How to build pectoral muscles
How to pump up muscles?

How to build pectoral muscles to men and women at home?

Interested in how to pump the pectoral muscles at home? Then you have come to the address: my Internet blog is the place where I talk in detail about such issues. From this article you will find out what you need to pump your breasts, what exercises are suitable for this, and also something else.


pectoral muscles


Recently, occupations at home – this is a popular “thing”, because not everyone can afford to engage in expensive gyms (and even with a personal trainer), someone just does not have enough time for this because of work or children, for example , But I know for sure that everyone would like to look great. So it remains only to praise those who decided to engage, although at home.




What you can use at home

If you have a burden at home such as a dumbbell or a dumbbell – it’s great, it does not need to “sweat” because of bench press. But if such sports equipment is not available, and their acquisition is not expected in the near future, they can be done independently. Take two plastic 5 or 6-liter containers. Girls can fill them with water, and the guys with sand: water is easier than sand. To begin with, you can do an exercise with one weighting, then you can take two at once. Bench press is the main exercise for the chest.

You will also need two chairs or a stool, which is more convenient – choose yourself. For what I’ll tell you later. You can also buy a rubber expander – a universal tool for maintaining the whole body in tone. But we will adapt it precisely for the chest. It is not as expensive as a set of dumbbells, I would even say cheap, and the “exhaust” is significant.

For the development of the chest, one of the most effective exercises are push-ups on the uneven bars. But since the bars are not at home, and putting chairs on top of each other is not an option (traumatic), then we will do the leading exercises and combining them into drop sets. How to do it – I’ll tell you below.


pectoral muscles at home


Benefits of pumping the pectoral muscles

For men, the pumping of the breast is beneficial from the position that the development of the chest testifies to all physical strength, and indeed it is beautiful. Women in addition to beauty also play a role in their health – thanks to the developed pectoral muscles a natural corset is created to maintain … em … mammary glands, their visual increase. I do not know how to put it another way, but you understood what I mean. And I’m sure girls understand all the advantages of pumping a breast.


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What exercises are suitable for increasing pectoral muscles

Well, the first, I already said, is a bench press. You can lie down directly on the floor, laying something like a veil, or make yourself an improvised bench, making several chairs or stools in a row. By the way, the second way is much better – the amplitude of movement in it is increased, that is not limited to the level of the floor, and the projectile can be lowered below. If the amplitude is greater, then the pumping is better. But this statement does not apply to all exercises. You can lay down lying down like sports shells, and homemade.

As for the expander, in this exercise it can also be used. Lay your back on him, picking up both ends. Do the bench press, stretching the rubber.

The second exercise – push-ups on improvised beams (on chairs). Put them so that there is enough distance between them for the passage of your torso (but not too wide). Lie with both hands on the edge of the chairs, and put your feet (ankles) on the sofa, for example. Bending your arms in the elbows, drop to some depth, and then straighten your arms. Try to work not with your body, but with your hands. Over time, you can increase the depth of lowering.

The third exercise is push-ups from the floor where you can focus on different parts of the chest. Wide setting of the hands – the outer part of the chest and the upper section, the middle (elbows near the trunk) – the inner part and the middle section. It is difficult to pump the lower section with such an exercise, but it is possible: take a narrow setting of the hands (the index and thumbs should form a triangle) and move your palms down under you. This position will make the lower chest work.



Using drop sets

The drop set means performing the exercise with the usual, working weight, and after failure – work without rest with reduced weight. That is, in the bench press you can press the working weight, and how tired you are – take the reduced one and continue to work until you are tired again. You can add another “step” – to take the weight even easier.

In push-ups on chairs (bars), you can remove the legs from the couch after the main exercise and lower them to the floor, directly under yourself. Continue the exercise by helping yourself with your legs, but not too much.

When pushing away from the floor, the drop set can be done like this: press normally, but as tired – get on your knees and continue the exercise. Thus, you exclude from work the weight equal to the sum of the weight of your shins.

Use of drop sets is often not recommended due to a strong exhaustion of the body. But if you use sports nutrition to restore muscle, you can do it more often.

This is one of the easiest ways to pump pectoral muscles at home. If you do it differently, then unsubscribe in the comments about your method. Share information with friends on social networks, subscribe to updates to my blog and stay beautiful in any situation.