Myths about sports nutrition, is protein good or bad
Sports nutrition

Myths about sports nutrition, is protein good or bad?

Greetings to all of you, dear reader! Several people keep on asking me about food. Their exact question would be “Is the protein harmful?” So we will talk about that and will try to answer that. Also, we will go discussing some myths and stereotypes about nutrition. So let’s talk about it immediately.




First and foremost, we will find out what nutrition and correct food that best fit for you. Let emphasize things based on empirical facts food give. Just a little question before we proceed, how do you think about protein? Are you into eating food that contains such? So let’s define its simple definition.  In chemistry, this compound has nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen – essential for your body. Protein is also considered as the central compound of our body which means it is biologically important. Besides, I suggest you read all the content of this article because we are here to give some important points about nutrition.

The content of the article:

Proteins – chemistry or not?

Scientifically, proteins best define as organic compounds comprised of various amino acids and elements such as Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. It is considered a biologically important substance in the body. But why does protein became controversial which caused doubt?

In the context of Chemistry, you will know that when protein is mixed up with some flavoring, defoamer agents, dyes, and other essential additives will form a by-product called “Whey.” This by-product is also known commercially being made from the manufacturing of cheese and casein. This type of protein is very fast-digesting thus it can be absorbed easily by your body.

Some may find weird about those aforementioned ingredients for Whey such as dyes and flavor additive. People might argue that it does not even seem to fit as ingredients when tied up completely. However, if you believe me, those ingredients are certainly in greater amount in packaged sausage or boiled sausage. But for some reason, these products seem very attractive (due to coloring effect of dyes and flavor additive itself) for kids and teenagers to eat without knowing the actual benefit just to have “protein.”

Furthermore, you should know that there are several types of protein. In food and other products, you should be able to know that some of them are consist of basic proteins. Thus, enlighten yourself about what certain food you eat. An example is the usual Whey protein and casein, these substances can be easily absorbed by your body but for some time it takes slow which affects the time of reception.

Technically, we can consider that egg whites, soy, and modified milk are all protein when in the purest form because they are very complex in nature.

Furthermore, you should know that there are several types of protein. In food and other products, you should be able to know that some of them are consist of basic proteins. Thus, enlighten yourself about what certain food you eat. An example is the usual Whey protein and casein, these substances can be easily absorbed by your body but for some time it takes slow which affects the time of reception.

We therefore conclude that it is better to eat natural products such as meat or boiled eggs rather than synthetic or artificial food. We can say that eating meat all the time could be so good for your health there are some limitations or so-called “BUT”:

  1. Consuming meat or other protein will cost you too much
  2. Eating such may be inconvenient (it has to be prepared before consumption)
  3. The assimilation of protein takes too long
  4. Food other than meat can be prepared easily, won’t cost you too much time

Those 4 points are just certain conditions you may encounter along the process.  Your decision towards the consumption of such protein should not be affected by those. You can still proceed to your chosen path and do the decisions based on your health preference.

So, to answer the question “Proteins chemistry or not?” Basically, the answer is both (chemistry and may not) because, by definition, the term “protein” is an organic substance that can be found in many kinds of food. Chemistry because it has a potential reaction to your body when consumed (such as muscle growth and hormonal balancing). On the other hand, it is “not” because you could always consider protein as simple a “food ingredient.”

Other sports supplements

At this moment, let us talk about sports supplements and their important benefits to the human body. These are Creatine, fat burners, weight gainer, and vitamin-melatonin also known as Tribulus. Further, we will discuss it briefly.

The Creatine is an organic compound. It can found in most vertebrates and is contained in large quantities in our body. During your exercise, I am pretty sure that you get tired and your muscle gets weaker. So how does Creatine take part? Basically, it helps your muscle to get recovered quickly, it could improve your strength (if you will take an additional amount), will help to increase your lean muscle mass. This is essential for athletes because it attains burst and abrupt energy and speed gain for short but with the high-intense workload.

Secondly, let us talk about fat burning supplements. In the sports industry, due to the advancement of technology, the existence of fat-burning supplements is considered relevant. It could be as in a form of capsule or the other way around. Some of the most popular supplements are caffeine, green tea, L-carnitine, Chromium, Yohimbe, forskolin, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), etc. Typically, a small dosage of those supplements would not hurt you. It is recommended to take natural fat burning supplements than the synthetic ones.

For the people who are with difficulties in eating on a large amount, probably the Weight Gainer Supplements are for you as it will help you increase your calories in the body.  Let us first define what it is really. The weight gainer is generally a mixture of protein and or amino acids. This supplement could be in powdered form or either capsule or tablets. This can significantly increase your weight when properly accompanied by exercise. You should know that gaining weight from real, natural, and nutritious food is more recommendable.

Lastly, let us talk about Tribulus and its effects on the human body. Basically, Tribulus is a type of plant that is popular and widely used as a health supplement. Also, it is claimed to be a supplement for increasing testosterone and libido levels. Experts found out that it only provides a significant effect on your testosterone rather than direct physical improvement. However, having a high level of testosterone will increase the density of your bones, and you will likely to build muscle.

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Is the protein harmful?

Based on the aforementioned facts and supporting examples, we can say that Protein is not harmful to the human body but ultimately important. Looking at any perspective, you may find that protein should always be part of our eating and should be controlled all the time. We do not directly saying that it is harmful but, always consider your other health needs aside from it.

So for any of you that are still not yet convinced about what I have told, I will elaborate on some arguments and points for you to have a clear basis.  Eating meat is considered the best way to gain protein but if you let yourself it until such time and you got it too much, probably all the protein you obtained will be transformed into excess fats. Simply, this will lead to weight gain then if you gain weight you are probably prone to cardiovascular problems.

In another term, protein would not cause you to be potent which most men fear. Also, it will not brutally destroy not upset any of your internal organs. The only thing you have to worry about the over-eating of it that will entail various health problems.

Therefore we highly recommend you not to eat too much meat, it is dangerous for your heart.

Take note that your body is only capable of taking 3 grams per kilo of your weight. If anything happens to be excessive, all the surplus will not be absorbed by your body.

whey protein


Proteins are organic compounds with various minerals, elements, and amino acids. Our body highly needs it for us to continuously exist It may vary in many forms (natural food or synthetic supplements).

Taking proteins either from natural and real foods or artificial are both beneficial and will likely give you positive health gains and benefits. However, we highly suggest that you should keep yourself aware of eating excessively as it could lead to heart problems and or other related ailments.

But if you think that protein is still harmful, please write a comment and I will be pleased to reply.

So, goodbye everyone, I hope you have learned from this article. I just want you to subscribe so you will get further updates. Also, it would be lovely if you will share this with your friend. Have a good day, everyone.

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  1. Why is real and natural food better than supplements? – The reason is that real and natural food gives you a pure strength and permanent muscle build compared to supplements that temporarily boost your muscle gain which tends to shrink at some other time.
  2. How can I know if I exceed the daily protein intake? – You just do a computation like this. Let say that you weigh 64 kilos, so you should simply get 3 grams per kilo. Thus the equation will be: 64 / 3 = 21.3333. You have 21.333 grams of protein daily.
  1. What exercise should I do if I take supplements? – Any exercise will do. There is no corresponding exercise. We highly suggest that you have to get sweat so it will burn the surplus stack of proteins within your body.