How many liters of water are necessary for the person every day
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How many liters of water are necessary for the person every day?

Greetings to all of you, dear readers!  Today, we will talk about how many liters of water we need to drink per day and why it is so essential for our entire body. Due to the number of people that are somehow unknowledgeable and ignorant about this topic, I decided to talk and reveal facts about the need of humans for water.

how many liters of water a day

Maybe, you will probably notice that after 30 to 40 years of age, your satisfaction with water decrease sometimes completely ceases. Despite you do no drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, there are still some worrying symptoms that may arise aside from that. Problems such as excess weight, difficulties in breathing, unwanted body odor, problem with stool, frequent colds, low energy levels, skin irritation, and laziness are such examples you could encounter if you lack water.

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How much we do not know about the water

Before you know the reason for the decline in the health of a person, you should learn one rule first. It is “you do not drink water too much when eating” Despite the fact of its simplicity, it may result in longevity of life, good health, and good mood.

It is accepted for us to eat and drink plenty of water at the same time. So, we highly suggest changing that habit. Any drinks, water, and fruits should be consumed at least 30 minutes before a meal or 1.5-2 hours after the meal is much acceptable and recommendable.

All the food we consume should be digested by the enzymes inside our stomach but if it is diluted with liquids, the process of digestion will be easier. Your stomach will probably not get stressed.

Instead of the required 2 hours, the processing takes up to 10. The organism has to use additional reserves – to expend vital energy. Hence the decay of food begins, which in time leads to several unpleasant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and further along, the chain affects all vital organs.

Instead of the suggested 2 hours, the processing of digestions actually takes up to 10 hours. Your body has to use an additional reserve to expand the vital energy we have. Thus, the breakdown of food immediately starts that leads to a number of unpleasant diseases in the gastrointestinal tract.

Rules of water consumption

After browsing and reading several articles and literature about health, I have learned that food is not always the main reason to have a long, and healthy life. I was not surprised about this because I already knew that our body consists mainly of liquids and other fluids.

What do you think? Do you think that drinking purified water will be important? But how will you know about how much amount we need for our body?

Moreover, when you are engaged in sports, I am sure you always prefer to intensify your physical and mental health. Therefore, you should increase the amount of water consumption by 3 to 6 times.

We know that summer is a season where the sun’s very hot which makes us dehydrated even faster. This makes the summer is a special case thus we should have to increase the amount of intake of water daily so we could get rid of the possible burning sensation of thirst that indicates dehydration. If you feel any of the following, it means your body lacks 300-400 grams of water that needs to be replaced.

So don’t you even wait for your body to crave for water, you immediately drink to quench your thirst. Take note that thirst is important to be satisfied.

The terrible consequences of ignoring the water

Whenever our body starts to have a decreasing amount of water, it means that the cells start to lose moisture content. If our cells continue not to recover from the original state then it will be bad for our health. Our body needs to have pure water content inside the cells so that it will regulate the transport of metabolic processes (metabolism) and clears the toxins within our body.

how much water should i drink a day

Oftentimes, people neglect drinking water they instead have alcoholic drinks, artificial juices, and others. Over time, too much drinking of alcoholic beverages can start chronic disease in your system and other dangerous problems like an increase in blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, digestive problems, and other more.

In order for a certain amount of alcoholic beverages to be diluted and filtered into ordinary water, our body exerts effort which consumes too much energy to get it done.

The massive energy consumption from the process of filtration of alcoholic beverages is common for very intoxicated people. But healthy people take no sweat and much effort with this activity. So instead of drinking such beverages like sweet drinks, coffee, and tea instead it is still better to drink water after all.

Aside from drinking other kinds of liquids, ignoring water itself says a lot about our health. This is, basically, the losing of water in the body triggers problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, burns, kidney failure, and less excretion of water are some possible outcomes if a person chooses to ignore drinking enough water daily.

The term “hygiene” is commonly known by everybody as the outer cleanliness but you ever know that body needs cleanliness inside. Meaning, drinking water washes out toxins, food residues, and various unnecessary substances which later on make us feel even good.

