleviate a morbid condition, a feeling of fatigue, weakness and even cure the infection? This has become so commonplace that we no longer realize that drugs are only a partial solution to health problems, and with long-term admission, their effectiveness is approaching zero.


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The fact is that, in the first place, our immune system is responsible for the health of the whole organism. A reliable immune system is like a barrier, which protects the entire body from many external pathogenic elements. And if it is weakened, the person is under serious threat.

That’s why I’ll tell you how to increase immunity to an adult very quickly folk remedies offer many options. Do you want to know what are the methods? Then go ahead.




What can reduce the body’s natural defense?

There are many factors that can weaken the inborn protective barriers of a person. Hardly the strongest of them is an emotional shock and an experience (including depression). Lack of sleep also can worsen certain functions of the body, for example, its resistance to external stimuli, microbes and bacteria.

Whether it is worth mentioning that there is a number of diseases which main objective is the protective center of the person?! Of course, it is about such illnesses as cancer, HIV infection, intestine inflammation which leads to depression of number of useful substances in a body.

At a little primitive level it is possible to perceive immunity as separate protective group in which “soldiers” are presented by white blood cells – leukocytes. Their complex structure and properties provide integrity and security of all organism. When the number of such fighting units is lowered, our general state appears under the threat of penetration of foreign matters – viruses and bacteria. At this stage the disease of separate bodies or the whole systems begins.

Folk methods of enhancing immunity

When our defense mechanisms do not withstand the load, enemies such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites find the right moment and interfere with our life, thereby provoking various diseases, sometimes even very serious ones. Therefore, our vital task is to maintain the strength of this protective barrier.

Folk recipes from ginger

The ginger root often is considered nearly a panacea from all infections which is especially often used in traditional Chinese medicine. It represents natural means which differs in beneficial influence on immune system of the person.

By the nature it has exclusive properties which stimulate its vigorous activity. Ginger can be used in the form of tea, capsules, different additives, etc., but don’t forget to consult before it to the doctor.


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Root of Astragalus

The root of astragalus has been used for many generations in folk recipes, in particular for the treatment of viral infections (colds, influenza), because its properties stimulate the production of white blood cells in the shelter.

In addition, it promotes the active secretion of a specific interferon substance, necessary for fighting viruses. It can be used as infusions or tea twice a day.


Echinacea is a special kind of plant native to America, which local aborigines used to enhance the defenses of the body, especially in the cold winter period. Now Echinacea can be found in tablets, but remember that before taking it is advisable to consult a doctor, since this remedy has contraindications and often there are side effects.

Green tea

Green tea is, perhaps, the most beloved and common folk method of improving health and immunity. The fact is that one cup of tea contains the necessary amount of useful substances that help the body increase resistance to viruses due to the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

That’s why daily consumption of green tea prevents such a disease as a common cold, and many are sure – that even cancer.

It would be a mistake to believe that this ends the list of useful solutions. Do not forget about a product like honey. This is a real natural antibiotic, so recommend eating it at least one teaspoon daily.

It is also useful for immunity to drink fresh juice of carrots and oranges. Especially useful in the morning before breakfast.

Another folk recipe says that you can take the orange juice, squeeze into it two cloves of garlic, one noodle and crumble some broccoli. This cocktail should be drunk daily for one week, then take a break for a month and repeat the procedure. Your immunity is guaranteed.

No less exotic remedy suggests mixing 2 tangerines, 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon grated ginger and a little honey with water. Ready mix should be eaten at least three times a week.


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Healthy habits

It should be noted that in order to improve immunity to an adult very quickly, folk remedies are not the only way.

For a significant improvement, it’s enough just to change your way of life.

Change your diet:

  • refuse fat food and fast food, eat more vegetables and fruit;
  • it is necessary to avoid those factors which provoke a stressful state;
  • change the outlook on life;
  • play sports (it allows to oxygenate all body and to distract from pressing problems).

Yoga, meditation, cycling and more will also be a useful activity. The main thing is that it turns out to be constantly in a good mood, because a strong emotional state is a guarantee of health and strong immunity.

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