correct technique of Nordic walking with sticks

Instructions with the correct technique of Nordic walking with sticks

Hello! It is difficult not to notice that Nordic (Scandinavian) walking is becoming more popular every day. If only recently people who walked with sticks, but without skis, looked strange, but today this is not. This kind of sport helps to work out absolutely all muscle groups. In order to achieve high results, you should read this article. Here the technique of the Nordic walk with sticks will be described in detail, the instruction for mastering it is extraordinarily simple.


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A little about the new sport

The point is to move using sticks. In the past, skiers practiced at a time when there was no snow.

Sticks can reduce the strain that occurs on the joints. Given this factor, Nordic walking will be an ideal exercise for the elderly, who often have problems with joints. Plus, after training exercises for weight loss, there is always a rush of energy and a charge of vivacity.

Naturally, not without the general effect on health. Walking improves the functioning of the heart, and helps to normalize blood pressure.

History of appearance

The first mention of Nordic walking comes from the late thirties of the twentieth century. It was practiced by Finnish skiers, who were afraid to lose shape in the off-season.

After some time, scientists became interested in this sport, and wanted to study it. After efficiency was scientifically confirmed, walking began to gain popularity.

Main advantages

The main advantage is that you can always and everywhere. The only thing that is needed is special sticks.

There is an opportunity to get rid of excess calories. During the fitness training a person loses about 350 kcal. Within 60 minutes of walking you can throw twice as much.

Regular trainings will help not only to remain with good physical shape, but also to be always healthy. It is recommended fitness at home to be engaged in that who has problems with excess weight, with heart, and that who has sore lungs.

The training is in the fresh air much better than daily occupations in gym hall. It is necessary to agree with it.

It is possible to distinguish the following from the main pluses of the Nordic walking:

  • Improvement of work of joints.
  • Energy charge for all day.
  • Brain activity improves.
  • Muscles of legs and shoulder girdle are studied.
  • Oblique muscles of press get into gear.

And one more — sticks will help to strengthen well backbone of subjects who has it still or already weak. It concerns children and elderly people.

Who is not recommended to do Scandinavian walking

What good would not be this sport, it nevertheless has some contraindications. It is not necessary to be engaged to people who I have the following problems:

  • Injury in the shoulder joint.
  • Acute hypertension.
  • Congenital diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If you are not worried about anything from the above, then you can do without hindsight.


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Kinds of walking

For each person the type of walking has to be selected especially individually. In total there are three kinds of the Scandinavian walking:

  1. Strengthening. The main action is directed to strengthening organism, and to make it healthier. Suits generally elderly people and beginners. It is ideal to use for recovering of organism from injuries.
  2. Training. Suits those who have full order with health. The task consists in working muscles, and to reduce excess weight. The training takes place in bystry speed.
  3. Sports. Athletes who need to keep good physical shape constantly use mainly.

Irrespective of the fact which the option of walking will suit you, the main thing that classes were given regularly. It is desirable that the training took place not less than two times a week. Time — 30 minutes. It is recommended to increase duration of occupations gradually.


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Selection of equipment

As it became already clear, for trainings it is not necessary to buy something supernatural. Everything that can be necessary — special sticks. It is necessary to choose them attentively.

In general, they have to be not heavy, but strong. It is the best of all to buy such sticks where it will be possible to change tip. All sticks are made of coal plastic which is famous for the durability.

That trainings brought good result, it is necessary to pick up correctly equipment, concerning growth. To decide on the size, it is necessary to use simple formula. To increase growth of the athlete on 0,68. The result will display necessary length.

It is also possible to buy gloves that on hands there were no callosities and to make grip more convenient.

The correct movement — the key to success

At first glance, the technique is very simple, but there are some nuances. To get maximum effect and pleasure from training, you need to master the technique, and hone it to automatism. Help in this step-by-step instruction.

The technique resembles the usual walking on skis, but not without some features:

  1. When the right leg behind, the right hand has to be ahead and vice versa.
  2. Completely not to unbend hand at forward motion.
  3. To put foot on heel, and to lift foot from sock.
  4. At this moment other hand has to be at the level of basin. When it lasts forward, it is necessary to push forcibly it back, straightening elbow.
  5. Everything repeats around.

It is necessary to observe the correct breath. It is initially best of all to inhale nose, and then it is possible to pass to breath with mouth.


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Scandinavian walking for the elderly

For aged people walking will become ideal exercise stress. All because joints practically do not strain. Plus, positive influence on heart. In general, this occupation will suit elderly people who want to be always in tone.

Considering that the age is not only figure, before the trainings it is worth visiting the doctor. As for the instruction, it remains almost invariable.

Training duration — no more than 60 minutes. Type of walking — strengthening. One more recommendation — always to listen to the organism, and then occupations will present joy.


This sport has deserved only positive reviews. The people who are not strongly esteeming exercise stresses note that the technology of the Scandinavian walking with sticks to the instruction to which pain is banal is very simple, and periodic trainings perfectly are suitable for weight loss and for maintenance of organism in tone.

If you are not engaged in walking, then forward, health yet first of all! And surely subscribe for updates, bye.

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