The program of trainings on endurance and force

The program of trainings on endurance and force

Hello friends! Again, I’m glad to welcome you to our useful, vigorous and positive page, where the most effective and truthful information about sports and a healthy lifestyle is collected. Today we are talking about a special program that helps in a short time to bring yourself in shape and increase the coefficient of endurance. The training program for endurance and strength combines standard strength training with weights and a set of low-intensive occupations that should be performed for a long time or in multiple repetitions.


endurance training program




Contradiction of force and endurance

How it is correct to connect, apparently, both types of physical training, absolutely opposite on technology of performance? At power training good rest between approaches in exercises and trainings is important stage in work (high-quality rest is responsible for efficiency of training and end desirable result in set of muscle bulk).

At trainings on endurance growth of aerobic ability of muscles, that is increase in time for which the same exercise at the fixed intensity is performed will be the main criterion (at the same time endurance, thanks to growth of force of cardiovascular system, considerably increases, but it does not affect the volume of muscles in any way).

Numerous researches of scientists from NSCA say that it is impossible to improve at the same time indicators in two of these directions: accumulation of endurance and force, and in certain cases it even harms organism and reduces quality power indicators.

In support of this, they cite a number of reasons why, in their opinion, joint training for strength and endurance, do not work or work inefficiently:

  1. Lack of good rest will lead to overtraining and as a result — to stagnation of growth of muscles;
  2. Excessive difficulty for organism to adaptation at once to two modes of trainings;
  3. Extreme exhaustion of organism and further its full exhaustion, especially when carrying out two types of trainings in one day;
  4. Imbalance between catabolic and anabolic systems in organism in the course of the parallel trainings.

However, in practice, the return is confirmed. Especially positive results from the mixed trainings are visible at introduction of power exercises in the program on endurance in such sports as sprint, cycling and others that is where it is necessary to apply big force to “final breakthrough”, to delay time of approach of fatigue.

Investigation: if to do everything it is correct and balanced, then parallel trainings on force and endurance nevertheless yield the positive results and opportunity to receive desirable physical shape with the greatest increase in coefficient of sports effectiveness.




Program of trainings

For now heated arguments concerning positive and negative influences on organism of joint trainings, increasing number of trainers are conducted create programs on the basis of two of these types of exercise stresses, investigating and selecting ratio of frequency, types of exercises, their intensity and time of training for obtaining most the best end results.

Here one of programs of approximate week-long training on force and endurance.

Day the first.

Well, have driven!) We perform exercises in the hall, everyone – on 10 times in 3 approaches:

  • Squat with bar (we take the weight with which we work constantly), for example it is possible to perform exercise goblt squats;
  • General exercise on calves;
    2 – 3 exercises on biceps with dumbbells with habitual weight;
  • Hyperextension;
  • Ellipse – 20 min.

Day of the second.

Run outdoors – 60 min. For the best effect run with variable speed.

Day the third.

  • Occupation in the hall or houses, then outdoors.
  • Jumps through the nacherchenny line or jump rope sideways. Jumping, it is necessary to try to press legs as it is possible closer to buttocks. We perform exercise in 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
  • Jumps up from position legs shoulder width apart. When performing exercise, we try as it is possible to raise the knees bent before themselves above. 3 approaches on 30 sec.;
  • Run by gallop on the place (or if the space – the 30 meters allows). When performing exercise in step to legs intensively we use hands. We carry out 10 approaches 1 min.;
  • Walking in the parties in half-squat (as in stand of sumoist). 5 approaches 1 min. The back needs to try to be held as it is possible more exactly;
  • Front scale – balance deduction. 5 repetitions on 30 sec.;
  • Run on uneven sublime surface (some hill means). It is necessary to make 5-10 repetitions, depending on slope height, descent from slope – slow step, rise – at the maximum effort, between approaches – we have a rest 1 min.

Day the fourth.

  • Training in the hall. Power. We carry out 3 x 10 times.
  • Push-up;
  • Press from bench;
  • Butterfly;
  • Lunges with weight;
  • Training with ball (there can be basketball, volleyball, soccer or other dynamic ball routines), about 1 hour.

Day the fifth.

Day of development of endurance. Carrying out time 1-2 hours.
It can be intensive foot walk, it is desirable with weighting compound in the form of full backpack if there is no such opportunity, then it is possible “to walk” on the exercise machine, having included the floors function.

Day of the sixth.

Training power in the hall.
Any power exercises from given above, with repetitions till 10-12 times in 3 approaches. After — dynamic training with ball.

Day of the seventh.

Day when it is better to do nothing, just let’s the organism have a rest.


training on force and endurance


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This program of trainings for endurance and force is approximate, having corrected it under itself, it is possible to achieve over desirable results. I sincerely wish it to you! Remember, in well trained body – iron spirit!

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