Is it possible to drink distilled water and is it useful
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Is it possible to drink distilled water and is it useful?

Hello, my dear readers! The next article in my blog will be devoted to water, a substance without which it is impossible to imagine our life on Earth. This liquid is so present in our life that at some point we stop thinking about what we drink, why and how? In my article I will try to answer the main questions concerning distilled water. Whether it is possible to drink distilled water, its main components, the mistakes associated with it – you will learn about all this in this article.


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What is distilled water

So, what is this product? In its essence, this is ordinary water, which was artificially purified from a variety of microelements, various impurities and microbes. This is achieved by evaporation. After the evaporation process, it can be consumed both for drinking and cooking, and for hygienic purposes.

The absence of any microelements in such water gave her a second, somewhat frightening name – “dead water”. As it usually happens, in the people “dead water” immediately overgrew with all sorts of speculation and legends. The most common are the versions that such water ishes away from the body of calcium, while gradually destroying the human bone system. The same applies to teeth, where tooth enamel is destroyed under its influence.

Immediately I hasten to reassure you, all these versions are fundamentally wrong, there is no frankly negative impact on the body of distilled water. However, it should be taken into account that there is no common opinion about the benefits or harm of distilled water in either official medicine or ordinary inhabitants. I’ll try to give you the most common arguments for and against, and you’ll make a conclusion from everything you read.


We will start with the positive moments in the use of this product:

  • The first thing that advocates use is its composition, which is closest in content to the composition of the liquid that is given to us by the original nature (melt or rain). The composition created by nature itself, a priori, can not harm a person.
  • It is not necessary to shift to water the function of supplying the human body with various mineral substances. Such substances must enter the human body together with food, and water should participate in intercellular processes. To participate in intercellular processes, distilled is suitable as well as possible.
  • Passing through our body, such fluid takes with itself all toxins, helping the body to naturally get rid of unnecessary ballast. Making the process of passing through the kidneys, such water, cleared of all kinds of impurities, leaves nothing on its way, and therefore significantly reduces the risk of deposition of stones and salts in the kidneys.
  • A huge plus is laid in the very method of obtaining this unusual liquid: in its essence, this is a natural process of evaporation, with subsequent precipitation in the form of precipitation.
  • Ordinary water containing mineral substances in its composition practically does not enrich the body with these substances, and therefore, there is no practical value from consumption in the usual form.

For a city dweller, the use of chlorinated water has become so common in everyday habits that distilled water in such people causes rejection due to a complete lack of taste. In fact, on the contrary, the absence of taste in the substance we are considering is its natural state.


what is distilled water



The main arguments of people who do not recognize this product have any useful properties for the human body are as follows:

    • Distilled water, during the processes of human life, flushes out of its body all sorts of useful substances (magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluoride), which adversely affects the body’s condition, in the first place, it concerns the bone system and teeth.
    • The lack of useful minerals adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract, negatively affects the condition of internal organs and blood vessels.
    • Negative effects on the blood, not enriching it, but on the contrary, partially washing out the components necessary for a full-time life.
    • The peculiar water indicator of distilled water (PH) is much lower than that of the usual one, so it does not particularly affect the preservation of the necessary water balance in the human body, which calls into question the need for its application.
    • By the disadvantages can be attributed and economic factor, the purchase of such a product for everyday use in pharmacies can significantly impact on your wallet.


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Where to get

If you decided to use distilled water for personal needs, then you have two options for acquiring it.

Firstly, such a product is produced in rather large industrial scale and is used by motorists, housewives, and in many other spheres of human life. But most distilled water is in demand precisely in medicine, where the conditions of cleanliness and sterility come to the fore. Already on the basis of this, you can understand that the pharmacy is the place where you can easily purchase the product you need.

Another option is to prepare the necessary amount of such water at home. To do this, you will need an ordinary distiller, or the moonshine. The very process of preparation of such water is surprisingly simple – ordinary water boils in the tank, resulting in the formation of steam, which after cooling turns into distilled water of the highest quality. And now, when this product is received by you, you are free to make a decision – in what quantities, and for what purposes, you will use this product. Whether it is possible to drink distilled water in everyday life, the answer to this question remains for you.

And I’m saying goodbye to you, I’m waiting for your comments to my articles, subscribe to blog updates, see you soon!