What is the minimum time to sleep in sports

What is the minimum time to sleep in sports?

Hi guys. Today I would like to talk with you about such a topic as “how much you need to save a day for an adult person”. After all, agree – the topic is quite interesting and urgent. Especially for those who care about their health or go in for sports.


sleep for athletes


Despite the fact that a person in a dream spends about a third of his life, sleep is an integral part of human life. Do you want to tell me how it all ended when Napoleon Bonaparte, who was well known to everyone, decided to completely remove sleep from the daily routine of his armies? He really believed that you can get by without sleep, it’s only necessary to get used to, hold on to that period when you will very much want to sleep, and then everything will pass away. And before ordering his soldiers not to sleep, he decided to test his own speculations on himself. For four days he stayed, drank coffee and walked like a plague, but after all, he finally gave up and immediately fell asleep, lying in bed for almost 24 hours. Waking up, the French commander recognized the need for sleep.




What can happen if you do not sleep?

Napoleon lasted only 4 days, when the destructive consequences for the organism had not yet taken effect. In the world there are records, in which (not to lie) the guy stayed 11 days without sleep. After a week of abstinence, he began hallucinating (and sound too), severe malaise and weakness, problems with the work of internal organs and many other problems, both small and large.

As you understand, the guy had to undergo rehabilitation under the supervision of doctors to return to normal life. This again indicates the need for sleep.

Sleep for athletes

Rest, that is, a dream, is one of the three main and most important components that are responsible for the health and successful athletic activity of the athlete. The other two are training and nutrition. If one of the components falls out, the other two will be simply useless. The principle of the pyramid is obtained – remove one side, and the other two will collapse.

When playing sports, getting enough sleep is quite an important task for an athlete, because it is during sleep that muscles grow, not in training, as inexperienced novices suggest.

You can say that you have a lot and you do not need at all. And the power? After all, the bigger the muscle, the stronger it is. Yes, you may not have an impressive body size, and be a strong person at the same time. Bruce Lee can serve as an example. But without restoration, which occurs only in a dream, and the increase in strength will not be realized, as well as other physical qualities: endurance, flexibility, speed and other.

Do not neglect the rest, explaining that the dream is not so important. Important, believe me! And it begs ma’am from a well-known social network where the children do not sleep at a quiet hour in the camp, but indulge in, and from the bottom of this picture the inscription: “Sleep, fools!”.



How much sleep per day?

There are several factors that you need to build on when drawing your schedule, in which the dream has to occupy its niche.

This is the type of physique, your employment and habit. And, if something can be done with the third item, then the first two will have to be adjusted.

The habit can be changed, only time is needed. But if you have a certain type of physique and go in for sports, then how much should you sleep: the ectomorph – 8 – 8.5 hours a day, the mesomorph – 7,5 – 8 hours, endomorph – 7 – 7,5 hours.

These figures are due to the fact that the first type requires an increased time for the restoration of muscle tissue due to its anatomical features. The second is enough 8 hours because of its “universality” of the body. And the third, on the contrary, it is necessary to sleep less, and to restore the musculature, and to increase the wakefulness time to reduce subcutaneous fat.

By the way, if you think that only the body rests at night, then this is not quite so – the nervous system, too, seems to be rebooting. And other body systems too.

But if you still sleep on average about 8 hours per night, then nothing bad will happen. No wonder that in the army sleep takes approximately this time, but in fact there they do not pay attention to what your physique is.


importance of sleep for athletes


But a certain minimum is also worth keeping. Do not reduce the time of night rest below 6 hours. Sleep is superficial and deep. So during this time the body has time to enter more or less into different phases of sleep, which is necessary for us with you. If this does not happen, a person simply does not sleep enough.

Have you noticed how you, waking up in the middle of the night, feel cheerful, and again lying down, and waking up in the morning – tired and not getting enough sleep? This is an example of the fact that you have not entered a deep sleep at night, and this phase was interrupted earlier in the morning.


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By the way, there were experiments on this matter. The students woke up after a certain time, not allowing them to plunge into deep sleep. The result – the students were not slept and irritable. And this is subject to one day of research. And what would happen next?

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