Men’s Physique the program of trainings

Men’s Physique the program of trainings

Hello, dear readers! I am glad to welcome you back with us. It is a very pleasant moment that you still visiting our website to look for something for your health. Perhaps this article is right for you because it talks about “men’s physique program and training.” Thus, we will look straight forward about this. Looking forward to elaborating on some main differences of customary techniques with all of the bodybuilding. Here it is!

men's physique training

To tell you about the truth, recently, I still did not understand the term “men’s physique” and the things it represents in the context of exercise. At first, I keep asking “is it all about “occupation on weight”, “relief”, or something like “strongmen?” nevertheless, I manage to penetrate and further study this topic by reading some relevant literature. So, with that being said, I want to share with you some conclusions and advice from a professional’s point of view.

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What is Men’s Physique?

The term “physique” was originally a French term for “physical then eventually became the term of what we all know today. For quite some time, I managed to learn and realize that “Men’s Physiques” is all about the body size, physical appearance, and stature of men. We could define the term “good physiques” if someone possesses a well-muscled body and or with great shape. In some instances, it is associated with the verb for getting physically fit in the gym

It appears to be a single branch of bodybuilding wherein it is just a sub-type or less general thing when we talk about getting in shape.

Besides, this thing is also called as beach bodybuilding. You might think of “why beach?” Well, because it represents the guys on the beach that do now where tops and such. The guys were commonly into body shaping and exercises that is why they flaunt the “physique” they have attained. Is it really for those guys only? You are wrong. To clear up your mind, the children on the beach wearing a swimming trunk also show the “physique” term but in their own way.

So the thing is that such features are just a difference between two kinds of bodies. One has an appealing look but the other one just simple and plain. Nonetheless, the physiques of everyone depends on the program and the training they have undergone. In this matter, regarding the athletes, because they are commonly possessing fit and great “physiques” compared to regular people who are not that kind.

In what difference of beach bodybuilding from the basic?

As I have said, unlike the classic or standard bodybuilding, the beach bodybuilders perform their training while in long shorts. This is the main difference.

The second difference is that the beach bodybuilders focus mainly on the training of their upper body particularly torso, hands, shoulders, and neck. They are not used to build their lower body. So it is obvious that their “physiques” look quite not balance.

Lastly, it is apparent to them (beach bodybuilder) that their body lumps are less. They maybe look like in “Arnold the classic” figure.

Based on the aforementioned points, you can immediately compare and contrast the guys’ appearance. You can even have the idea which among the beachgoers are really into beach training or standard bodybuilding. However, this thought has nothing to do about how they are really determined to attain the desired “physique” because regardless of what you train, the important thing is to be healthy.

What is similar to beach and standard bodybuilding?

Though there are some little differences in provisions, beach bodybuilders still use the same principle as the general special exercises as the standard or ordinary bodybuilder. In fact, the science about their diet and food does not differ.

Although beach bodybuilders intend not to flaunt their lower body, they are still obliged to train for their legs because it appears to be very asymmetric and it makes their body have a bigger anabolic response. Thus we see that the difference, they both do train their lower body.

Despite the fact the beach bodybuilder does no prioritize the leg and other lower parts, both of them still look almost the same.

There is an expression that still runs in my mind, “the rich people have their quirks”. It simply means that rich people think they can occupy the gym themselves and take the pumps as they want. So for the other gym-goers, they find it inconvenient and later on affects their performance.

The approximate program of trainings in Men’s Physique

One of the features of the program is that is can be cut down or supplemented in a discreet way to vary exercises as conveniently engaged. But you should not forget that the exercises are constructed in such order as much as possible to involve the working muscles.

Also, always keep in mind that you always need to warm-up at the beginning before anything else. Perhaps you could do it for about 10 minutes. It is important for you because it allows your joint to get engaged during the exercise and it will stabilize your system.

what is men’s physique

It is worth noting that bodybuilders should instill that training must be done step-by-step until you reach the advance and bigger level. In short, loads must be carried or lifted with lightweight during the very start until you come up and feel the urge to make heavier. The reason why is that advised is because our body needs to acquire strength before lifting heavier loads so that muscles won’t get forced.

In addition, we also suggest that whenever you do training or exercise, you are entitled to have a break until such time you feel you your muscles ready.

Breast and tricepses

  1. Bench press lying on an inclined bench for 5-6 sets with 12-15 reps each set;
  2. Do the hammer press simulator for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set;
  3. Reduction of hands in the simulator (“butterfly”) for 5-6 sets with 12-15 repetitions each set;
  4. Push-ups on the uneven bars for 4-5 sets, with10-12 repetitions each set;
  5. French press for 5-6 sets with 12-15 reps each.
  6. Press exercise for 5-6 sets with 12-15 reps each.

Back and biceps

  1. Drop of a bar in an inclination for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set;
  2. Thirst of the top block for a breast and the head for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set;
  1. Shrug with a bar for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set;
  2. Draft of the lower block for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set;
  3. Bending of hands with a bar on a biceps for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set
  4. The concentrated bending of hands for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set.
  5. Exercise of  waist for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions each set

Shoulders (legs optional

  1. Costing an army press for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions
  2. Arnold’s press for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions;
  3. Army press because of the head for 2-3 sets with12-15 repetitions;
  4. Raising of dumbbells through the parties for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions;
  5. Raising of dumbbells through the parties in an inclination for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions;
  6. Squats with a bar or the Romanian draft.
  7. Press legs in the gakk-car.
  8. Inclinations from dumbbells in the parties for 5-6 sets with12-15 repetitions.

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Men’s physique is one factor that indicates good and active health. The term “physique” actually differs from one person to another because every person has a unique preferred body type and they have a unique way of living life either with or without fitness routines.

Moreover, people have preferred ways of training to develop their physique but there today there are two common and popular training, namely beach and standard bodybuilding. Despite the difference between the two pieces of training (forms, goals, etc.), at the end of the day, they even have a common result if performed. They both produce a single guy with a beautiful “physique” but is depending on the intensity and frequency of such two training.

Regardless of what training you want. We can still offer you a standard but significant training. You may always see and look for the approximate training programs for your physique.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the growth and development of your body based on your desired physique will not be possible if you do not have discipline, courage, and determination in life especially when it comes to eating, sleeping, and habits.

This ends our article, I would be grateful if you choose to subscribe and share this article to your friends through different social media platforms. If you ever have any questions, you can always do commenting and we will be happy to answer you. Keep on playing and have good health, dear readers!

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  1. What is better? The ordinary or the beach bodybuilding? – Among the two, there is no “better” thing. They are both helpful for your health. The thing is, you have to choose between the two which you prefer based on their principles.
  2. I preferred doing the ordinary type of bodybuilding. What is can I do to attain a good physique quickly? – I want you to know that there is no hack or trick for that. You can even achieve your desired physiques quicker than before if you religiously follow the step-by-step approximate program of training. Always do it correctly.
  3. What to avoid when doing such training? – Basically, you just to avoid things such as taking non-nutritious food, having sleeplessness, skipping of meals, excessively doing the training program, and skipping the drinking of water. These are just some common examples you might happen to do more likely.