The program of a training of a back for girls in gym
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The program of a training of a back for girls in gym

Hi, hi, dear friends. I decided to write article about a back training in gym for girls. Below the program will be provided, and also its advantages, methods of application depending on the purposes, and also explanations to separate exercises are described.

The male athlete well developed muscles of a breast and hands, and girls … decorate the priest, but also the trained back will hinder not, about her the speech in this article will go.


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The back in itself consists of a set of muscles of both big (main), and small (auxiliary). In certain exercises the main muscles work for a back at first, and behind them small afterwards develop. For example, together with trapezoid muscles (the lower and average department) muscles of shovels – round, diamond-shaped and other well develop. Therefore the described below program will be directed first of all to strengthening of the main muscles. Additional will go “trailer” or “engine”, call as you want.




Features of the program for a back

This program is special in that regardless of the goals (mass, relief or development of the physical qualities of this part of the body), it can be used in all cases without changing the exercises themselves and their sequence. It will be enough just to change the weight of the weighting in the exercises, as well as the number of approaches and repetitions. How to do it – I’ll tell you.

Advantages of the program is that it can be harmoniously combined (supplemented) with other programs to other muscle groups, or used over and over again to develop a specific back.

Change of sets and repetitions. In general exercises (several muscular groups, several pairs of joints work) the quantity of sets (approaches) changes so:

  • on weight – from 4 to 6;
  • on force – 4 – 5;
  • on endurance – 6 – 8;
  • on a relief – 6 – 8.

The number of repetitions changes so:

  • on weight – 8 – 12;
  • on force – 3 – 5;
  • on endurance – from 15 and above;
  • on a relief – 20 – 25.

Change of scales of burdenings and shells:

Weight in general exercises on exercise machines or with shells (pullings up aren’t considered, for example, – it is work with a body weight) change as follows:

  • on weight – 75 – 80% of the maximum weight (that is there is so much how many you, dear girls, are capable to lift only once, it is no more);
  • on force – 85 – 90%;
  • on endurance – 50 – 60%;
  • on a relief – 50 – 55%.


back muscles for women


But if it is simpler to speak, then the weight and force, and also a relief and endurance go nearby with each other so these indicators in parallel therefore it is possible to choose something average will improve.

Program for girls

As it is impossible to train the same muscles too often, the program is calculated on at most 2 of her uses a week, but I would advise you, in general, to use it all once a week. This results from the fact that muscles need rest. You don’t want to go in a month to trainings without mood, tired and to literally force itself to visit the hall? Then trust in me and do as I speak – time or two in a week.

Don’t forget to warm up before each occupation not to injure a muscle. If in exercises any terms are unclear, then address the duty trainer in the hall or “google”. And it is even better – ask me in comments.

Day 1

  1. The deadlift (classic) – the back is straight, it is necessary raznochvat, the main load on the legs.
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust – the legs are almost straightened, the back is bent.
  3. Thrust rod to the trunk (lower abdomen) in the slope – pull first with the shoulder blades, then with the elbows, the back is bent.
  4. Pulling or pulling the vertical block wide grip – to the chest and head for a pair of approaches, the back is straightened, again – first pulling the shoulder blades, and then elbows. If you can not pull up, then use the gravitron simulator.
  5. Shargs with a barbell – hands are slightly bent at the elbows, the head looks straight.
  6. Thrust rod to the chin – you can use the EZ-neck, elbows should look sideways and up, and not just sideways.
  7. Dumbbell cultivation in the sides in the slope – the back is bent, the head looks forward, the weights at the upward movement are slightly shifted back, and not like in a similar exercise on the deltas forward.

Day 2

  1. Deadlift (classic).
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust.
  3. Thrust of the T-neck or pull of dumbbells in the slope – the work begins with the shoulder blades, and continues with the elbows, that is, you first reduce the shoulder blades, as if lifting the weight only by them, and then bend the elbows, bringing the projectile to the bottom of the abdomen along the thighs.
  4. Pulling up with a developed grip (palms look at each other). If you, dear girls, can not perform a full cycle of pull-ups, then I suggest you do half-pulls – hold onto the crossbar, and your feet stand on the floor (almost touching your knees). The legs are relaxed. You resort to their help only when there is no strength to perform the exercise.
  5. Army bench presses sitting or in the Smith simulator – the back is fully pressed to the bench, the grip is wide, do not lower it below the chin. Run several approaches in front (on the chest) and behind (behind the head).
  6. The cultivation of dumbbells in the side lying on the bench face down – work mainly with the shoulder blades and muscles of the back, and not with the shoulders and elbows.
  7. Hyperextension (can be with extra weight or on an incline bench).


back training


Additional exercises on the back

These exercises can be periodically included in your program, replacing others, or simply completing the complex.

  • Thrust dumbbells with one hand in the slope (for both hands alternately).
  • Pulling up with a back grip.
  • Thrust of the lower block with extension of the waist – hands hold the handle of the simulator, the work falls only on the lower back.
  • Extension and flexion of the back in the Roman chair.
  • Vertical traction to the chest.

Well, how, girls, cope with this program? But imagine what you can achieve by doing it.


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