Improving metabolism and weight loss
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Improving metabolism and weight loss

Hello, our dear readers. In today’s article there will be a talk about metabolism, and if to be more precise about how to improve metabolism and lose weight.

It’s no secret that overweight has become a kind of “scourge” of our time. The fight against this phenomenon for some people becomes the meaning of life, and often the expense in this duel is not in the person’s favor. There are a lot of options with which you can get rid of excess weight and in the future keep yourself in optimal shape. Today we will try to start with the most accessible – improving the metabolic processes in the body of a single person.


improving metabolism


First, we will try to understand in a more accessible way what metabolism is and how to make it work for the benefit of our organism. If we start from the Greek origin of the word metabolism, then this is some kind of transformation or change.

The official wording reads: Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that occur in a living organism to sustain life. And if we translate this set of words into a universal one, it becomes clear that metabolism is the process of processing by our body of all that comes to us in the body, and the faster it burns, the less we weigh.




Factors affecting metabolism

It should be taken into account that there are a lot of factors that affect metabolism. There are a number of factors that we can influence and change the speed of ongoing processes for the benefit of ourselves. However, do not forget about a number of factors that remain unchanged, and this must be taken for granted. With these factors, we will begin:

  1. Gender – medicine has long been proven that the metabolic processes in men are much faster than in women. This is due to the presence of more muscle mass in the male body, which, in turn, is largely responsible for the metabolism.
  2. Age limits – for the human body is characterized by a slowdown in metabolism in the aging process. The following formula is used: every 10 years of life – a 5% slowdown.
  3. Hereditary predisposition.
  4. Thyroid status – some diseases (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) significantly affect metabolism.
  5. Body weight – there is a direct proportion: fatty tissue – muscle mass. The more muscle tissue in the human body, the better metabolism processes take place.

Factors that we can influence

After we have analyzed the features of the metabolism, to which we can not influence, no matter how much we like it, we will analyze those moments that completely depend on us with you.


how to improve metabolism


  1. Morning meal – breakfast for the body serves as a kind of dressing, allowing the body to exist in the usual for him mode. In the case of a regular lack of breakfast in your diet, the body switches to the conservation of energy, significantly slowing the exchange processes.
  2. Fractional food – small portions during the day improve metabolic processes, supplying the body with constant sources of energy. Also read the article about foods that accelerate metabolism.
  3. Correct sleep – there are a number of scientific studies, according to which it was proved that a full-fledged, healthy sleep has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, whereas people who on a regular basis did not sleep the right time had certain problems with their own weight.
  4. Exercises that require the presence of oxygen or so-called aerobic workouts. Classes that do not require maximum intensity, but aimed, to a greater extent, to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system, which in turn leads to improved metabolic processes. Depending on your condition, you can use a different kind of exercise (bicycle, swimming, running, walking, etc.).
  5. Training with intervals of maximum load – during such training alternates the maximum load in a short period of time, followed by a recovery phase. Here, plus is the burning of a large number of calories, and hence the inevitable disposal of extra pounds of fat mass.
  6. Strength training – based on the fact that muscle tissue burns calories in a more intensive regime than fat, we come to the conclusion that the presence of a person’s predominance of muscle mass over fat leads to a more intensive metabolism.
  7. Motor activity – absence or a small amount of motor activity inevitably leads to a slowing down of metabolic processes, which adversely affects the human body. Try to find as many opportunities to be on the move: walking, do not use the elevator, do not forget the wise saying: “Movement is life.”
  8. Coffee – if you do not have medical contraindications, add this drink to your diet. According to the results of research, 50 grams of caffeine a day positively affect the metabolism of an adult.
  9. Protein – it is worth considering that protein is the main component in the process of muscle growth. As mentioned above, muscle tissue is an excellent catalyst for the metabolic processes of the body.
  10. Water – the presence in the diet of the right amount of simple water has a positive effect on metabolic processes. You can calculate the necessary amount of water for your body: 1 kilogram of weight is recommended to use 30 milliliters of water.

Also, dietitians recommend drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, as this improves metabolic processes in the body after you have eaten.


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Maintaining optimal body weight is closely related to metabolism. Having studied the data stated in my article, you can choose for yourself those items that are available to you. Try to include them in your daily routine on a regular basis and after a short period of time you will notice the results that have appeared that will pleasantly surprise you.

On this I say goodbye to you, do not forget to subscribe to the updates of my blog, I await your comments on this and other articles of our blog.