Meldonium in bodybuilding
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Meldonium in bodybuilding

Hello friends. Do you know what meldonium is? And how is it used in bodybuilding? This article is for those who answered negatively the two above questions, and it is called “Meldonium in bodybuilding”. Read on, and you can learn more about this drug, what effects it has on the athlete’s body, and why it is so popular.

what is the drug meldonium


You know, the use of medicines or, as they are still called, pharmacy drugs for bodybuilding is not new. Bodybuilders of different stripes, from beginner to kris Gethin 12, do not hesitate to use the strengths of medicines for their benefit, thereby gaining an advantage over their rivals. But it’s not just rivalry.

Tell me, why do I need medicines? Correct to treat. But there are also those that serve as prevention or support for the body, right? Here to the number of such preparations muldonium concerns.



Meldonium as a pharmaceutical drug

This tool was called “meldoniy” mainly among athletes, and not only bodybuilders. In fact, it can be called differently, depending on the country of the manufacturer. In the States, it is a “millonium”. In the CIS countries, this is trimethylhydrazinium propionate. By the way, invented it in the Soviet Union for the needs of the Red Army.

How could the army use it? But here is a small secret lies in its effects, provided by the reception. Imagine that a company of soldiers must make a march-throw, for example, at 20 km – quite a normal distance for the infantry. After such exercises, usually, soldiers who participated in the march-throw, the next day rest and recover arnold Schwarzenegger bench press, because the forces were spent a lot, and the load on the heart was enormous. The keyword is the heart!

But these are teachings. And in a real combat situation, there would be no time to rest. Here, in the “game” comes meldoniy. You probably already guessed what a positive impact it has on the body. But believe me, that’s not all.

Tell me, are weightlifters lifting weights in training, and bodybuilders, drying to pain in muscles, are not prone to the wear of the heart muscle? After all, it has its “expiration date”, and it will be reduced if it is not helped.

Meldonius in Bodybuilding

So, the main task of this medicine is to protect the heart from the development of appropriate diseases, to prevent premature muscle wear, partial cell renewal. All this happens at the cellular level, of course. And this remedy is not a steroid.

By the way, for all the drug acts differently. Someone also senses a surge of energy, which is explained by the accelerated synthesis and movement of ATP, and on someone, the drug acts only in its main direction – the protection of the heart. Therefore, there is no unequivocal opinion, and the reliability of the information, as always, will have to be checked on personal experience.

According to the creator of the drug, in a relatively recent interview – the drug is not able to affect the athletic performance and achievements of host athletes, but only to protect their heart from excessive loads. But all the same, in an empty place rumors that meldonium has an energetic charge, are not born. And ardent lovers of bodybuilding, I think, you can listen to the opinion of bodybuilders.

what is meldonium drug


Another fact that meldonia is not only a means of protecting against excessive loads, is the mass use of this medication. And now I’m not talking about patients. Surely those who use it found something uniquely positive. So why do not we try with you? After all, you can stop taking at any time.

By the way, since recently, meldonia is doping – it was officially listed as a prohibited substance. So, dear participants of major competitions, how to do a perfect deadlift keep in mind that you can “burn”.

His presence was learned to reveal in the body after 120 days after the end of admission. All this – entering the “black” list, the excitement around Sharapova, taking meldonia, indicates that the drug carries not only protective effects, but also some stimulating. After all, the World Anti-Doping Agency is not fooled, and their laboratory research is one of the “coolest”. Therefore, meldonium can obviously charge the energy of athletes. So why not use this fact for bodybuilders?


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So, meldoon in bodybuilding is a very useful tool. And what do you think about this? Leave comments and share articles with your friends on social networks. If you have not subscribed to the blog updates, now is the time. All the best.