What is the minimum time to sleep in sports

What is the minimum time to sleep in sports?

Hello, guys! Good day to all of you! In this article, I would like to discuss the topic “how much sleep does an adult person need?” I am sure that all of you, especially the adult ones would be quite interested. For some reason, you will feel the urgency regarding matters particularly if you care about your health on in sports. So, I believe that I have briefly introduced the topic. And we go discuss some facts about it, stay tuned!

sleep for athletes

Science proved that sleep is very crucial and an integral part of the life of everyone, even though we spend almost a third of our entire life dreaming, we will revoke Napoleon Bonaparte’s argument that “sleep is not just necessary and we can still get by in our daily routines without it.” There were times that he used to command his armies to stay awake for a certain time so they could still do their duties. Although he commanded his armies that way, he also tested his irrelevant speculation – for a couple of days, he stayed up by drinking coffee but still look like a plague, After all, he suddenly fell asleep and his body felt the urge to recover the energy lost from staying awake which took him lying in the bed for almost 24 hours. He then realized that sleep is essential and everyone should have it regardless of the situation.

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What can happen if you do not sleep?

Napoleon lasted only 4 days of being awake. However, the destructive effect of the sleeplessness of him would not be significant enough yet. It will take quite some time to see the possible effect or if he will continue to have a bad habit. In addition, if you will know, there is a world record of a man that stayed up for 11 days without any sleep. After a week, the guy been in hallucination and had a severe malaise and immunity weakening. He also faced suffering from internal organ failures and problems.

For that known reason, the guy had to go in rehabilitation and supervision of health experts for him to get back in normal condition.

So basically, you’re all aware of the danger you could face if you don’t have enough sleep. Now, let’s have elaborate on some exact problems if someone does not sleep right. Problems such as the weakening of immunity system (if you have this, you are more likely prone to sickness), an increase of cancer risk, having issues in thinking and psychological aspect, and you are more likely to get involved in an accident (due to lack of alertness). These are just common examples of problems, there is even more danger if sleep deprivation partakes – death could be one example.

Sleep for athletes

Rest from having enough sleep is crucial for a regular person. But do think of it if athletes that are really into sports having it enough? The answer is that they are more likely to attain success with their career if they will accompany it with proper training and diet. You should know that no one among the three important things (enough sleep, training, and a good diet) should be left out. To have an analogy, it is like a Pyramid, if anything is removed from a side then probably the entire structure will collapse.

Obviously, if an athlete plays any activity or sports, having enough sleep will take him/her to a more flourished physical condition. Because sleep is significant for human muscles even if there is no suggested training. The fact behind it is that sleep enhances our body to recover muscles from tiring load of a day by releasing growth hormone and synthesis of protein.

You can say that you have a lot of things to do in your everyday life but do you still have power? You may have bigger muscles and an impressive body built but do you think it is all a manifestation of having tough strength? On the contrary, like Bruce Lee, he’s a good example of not having really massive muscle. Despite his little size compared to others, he still managed to perform wonderful actions with manifested endurance, flexibility, and speed. To wrap it all up, having a huge body size does not always mean having enormous strength, rather having enough sleep with enough training and diet make you powerful like Bruce Lee.

Furthermore, do not be like the children on social media who did not have sleep during camping. I would like you to say that you always keep in mind that do not neglect rest and sleep. Do not be a fool!

How much sleep per day?

There are some factors you need to know when you are planning to build a daily sleeping schedule.

Particularly, factors such as your own physique, habits, and employment type. They are all interconnected for you to have a better sleep. Take note that, among three, no one or anything should be changed so that other factors would not change.

Typically, athletes especially the pro once have to have 8-10 hours of sleep compared to just adults’ sleep of 7 to 9 hours. The primary reason that athletes should have more sleep compared to most of us it is because sleep decreases the possibility of having fatigue, gives enough energy for the upcoming activities, makes them more focus during game time, and helps recovery muscles during post-game. Nonetheless, the sleep of athletes may still vary depending on the physique type or somatotypes they have. For ectomorph, 8 to 5.5 hours of sleep is enough, mesomorph should have 4.5 to 8 hours, and endomorph should sleep for 7 to 7.5

Furthermore, your sleep varies with your habit. About this thing, there is nothing we should talk about. The point is, your habit directly distracts and alters your daily schedule. The better thing you always do is to keep away from bad habits that distract you. Always choose to sleep with 7 to 9 hours daily as we have said earlier.

The third factor, the employment type of everyone. Most of the people that are working in the office, in the field, or in the house are required to devote a specific time frame to achieve their daily tasks. Usually, employment or jobs take a lot of time wherein sometimes it deprives us of getting sleep. But at the end of the day, you are still required to have enough sleep for you to get up and do work for the following day. The amount of sleep you should do is 7-9 too. But if you always feel that you lost a lot of energy during the day, do not bother yourself, just take more sleep for a little while.

By the way, do not think that our body is the only one who gets rest when we sleep. It is time to know that our mind or the entire nervous system as well as the other body systems recharge deeply and peacefully during the night.

I just want you to know that if you have an average of 8 hours every night, perhaps you just do not need to worry about potential outcomes of sleep deprivation.

importance of sleep for athletes

Moreover, having a certain minimum of sleep is worth knowing. Do not reduce the time of your sleep below 6 hours during the night. Keep it deep throughout the night because during this time our body enters into different sleep phases which is necessary for you to have all those.

A definite example of having an incomplete sleep such as if you accidentally wake yourself up in the middle of the night without any reason and you feel like have to lie in bed immediately after quite seconds. Possibly, you will wake up in the more feeling like a guy without energy because you were not able to complete all the phases of sleep.

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Sleep is a vital thing for every one of us, however, sleep varies due to the several factors in our environment, and within ourselves. Sleeping tends to be relevant for everyone but it is highly needed by those who are subjected to tiring and extreme activities. Apparently, athletes should be very cautious about their sleeping habits for they are in sports.

Nevertheless, we all should have enough sleep regardless of our position, class, and situation in life. The reason is that we humans require sleep in order to thrive, grow, and develop. Since sleep is vital, we should not neglect if so that we could avoid possible dangers of sleep deprivation.

By the way, there are some experiments conducted about this matter. The students woke up after a certain without completing the stages of sleep. The result is, students felt very irritable and could not concentrate. So that was had happened in the experiment, what do you think you happen next?

Write your answer in the comment section about what you think happened to the students after all. Also, consider to subscribe and share this article with your friends. Mind all the things we have been discussed and have enough sleep.

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  1. I am an athlete but in the past few days, I had not slept enough. What can you recommend me to do? – Recover your lost sleep, make it peaceful to regain the lost energy. Also, we advise you to take some supplements with Calcium, Magnesium, Melatonin, and vitamins C, D, and B.
  2. What common causes make me not to have enough sleep? – Some of the common causes are physical pain, anxiety, and depression (or other related things), unusual sleeping pattern or schedule, poor sleeping habits, and sleeping disorder (e.g. anemia).
  3. What is the best time for me to sleep and wake up? – The best time to sleep is 8:45 pm – 9:30 pm, then wake up between 6 am – 6:45 am (wake up time depends on the time you sleep). Make sure you have 9 hours of sleep. Take note that it does not apply to everyone. It is just a recommendation based on some studies.