What muscles can be worked and loaded, being engaged on bars
How to pump up muscles?

What muscles can be worked and loaded, being engaged on bars?

Do you know the phrase “All ingenious is simple”? It is this “genius” and simplicity that the usual parallel bars have. Greetings, friends.

In the program of any body builder, to be exact in days of pumping of pectoral muscles and tricepses, it is possible to find the exercises connected with work on bars. So why usual and plain, apparently, parallel bars enjoy such popularity at gymnasts, weight-lifters of different “colors”, athletes and even (Oh, My God!) at football players?


parallel bars


Everything is simple! Push-ups on bars belong to number of multiarticulate general exercises which involve besides the main big groups of muscles also set of small. It is possible to tell safely that bars, to be exact, exercises on them, allow to develop harmoniously all torso of body, beginning from physical qualities like force and endurance, and finishing with volumes of concrete muscles.




What else are the beams noticeable?

A full list of muscles that actively swing during work, as well as those that are auxiliary and grow a little slower, will be given just below. And now I can only say that squeezing on the uneven bars, you have the ability to always act differently on specific muscles.

What I mean? I’m talking about the position of the body in relation to the floor, if you are training in the hall, or the ground, if your classes are taking place on the street – on the sports ground. Moving the body forward, as if overwhelmed, you thereby provoke a shift of the center of gravity forward, which, in turn, forces the pectoral muscles to decrease more actively, or more precisely, their lower and slightly smaller middle sections.

The opposite option is possible, where the emphasis is placed on the triceps arm muscles, that is triceps. Here it is enough to hold the body more or less evenly (without any overturning or deflection forward), which will affect the greater activation of the muscular tissue of the triceps.

In addition, I can say that in the first case, the front beam of deltoid muscles (delt or, as everyone used to call – the shoulders) is more loaded, and in the second case the middle one, although in both cases the shoulders work completely.

Basic muscles

As you already understood from all of the above, the main muscles in the work on the uneven bars are the thoracic, triceps and deltoid muscles.

It is on the development of these large muscle pairs that athletes of various sports bet. And with full confidence I can say that doing only on the bars (without the bar or other simulators) can bring your torso in full order. I mean pull it up and get some muscle mass.


push-ups on bars


But if you are interested in further growing, and also increase your strength, then I recommend that you use extra weight. If you want to be embossed / embossed and have great endurance, then simply increase the number of approaches and repetitions in the exercise “flexing and extending the arms on the uneven bars”.

In addition, when talking about the beams, we understand that you can do not only the usual push-ups (when the legs are hanging down), but also the rear push-ups, push-ups from the bars in the resting position, when it comes to long, gymnastic bars, But not about short, combining a horizontal bar.

In this case, you can simply toss the ankles from above on the uneven bars and further work on the muscles described above.

If the bars can be adjusted in width, then in this case you can easily change the width of the setting of the hands in the rest lying on these very bars. Just rest in them with your hands and put your feet on them (in any way – sideways, socks). Now you have the opportunity to press off with a comfortable grip: the wrists do not weigh the weight of their own body, the fists do not hurt.

With push-ups lying on the uneven bars, by the way, the same muscles also work – only the nature of the loads changes.

I am sure that not all of us knew about such a non-standard exercise, which can perfectly diversify the same type of training program.

Additional muscles

To the number of additional muscles involved during the work on the uneven bars, we can include the broadest muscles of the back, trapezius muscles (some of them), round, diamond shaped (that is, the muscles of the shoulder blades), and (as strange as it sounds) the biceps of the hands and Muscles of forearms. Yes, believe this fact.

Pump these muscles as basic will not be possible thanks to the exercises on the uneven bars, but to tone them up, keep them in working condition – this is possible.


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I wonder how they work, for example, biceps? Then look: during the repulsion phase, that is, when you push your body up, the main muscles work, but during the lowering phase (when you do not easily fall down, but try to descend smoothly) additional ones are turned on. And although the degree of their tension is not enough for a full-fledged growth, but it allows you to keep working muscles in tone.

By the way, the muscles of the press and the waist also contribute to the retention of the body in a certain position.

In short, I consider the bars to be a universal and indispensable simulator and assistant. Although now the modern “simulators” have a lot of devices that simulate exercises on the uneven bars.

But (personally my opinion), all this was invented for “Ponte”, but the real practical value there is less. Do you need to puff up or show off before the opposite sex, friends? Then decide for yourself which simulator is more useful for you.




Well, I was pleased to share with you my experience and thoughts.

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