What proportions of the body are considered ideal for men
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What proportions of the body are considered ideal for men?

Hello, my dear readers! My next article will be enlightened to the male body, and to be more precise, we will try to figure out whether there are ideal proportions of the male body, and what they are equal to.

We are adults and we understand that the concept of the beauty of the human body in most cases is quite subjective. Here we need to take into account the fact that the requirements for the male and female bodies are fundamentally different.


body proportions for men


We must seriously take into account the time range, what was considered a sign of the standard of the male body in the Middle Ages, is unlikely to be so in our time. It is also an important geographical aspect, it will be naive to believe that Africa and Europe will converge on this issue on one thing. The purpose of my article is not to impose your opinion on you, but to try to fully cover this topic.





The first person, seriously interested in the proportions of the human body, can be considered the famous ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. It was this Greek who formulated the rule of the “golden section”, which could equally apply to the human body.

If these rules are applied to the human body, then we get the following ideal figure (according to Pythagoras):

      • The ratio of the circumference of the neck and wrist should be in the proportion of 2-1.
      • But the waist, in turn, should be twice as large as the neck.
      • Equal length of the foot and forearm.
      • Shoulder width should be ¼ of a person’s height.
      • The next problem of the human figure is seriously interested in Leonardo da Vinci.

Famous for the whole world “Vitruvian man”, a picture depicting a naked man, was another attempt to derive the formula of the ideal male body. All of us saw an image of two male bodies, imprinted in a ruga and a square.

This creation of the famous master was created together with notes that explained the essence of what was happening. The work was based on the work of the Roman architect Vitruvius, in which he derived his formula of the ideal body.

In the Middle Ages, a definite grace of the figure came to replace the pronounced male principle. Ideal features of the body of that time assumed grace and flexibility. If we compare the men Legal Steroids Online of that time with ancient heroes, there is certain femininity, the absence of so-called brutality. If we call this phenomenon a modern language, then a suitable epithet will be metrosexuality.


body proportions


Modern realities

The first thing you need to do in order to buy legal steroids determines your own ideal proportions is to find out what type of physique is typical for you. For this, we rely on the main three points: age, height, and volume of the wrist.

So, if the volume of your wrist is less than 18 centimeters you have a thin-boned figure if this size is in the range of 18 to 20 centimeters – a normal figure, more than 20 centimeters – a large-boned figure.

Proceeding from this, we come to the following conclusion: there are no definite, rigidly fixed sizes of an ideal figure. The main thing that should be paid attention to when creating the so-called ideal figure is the observance of the necessary proportions of the body. And now we come to the most important thing, these are the magic numbers and makeup, as a result, the necessary proportion Online shop anabolic steroids of the male body falling under the definition of ideal proportions:

      1. The volume of the chest should include 6.5 volumes of wrist
      2. The hips should be 85% of the breast volume
      3. The volume of the leg is 34% of the volume of the breast
      4. Waist is equal to 70% of the volume of the chest
      5. Biceps – 36% of the volume of the chest
      6. The volume of the hips is 53% of the volume of the thorax
      7. Forearm – 29% of the volume of the chest

This formula for the proportionality of the male body was deduced by the North American athlete and trainer John McCullum. At its core, it is almost the same as the “golden section”, although in a somewhat more complicated form, more suitable for our time.

If we take a purely visual perception of the male figure, then here mankind for a long time is largely conservative. For many centuries in the fashion are athletic men with a characteristic figure: high growth combined with broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis invariably left indelible impressions for women at all times and in all countries and continents.

Also, it is worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that weight is not a fundamental factor. Even if you achieve the optimal weight, but while your figure remains loose, then about any ideal proportions are out of the question. Try to achieve a harmonious combination of all muscle groups, and your figure will start to please not only you but all surrounding with its appearance.


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How to make your body perfectly proportional

The first thing you should pay attention to when trying to create an ideal body is your diet. I will not go into detail in this article on the necessary nutritious diet parabolan, the basics of which each of you knows himself. With a balanced diet, you can remove extra pounds, which will make your figure more attractive.


proportions of the human body


The next moment should become the main one on your way to a beautiful figure. This is physical training and sports. Pay close attention to your problem areas. For yourself, a set of exercises aimed at correcting the apparent shortcomings of your figure. Pay special attention to the abdomen, waist, muscles of the shoulder girdle and chest.

Bleed the gluteal muscles. The main thing, remember, you are the creator of your own figure, and it depends on you how proportionate your body will look. The ideal proportions of the male body is not a myth, it is a real reality, quite accessible to each of us.

On this, I say goodbye to you, my dear readers. Subscribe to blog updates, I’m waiting for your comments about this and other articles, see you soon!