The application of knowledge in practice and experiments with water

You can drink any clean water:

  • From bottled water (purified, distilled, etc.)
  • From beneath the crane
  • Thawed from boiling
  • Direct form springs
  • From clean wells

It is very important that you only drink water with a low acidity level since our body predominantly has alkaline content. So in return, if there’s low consumption of alkaline food such as fruits and vegetables and have too much acidic water inside the body, therefore leads to big problems such as:

  • Having excessive weight;
  • Triggering of heartburns
  • Stagnation of toxins in the body which later on deposits to various parts of the body
  • Blood problems;
  • Occurrence of parasitic organism within the system
  • Mental and physical activity instability
  • Intestinal and urogenital problems

There are also various adaptations that increase the consumer water consumption, which I will only briefly mention. For each of them is worthy for a separate article:

  1. Distiller
  2. Aquadisc.
  3. The electrolytic agent of water.
  4. Products of the “coral club”.

Living Water

Readers and friends, I want to share with you a recipe for a magic drink that came from my nutrition guru.

To do this, acquire tap water then boil boing with enamelware. If it already boils, you may let it cool after a couple of minutes. Purchase some pieces (5 to 7 pieces) of black silicon stones from a pharmacy then soak it and let it brew for two days.

Then you should slowly pour the water into another container (preferably a 5L flask). Try not to stir the most bottom part of the water layer because the sediments from the silicon are stuck on there and it contains harmful pathogenic substances and various microorganisms.

After the previous process, we can put the water in the freezer and wait for a certain time until the occurrence of a thin layer of ice above the water. Then you immediately pour the water into a different container or water bottle to be exact because the container contains tritium and deuterium-isotopes of hydrogen which are dangerous for our health.

Once again, let it freeze again but this time allows only 2/3 of the total water volume to get frozen. Take note not to freeze the water brine as it contains impurities and unwater remains. Then, merge those things and let the ice melts at room temperature.

In the end, we should obtain “protium water” of the highest quality. It is free from any harm. Radioactive impurities, microorganisms, and other chemicals.

To fix the entire structure of the water, you could pass it through a magnetic funnel of an annual magnet.

Remember that it loses its magical properties very quickly (7-12 hours), so it does not make sense to store it for future use. Such water will quickly cleanse our body completely and restore the original figure and health.

Water – food and medicine

At this moment, I would like to share some facts based on my observation from traditional medicine.  Here it is. If you wake up from sleeping of 5 hours (before lunch) only just to drink pure water and not to eat, perhaps your body will do a process that will cleanse toxins and get rid of excessive weight. However, it will cost you too much energy that might last for the entire day.

Moreover, water can prevent sickness and other problems. Perhaps the most vital role of water in our body is that it helps our kidney to clean some toxic substances in our blood such as urea and nitrogen then passes through then, later on, be removed inside our body in the form of urine. The fact that it helps our body to be clean and free from the toxic substance, it promotes good health and keeps us away from various sicknesses.

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During the morning, the regenerative and purifying processes take place in our bodies. The intake of food or drink disrupts the natural course of the said process. The processes make all the effort to isolate all the gastric juices in our body that is why most of us start the days with a cup of coffee, tea, and or breakfast.


how many liters of water should i drink in a day


Water plays a vital role in our body. It is essential not only for us, human beings, also for other living organisms. We have explained and elaborated some important facts about water. It concludes that water maintains the balance of fluid inside our body – the main function of this bodily fluids is to keep our body processes such as digestion, nutrient transport, production of saliva, maintenance of body temperature, and other kinds of stuff. Thus water keeps us going in our daily activities.

However, we people, sometimes neglect the importance of the water which causes health problems and unwanted consequences about health. Nevertheless, these things could be avoided if we choose to live a life with enough amount of water in our body. Always keep in mind that it is not about just “drinking water” but “drinking enough water”

To conclude, water is very essential for use. We must keep on drinking enough water to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

Like other people, I hope that I managed to teach you very well about our need for the consumption of water. Perhaps you should know how much of it we need per day.

If you like this article, you can leave your comments below and share this with your friends on your social media accounts. Also, if you haven’t to us yet, perhaps considering subscribing will definitely make us happier. Just want to leave this line to all of you, “do not neglect to drink of water and it should be enough.” Until next time. See you!

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  1. How much water we should take daily? – According to the National Academies for Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggested that men should have at least 3.7 liters of water daily while women should have 2.7 liters.
  2. Is it okay to drink too much water? – No, overhydrating your body is dangerous because it leads to water intoxication. It happens to be dangerous because it makes the salt and electrolytes in your body diluted. The possible problem that might happen is hypernatremia (caused by having low amount of salt in the body).
  3. How can I convince myself to drink water even if I hate it? – The one common and basic thing you could do is to flavor up your water with fresh fruits and veggies. If you want to level it up, just add some sparkles. We hope that it would make you drink enough water.