How quickly to cure ankle sprain
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How quickly to cure ankle sprain?

Hello, dear reader of the blog. Whether you thought that foot of the person maintain enormous loadings of all your body, having at the same time rather small size? Imagine the decorative little table standing on pair of thin legs which are coming to an end below with small expansions. And now remember old school school desks which could not almost be overturned. The body of the person in respect of support is just that decorative little table.


ankle sprain


Because of the small surface area of ours and relative fragility of sheaves ankles are quite often sprained by foot because of what sheaves stretch and torn, and at times at all there are changes. About how to treat ankle sprain, we also will talk today.




What is ligaments and what role they carry out?

The ligament is the special body tissue bridging and strengthening joints at the same time without breaking their mobility. Ligaments intensively work not only for experienced athletes, but also for ordinary people in usual life.

All of us go, behind an exception unless handicapped groups of the population. So, we constantly endanger talocrural a ligament. Inconvenient footwear, an uneven or slippery surface, some casual objects on the way – can be also traumatized.

I don’t speak about specific women’s shoes any more – high heels and platforms: in a pursuit of beauty it is easy to receive maintenance in the form of ankle stretching.

First symptoms of stretching of an ankle

Believe me: if you got this trauma, consequences won’t keep themselves waiting. You will at once feel sharp shrill pain in an external side of foot at the basis (where “ossicle” sticks out). Usually the ankle is sprained inside.

After that will begin to step on the injured leg sharply morbidly or it is impossible. And further you look on feelings:

  1. quite tolerant pain (when you, for example, can even smile), absence of a tumor or tumor is insignificant. You have a mild degree of stretching. At the correct leaving in a week completely recover;
  2. pain is quite strong, around it is difficult to push, a tumor noticeable. You have an average degree of stretching. It will be better if at once are able to give you some help (to accompany to the house, to put cold, to take out close footwear). At the correct leaving in about three weeks everything will pass;
  3. pain is very strong, almost intolerable, not to step on an extremity absolutely (the leg “fails”), the huge edema of dark color called by a hematoma, footwear isn’t located on a leg (it needs to be taken out). In this case you have a serious degree of stretching. Special leaving is required, up to hospitalization (a leg it is necessary to keep in horizontal position at least two weeks). Prepare for a semilying way of life. The absolute recovery will come only in one or one and a half months. At the same time it is necessary to be checked in emergency station: whether there is no fracture. Because in this case it can quite take place.


stretching ankle ligaments


How to treat ankle stretching?

My friends, stretching – business serious. It, of course, without treatment itself will pass. But not early, and late. Also will leave behind a set of unpleasant consequences. And if fracture? Will incorrectly grow together? And unless long time is pleasant to jump to you on one leg? Therefore take legs in hand. In caring hands.

First aid at ankle stretching:

  • try not to step on a sore leg as far as it is possible. Friends are near? Ask that they helped you to reach the house or emergency station;
  • try to apply to a sore leg cold as soon as possible. Ask ice for the waiter if you at restaurant. Apply snow if on the street winter. In gym – the bared metal dumbbell. If nearby a drugstore, buy the cooling package on which rather average blow, and it right there will become incredibly cold.

Care of a sore leg:

  • whenever possible you keep a leg in a horizontal state for outflow of a blood from the struck place. Especially it concerns serious degree of stretching when you just aren’t able to lower a leg down for a long time: the severe squeezing pain will force you as soon as possible a leg to lift;
  • buy ointments and stretchings gels. All of them approximately equally act, and differ only at the price. Ointment/gel it is necessary to process the struck place 2 times a day. It is simple to grease a surface – enough. Long vtiraniye aren’t necessary. Especially as it will be morbid;
  • get an elastic roller or – it is better — a retentive bandage. All this is on sale in a drugstore or orthopedic salon. The matter is that you anyway should move (though on the apartment). Therefore not to strengthen stretching, put on an elastic or a fixative every time when on a sick extremity it is necessary to give a load;
  • at serious degree of stretching when you inevitably have to lie weeks two, ask friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives to help you to buy products, to cook food, to pay bills, to take care of children.

When it isn’t sick any more:

  • pain passed, it is possible to go. Don’t make a fatal flaw: don’t start intensive loads or serious trainings at once if you play sports. One awkward movement – and hardly begun to live weak ligament to force you to be treated anew. After total disappearance of pain wait a week more – another before to load themselves as to a trauma;
  • now you are taught by bitter experience therefore be prepared for similar cases in advance. Buy an elastic roller or a fixative, you keep 2-3 stretchings ointments in the first-aid kit, buy the special anti-injuring footwear: for campaigns, for jogs. Be not fond of injury-causing footwear (heels and platforms) needlessly. In shop behind products it is possible to run out also without heels.


how to treat ankle sprain


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Let’s sum up the results

I have tried to give you, dear readers, complete information on how to treat the sprain of the ankle sprain. However, I sincerely wish that in practice you never needed it.

Take care of yourself and do not heroically unnecessarily: stretching ligaments is not the case when you need to bravely clench your teeth and refuse to help.

I hope that my recommendations turned out to be useful for you. Subscribe to blog updates, share this article on social networks, tell your friends about this site. All the questions you can write in the comments to the article – I’ll try to answer them.