What muscles are involved in the exercise for the press “bicycle”

What muscles are involved in the exercise for the press “bicycle”?

Good day, dear reader! We all remember well the school years, when a physical education teacher made us twist the “air” pedals. A simple exercise that you could do laughing. Few then took care of his figure and thought about the advantages of a “bicycle”. But this is a great exercise that can be done at home, saving finances at the gym, and getting excellent results.


what is a bicycle exercise




What muscles are involved

So, exercise a bicycle, what muscles work when you perform it:

  1. First of all, the musculature of the abdomen, especially the abdominal oblique muscles, is active;
  2. Upper and lower press;
  3. Muscles of the back;
  4. Muscles of the hips and legs.

I think this is a good indicator for one simple exercise. Of course, for maximum efficiency it is necessary to develop an individual training complex for yourself. And also monitor their food, otherwise any training is initially meaningless.

Correct execution technique

Any exercise should be done correctly. I will describe the technique of performing several variations of the “bicycle”:

Basic sedentary variant.

Sit, rest your hands on the floor, legs bend at the knees. From this position, you can begin to twist the “pedals”, tearing off the feet from the floor only a few centimeters. To complicate the task, giving a big load can be a simple movement – to raise the straight arms up above your head, to keep them that way. It is useful to twist the “pedals” in both directions. This type of exercise perfectly increases the flow of blood to the necessary points on the body.

A classic “bicycle”.

Lie on the floor, hands straighten, arrange along the body, legs lie flat. Then you need to tear your legs to a height of about 10 cm and slowly alternately bend them. If it is difficult to keep such a height, you can raise your legs higher, only then the load on the press will decrease.

Complicated type of exercise, but the most effective.

To do it you need to lie down, put your hands in the lock, putting it under your head, raise your feet to a height of 10 cm. Then you can start to join in turn the left knee bent in the knee with the right elbow, and then the right leg with the left elbow. In order to get the maximum benefit you should watch your posture – the back should be flat, and the thorax does not fall, the shoulder blades are straightened.



Benefits for the body

If you are interested, what benefits the “bicycle” can give to your body and body read on. In addition to the main pumping of the press, a person receives:

  1. The real load on all the muscles described above.
  2. Training for the heart muscle, which begins to contract faster, resulting in the cardiovascular system becomes stronger.
  3. Strengthens the back.
  4. Losing weight in the leg area, because when exercising there is a big load on the leg muscles.
  5. Stretched elastic buttocks.
  6. Strengthened blood circulation in the legs, and accordingly the prevention of varicose veins and cellulite, which, of course, is more interesting for women than for us.
  7. For men, the “bicycle” makes it possible to “reach” faster than the day when he wakes up with the beautiful cubes on his stomach, which are so crazy for the female sex.

Important information

I want to believe that you have understood the training and now you know how to make a “bicycle” correctly. But now I must tell you about the important points of this exercise:

  1. During the session, your breathing should be balanced and even, rather than choppy.
  2. To connect the elbow with the knee is necessary on exhalation, and on the inspiration the body should straighten.
  3. Do not think that the essence of the exercise is to connect the elbow with the knee. It will be quite enough if they see each other close.
  4. You can not push your head with your hands.
  5. The lower part of your back should lie like a chained, it can not be torn from the floor.
  6. Do not strive to develop speed, it is here to nothing. Quickly doing the training will only lead to the fact that you will do it automatically without working out the muscles. In this case, the phrase “Hurry up – you’ll be on” is very handy, and in all senses. To carry out the exercise you need slowly, without sharp jerks and movements, only then your press will work to the maximum.
  7. Exercising, try to focus your attention on the muscles, feel what is in them tension, what strength.
  8. Do not bring yourself to the sensation of burning muscles. To properly work out the muscles of the abdomen, you do not need to bring yourself to exhaustion, doing a large number of repetitions of the exercise.

“Bike” perfectly pumps the press with a small number of repetitions, about 10 times for 2 or 3 approaches. If you are a beginner and you are hard pressed to even 10 repetitions, reduce them. The main thing is not to feel very tired and burning muscles. Perhaps, with this approach, do not lose a lot of extra pounds, but only so you can arrange a real pumping to your press.

By observing these simple rules, you will not repeat the standard errors of beginners.


bicycle exercise


Advantages of the “bicycle”

Let’s sum up all of the above. Exercise “bicycle” has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Trains at the same time several groups of muscles, strengthens the back, cardiovascular system, legs, tightens the buttocks;
  • Allows to improve the physical form, to pump up the press, to form cubes;
  • Helps burn fat, makes the stomach flat;
  • Does not require the purchase of expensive simulators or season tickets to the gym;
  • Does not require special physical training, allowing you to increase the load gradually, without terrorizing your own body.

This exercise gives a lot of benefit, the main thing is that you have a desire to become a sculptor of your own body and work on yourself.


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In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the attention you have given and offer to share your own opinion on this exercise. Perhaps you own more information or you can tell about personal experience of training. Subscribe to update my blog, recommend an article on social networks. And I wish you active training and stunning results!